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I'd like to formally introduce my latest creation Samekh. (Greek letter ξ) Definitely inspired by Intimidator. Trackwork is currently completed and I'm now working on supports and some 3ds. (Station and Queue should be enough)



Height: 297.00 feet

Speed: 89 MPH

Ride Length: 5937.31 feet

Max Positive G's: 4.5

Max Negative G's: -1.2

Max Lateral G's: 1.0 (Lasts less then a second)

Trains: 3 trains, 8 cars per train

Lift Angle: Approx. 70 Degrees

Drop Angle: Approx. 85 Degrees







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Are those supports 3-D or hand-built? Because if they're the NoLimits supports, WHOA! Impressive. I bet that took a lot of time.


Actually it's a little bit of both The truss under the track is 100% Nolimits supports whilst the supporting structures themselves are 100% 3ds (The blue towers) Overall the truss structure just took some repetition which doesn't take too long once you get the pattern. I'd say the whole thing took no longer then an hour. Probably less.


That lift structure is downright sexy. Excellent job on that. Looking forward to the download.


I hope I get to the day I can finally put up the download. I usually end up losing inspiration after a week or two. Hopefully the construction of Intimidator will keep me going.


That totally kills the supports I made on my I305 inspiration coaster.


Oh I saw your ride. Looked quite nifty . It definitely influenced me to build an Intimidator inspired ride.

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This is excellent! One very minor gripe though, you could add some supports connecting the drop to the large support.


I eagerly await the finished project.


Well looking at the progress of the ride which inspired it(the webcam is currently messed up though) it appears there won't be a seperate support column just before the vertical transition.

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Hello guys, quick update So far I've completed a little amount of support work but 3ds have started for the station. Please note the station is no where close to finished. I decided to make a large building instead of just a station to house different things (Stores, Shops, etc.) other then just the station for the ride. Oh and I also took pictures of the layout. It isn't too long but for how large this ride is, I'm sure it's enough. Here are the pictures:




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^It does. You have to put dummy LIMs on (as in they don't actually do anything) and turn off the brake display. This will show the LIMs, (which, while they do not look like brakes, are stationary) but maintain the deceleration properties of the normal brakes (IE. They don't get messed up by E-Stopping).


However, I prefer to simply turn off brake display altogether and use supports to simulate the track mounted brake fins used on most Intamins today.

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^I assume what he meant by that is make the brakes invisible and use 3Ds as the non moving brakes. If that makes any sense.


I can't wait for the DL of this coaster, it looks so epic! Great station too, staring up through the roof at that lift hill would be intense! Why is it so high off the ground though?


I get alot of questions about the height of the station. Reason it's so high though is because it's built up of multiple floors. So I'll have the bottom be the entrance to the inside where I'll probably have the photo station and some souvenir shops whereas on the top will be the queue and the ride station.


You should make that final brake run more realistic. They should be the stationary brakes, not the kind that can move out of the way.

Not going into detail right away but once I'm finish getting the basic outline of the 3ds for the station and supports I'll get down to detail and start adding the more realistic things such as the cable lift and breaks. Right now they're not my top priority but to answer your question, yes I will be changing the breaks style to lims (Using 3ds ofcourse).
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Hey guys, well I had to take a quick break from this since school recently started again (Got back from Fall Break) I decided to start working on it again and I've made some updates on the layout and track style which I'll need some feedback on.


First things first, track style. As of right now I'm torn between the Intamin style track and the Premier style track.








Track looks more similar to I305's style

Ties Look cleaner.


Train type isn't right.







-Similar train style to I305



-Ties look akward

-Track nodes look messy



I've also changed the layout, the overbank wasn't doing it for me and some of the banking was awkward. All of that has been fixed now and I guess it looks more realistic.


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