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Elissa...on Wipeout?


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Just watched the show today and couldn't belive my frikkin' eyes! Not the best quality but the first pics posted to this thread anyway. It's definately her.


Don't be ashamed to admit it Elisa... you were awesome!


Mmmmmm... chocolaty!


Right before the fall.


"Damn you rug!"

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Wow, Elissa! Thats so awesome!!


My friend from work took part in the British version a few months ago and it was pretty hardcore. Someone broke an arm or something so he managed to get into the final stage but he was so tired he couldn't finish it! Lol!!


Hope you done well!!!

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It was certainly a pleasant surprise watching Wipeout with my family tonight, only to find that Elissa's evil twin was cursing the rug with all her might!


Let me just say that Elisa Slvey was more entertaining in her few seconds on the show than any of the finalists that had more time on air for the duration of the episode... That memorable line made the episode for me!


-Adam "Damn you Rug!" Roth

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We watched this episode and didn't even recognize Elissa... but we remembered the rug cursing!!


That is soooo awesome!!


Lady Bebe has been trying to convince Mr. Bebe to audition for the show. Maybe this will give him the push that he needs!


Way to let that rug know who was boss, Elissa!... Or, is it Elisa???

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