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Official RCT/RCT2 Help Thread

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Hey. . . can anyone explain to me how to upload RCT2 screenshots onto here? Any help is appreciated.


Either start a thread for your project or add it to an exciting thread (like the preview thread) by going to the bottom of the screen and clicking on "Browse". Add your picture from where ever your storing it. Put in a caption (if you want to). Hit submit and there you go. If you have more than one keep adding them till your done. Do not go over the picture size limits 800x600 and for fastest viewing use JPG format.

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OK, I looked it up here in the "Help Thread" and twice it has been said that you can make a vertical lift on a floor-less coaster by painting the lift a different color and using the toggle chain with the latest version of 8cars. I am doing everything said but am getting no result.


...its a standard floor-less track

...the vertical section is painted Alternative #1

...using 8cars 1.32 ( if you want to be technical about it)

...find ride in Rides Menu (floor-less #1)

...select Color Scheme (for special actions) - "Alternative#1"

...check "Toggle Chain"

...click "Apply" and then "OK"


Go back to game hit test run and I get nothing, what in the world am I doing wrong, I can never get this to work.




Here is the section colored to Alternative #1. I even tried putting a section of chain at the bottom and top of the track I want the chain on. Didn't matter still didn't work.

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I've a problem with the B&M supports. Indeed I don't know how can I "delete" the original supports, and add the new B&M supports. Please, can somebody help me for delete these supports (without using the "invisible supports" option in the RCT2 menu) ?


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About the 7th post down on page 9 you will find a post by me that talks about the ParkDat and RCT2DatPreview utilities and a download for each. You can use the Previewer to see what objects are in you objectdat folder and use the ParkDat to put items into and take items out of saved games. In your case use the ParkDat to put the Support Blocker (JASUPBLK) into your game. Follow the link on that post and there is guide to show you how to use each item. There is also a picture of what all the numbers mean. Copy it and save it somewhere. Without these numbers you can overload the game and ruin your park. DO NOT GO OVER THE MAXIMUM NUMBER ITEM IN ANY CATAGORY! If all your small senery slots are taken you will need to remove one item to make room for the Support Blocker.

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Okay, I'll try this when I'll have the time.

Thank you again!


EDIT: It doesn't work, and I don't know why. This program doesn't want to add the object. However it is able to delete objects in an SV6 thing. I think there is a problem somewhere ...

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Dmaxsba - It took me ages to successfully make a vertical lift as well, so don't feel too bad if it doesn't work first off.


This is how I did it:

-Open 8 cars before starting RCT2 (I used one of the later versions)

-Next, build the coaster with vertical lift, make sure you put in the lift chain wherever possible

-Highlight the entire lift hill, including where you put the lift chain

-Go back to 8 cars and select "Edit Rides"

-Select the ride

-Change the colour scheme to "Alternative Colour Scheme 1"

-Check "Toggle Vertical Lift"

-Click "apply" and then "okay"

-Go back in game, it should work



Bob! - Another way to do this is:

-Drop land down one space where the original supports are

-Place a scenery block where you dropped the land down

-Increase the land to where it was before

It should have deleted the supports and you will be able to build your custom supports

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I just downloaded a park from NE, Universal Studios Florida to be exact, it works fine by just opening it however when i try to open it in scenario editor it sends up a error message and closes. I think this is because of the simulated traffic on the roads. does any one know a solution or how to remove the traffic.

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The traffic on the road should not be the issue. More than likely the person who made the park used the ParDat utility to bring rides/senery into and out of the park after the scenario was created. If that is the case more often than not when you take the park back to the editor it will Error Trap. Just to make sure though you can use 8cars to bring the invisible track back then try to put it in the editor. Find the ride in the trainer, change the crooked house or circus show tab back to the coaster track is should be and hit apply.

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I'm sorry I don't have time to read the whole thread for the answer if there is one. How do I post more pictures of my park without posting it as a reply to my own thread? I'm not really sure; Is the edit button how I do this and I just add the pictures when it takes me to editing?

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^ Yes, just hit edit on your post and add whatever you want.


^^ Sorry for the delay, I didn't see you question. I didn't know you could download RCT in any form so I can't help you. If you look around on eBay or other sites you can find a disc version for around $5 to $10. Always better to have the disc.

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Well, just got started with RCT2 again, and I want to build NCS parks. But I never ever figured out the best way to start a park. Are there any hints for this as well?


Ooo, one more thing. What size for the Workbench? I could fit like.. 7 of my "best" coasters into the dusty green scenario, but that'll change shortly. (hopes)

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^ No one can really tell you how to start a park, it is really all up to you. Just try to think about what you want to achieve, set that goal and go for it. I do have this one piece of advise, start small, go into the scenario editor and make that map as small as you can get it and use that size for the first few parks you make. As you get better at it they will start looking great and then move on to a bigger map and then a bigger map after that. The reason I say this is, it's very easy to start a park but not so easy to finish one. Nothing helps a player more than actually finishing something, putting it out for everyone to see and getting feedback for it so your next one is even better. These 50+ pages of posts are full of parks that never got finished, don't be the next one.



Now I have a question for everyone - Has anyone ever found an RCT site based in Asia? I have been looking all over Google and page after page, I can find nothing. Lots of ads from Japan, Korea and such all selling the game and lots junk but no fan sites. I find it hard to believe that people in any Asian nations don't play RCT and have no places they all get together (like TPR) and share what they have done in the game. Found sites in France, Germany, and lots of other European nations but nothing from Asia or for that matter Africa, South and Central America, or Australia have ever shown up in my Google-ing. Would love to visits a few RCT sites from any of those areas.

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