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Official RCT/RCT2 Help Thread

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^The only other thing I can think is that you may have installed more scenery, and RCT2 doesn't like it. Have you downloaded any parks recently with a lot of custom scenery?


I download lots of parks with custom scenery. Do I have to delete them to get it to work?


DBru: I create and save the scenario, and it pops up when I am in the main park menu and try to play it.

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^It sometimes happens when you download a custom ride, the 'loading' box stays on for too long, and the game doesn't like it.


Try transfering your custom scenery to another folder, outside of RCT2, and try again.


You can find the folder, User, AppData, Local, Virtual Store, Program Files, Infogrames Interactive/Atari, RCT2, Objdata. The objdata folder has all the cs you have EVER downloaded, even if you don't know have downloaded it.

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Every time I create a custom scenario, this pops up on the screen:



Maybe this is the problem, when you create a scenario are you removing ALL senery objects out of a non-removable senery group? Example: you don't like any of the games gardens and remove every single piece of senery out of that group. Now you have a senery tab that by the games design you can not remove and it is completely empty.


This will usually cause the ERROR TRAPPER in the scenario mode either upon exiting or trying to re-enter. It will definitely cause it when you try to open the scenario in game mode.


You must have at least 1 item in each of the 6 permanent senery tabs. Those tabs are fences/walls, gardens, shrubs/ornaments, signs/items for footpaths, trees and walls/roofs. If you feel like you need to get rid of all the gardens (from the example above) then you have to at least keep the clock.


Hope this fixes your problem.


As for all the custom senery that comes with parks. As you have probably seen, some of it is GREAT and most of it GRAP. I strongly suggest you get yourself a backup copy of your OBJECT DATA folder and keep it somewhere safe, so when you download a park you can reset it back to what you had before.


This is the process I went through to get to the current state of in-game stuff and custom stuff merged together.


1. save current object data, scenarios and saved games folders to a safe place

2. uninstall RCT2 and re-install RCT2

3. make a back up of just the in game RCT2 object data folder

4. open the folder and hit select all, an object count should be seen on the left, write that number down.

5. return to the first object data folder you saved before the uninstall (the one with all the custom stuff).

6. hit select all on it also and see your item count, then hit COPY.

7. take that copy and scroll down to the very bottom of the backup folder of the in game object data and hit PASTE.

8. all the "new" custom stuff will start pasting below the in-game stuff and you will be asked if you wish to replace any item that is already there, make shur you hit NO (your going to hit no several thousand times). If you hit yes it will not keep the new and old stuff separate.

9. all the new things should now be below the in-game items, find the beginning of the new stuff and copy just the new items to another folder. Check the count of whats left in the folder, it should be the same as the number you wrote down, if not start over something went wrong.

10. if everything that you started with in the in-game folder was correct you can now delete that backup folder and the old folder with all the extra stuff in it you stated this whole process with.

11. make yourself 3 folders. KEEP, TRASH, and UNKNOWEN

12. open doctor j's object editor and find where you put the new folder with all the custom objects in it that you separated out and start going through it one at a time, this part takes some patience but is worth it in the end.

13. as you go through all the stuff sort it into the 3 folders.

14. go back and make another back up of the games object data folder. You should have 2 exact copies of this folder. Store one in the game of course and put the other in Infrograms folder (the folder the game itself is stored in.

15. as you go through all the custom stuff, trash the crap. Keep the great and hold onto the unknown for further investigation. At the end of each days sorting put the keepers in BOTH the real object data folder and the new backup copy you made. Don't forget to take out the trash. The unknown should be loaded one at a time a searched for in the scenario editor to see if it is worth keeping or not.


This process takes a lot of time at first but as you download new parks and get other new items they become less and less for you to sort though. Just reset your in-game object data folder and your game is back to where you had it prior to the all the new stuff. Count your objects again and start sorting.[/b]

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Thanks dmaxsba2408, I'll try that.


How do you make steep chain lifts on a floorless coaster? I know you use toggle chain but I dont know how to do it. Can someone help me?


You can make steep chain lifts on Dive Machines, but not on floorless coasters. You may be able to work something out with trainers though.

