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Stoksy's RCT2 Coaster Contest

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EDIT, response to SFE

Yeah, I'm wondering too. I will use boomerangs, skyloops, eurofighters, and other compact coasters as fillers. If I cant use these, then I'm out.

I have something planned for this contest, but progress screens wont be out until December.


I will tell you though, that I'm going to be trying out a bunch of new ideas in this park.


Also, anyone can use these ideas if they like.




I think I'm going to make the theme of the park something that hasn't been done. This could be anything from a Pillow themed park to a Coaster themed park.

Think about it, Coaster:The Ride


If I can think of anything by tomorow night, I'll just go with a tropical island theme.


-Matt "bacon themed park?" K.

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^^I understand that. However, sometimes it helps if you extend your park building skills beyond generic, even though it may be hard to perfect, it is still something you can see in everday life. Were looking for parks that would be built in the Amazon, or in Egypt, not in a major city or town.


Pre-made coasters can ONLY be built as fillers, and won't go towards your overall score.

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  • 2 weeks later...

Here's some previews from "4 Seaons Park". The park is split into four areas ,spring, summer, autumn, and winter.


There's lots more doen but thought I would give a sneak peek. Will be ready for download by the time deadline is here


Please enjoy....


Solstice w/incomplete theming.


The Signature Coaster...... Solstice!


Over View of the Entry Plaza


Winter entry area




Back corner of the park in the Autumn section


Entrance Plaza


Entrance building

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Well like I said it is pre theming..... Here are some what I feel like are final shots.... Only some supports, my skills are not to the full on awesome supports... I need to work with 8cars and practice.


That said here's some more......



Replaced te cheezee tent tunnels..... I like this better!



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If you hadn't already guessed it, I'm kind of gonna drop out. I was too busy with my unpredictedly huge work load at school, and by the time I got out I had little to no time to get to work on anything near impressive enough to submit. I had this awesome idea for a wild west park featuring a massive wooden dueler, an interactive dark ride, and other stuff, but no time to make it unless I wasted to bs the park

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