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Toggle chain is like the easiest way to make divers, no merges are required, you can have block brakes and only need to hack the cars



Its actually very simple so I'll explain it

Build you layout, with a floorless, stand-up or sitdown B&M looper

make the steep hill you want as lift hill ordinary track so you can make it go steep, Finish the layout


Now comes the hack, Paint the part you want as a lift hill with alternative sheme 1, 2 or 3 because it doesn't matter


Go to edit rides

select the coaster you just build

go to alternative sheme 1, 2 or 3 depending on wich you used and simply click TOGGLE CHAIN, press apply and then ok


Go back to your RCT2 and you'll see that you now have a steep hill on a Floorless coaster


NOTE: this is only possible with the latest version of 8cars

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^ Had the same problem in my Thunder Lakes park several times after zeroing out clearances. After restarting the park several times in an effort to fix the problem it was solved simply by keeping the paths away form the edges of the park and remaking the parks boarder so it weaved in and out (as in not a square). The problem went away almost completely.


On rare occasions after using zero clearances, (this has only happened lately) I have had small instances of it again. Noticed my park rating drop below 999 and not go right back up. Found a small group of lost peeps wanting to leave the park in the middle of the Pirate themed area of the park. I took them to an exit and let them go those who did not leave met their fate in a watery death. Later after zeroing clearances several more times I found some in the Western theme area of the park. Now after I zero clearance several times I do a fly by of the 2 new problem spots and look for those who are tired and or angry and wondering back and forth wanting to leave before it gets out of hand.


Zeroing clearances must mess up some of the peeps direction programs.

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I'm having a huge problem with Rct2. Yes, it's about the clearances. There are many things:


1: The clearances have gone MAD, meaning if I, for instance, would like to build a roof over a ride entrance the game won't allow me to build it right over the entrance - only what seems like 10 or 12 metres above it.


2: The Zero Clearance-function doesn't seem to solve this problem.


3: In fact, the Zero-Clearance-function and the Un-Zero-Clearance-Function don't work at all - except for the fact that they're are still messing my park up, and ruining the graphics!


I run this game on a Windows Vista, but runs it in XP-compitability, I have changed my laptop theme to Windows Classic and checked the "Disable Virtual Themes" box. I've restarted the game and my computer several times, but nothing help. Anyone got a solution?


If you want to see the park to fix the problems just write it, and I'll send it to you.


Please help me!


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You can only convert coasters and saved game landscapes from RCT1, not finished parks.


If there is a landscape you like from RCT1 and want to play RCT2 with it go to the Scenario Editor and hit Load Landscape. Navigate yourself to Hasbro Interactive and find RCT. Go to Saved Games and find the one you want. It will appear with NO RIDES. From there you can remake the park. The paths and most of the senery will already be done.


If you want to bring the tracked rides to the landscape you just imported you need to go into RCT1 and save each one you want. Go into the Track Manager of RCT2 and import them into the game. Then you can build an exact copy of the ride. Some rides do not convert very well. Mini Steel Coasters in RCT1 have track sections that are not available in RCT2's Junior Steel Coaster. The track will not load if any of the "now" unavailable track is on the imported ride.

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I really need help with this. I downloaded the SoB trainer a long time ago, and I have never been able to get the entrance and exit sinking right. I get to the part where both huts are all the way underground, but guests cannot enter the ride! I build a queue going to where the entrance should be, yet guests just walk into the line then walk away like nothings there. Please help me and tell me what im doing wrong, or tell me what im forgetting to do. I will inspired to finish more parks once i learn how to do this, so please please help me.

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^ Wish I could help you with but I know nothing about what your trying to do.




Anyone know if a wall set has ever been made that matches the walls on the traditional park entrance and ride entrance/exit? If so can you point me in the direction that it is located or send me the files, either way would be GREAT!


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^ Yep, have it. Never use it though, take that back, hardly ever use it. I have found it to be a sad excuse for a trainer unlike its father which is an amazing trainer. Much like the two coasters at Kings Island. Its funny how similar the SOB and SOB trainer are compared to the good old Beasts.



I have seen park where the entrance and exits are not on the rides but below ground instead. I have never see a park with peeps in it riding any thing. Even opened one once and no one got on any of the rides. The park Error Trapper-ed me when I tried to investigate. Never bothered to go back for a second try.

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