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Bizarro was a mistake

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Hello let me start by saying Six Flags New England is my home park and i've been going there all my life. I remeber, the race track the haunted boat ride and the water slide's that stood where blizzard river lives. the park has many fun meomrires for me so a feel i must chim in on this Bizarro Transformation.

A little setting up is in order to capture my overall disappointment. In 2002 Batman was built. In my opinion a little short but a amazing ride. A great addition to the park, and second best to superman. Than nothing. the park built pandemonium, 4 years later a kiddie coaster at best, al thought still a great ride it did little for us thrill seekers. So 2008 creeps around and I hear where getting a new coaster. I found out its a another kiddie coaster that also happens to be going into Six Flag's New Jersey,Six Flags New Englands sister park. Disappointed but ill take anything. Well i din't even get that due to who know's what, the coaster was never built. so 2009 rolls around and i can feel the a mega coaster coming on. much to my shock I hear instead there transforming superman. THan I died a little on the inside. why poor all this money into changing something that dosent need to be changed when they could build a new coaster???? A question I still do not have the answer too.

Finally on to bizaro. After all this i still had hope. I walked in to the park on bizzro's third day. I was very excited and hoping to be impressed. I wasn't. Bizzaro theming is a joke. Cardboard cut outs and a purple track. I hoped sixflags would of stepped up their themainig but the bizarro back story is confusing and if i wasn't a comic book fan i would have know idea what was going on. The line contains a few back stories but there hard to read and nobody seemed to be paying attention to them.There was a TV that was off and the staio was acutally clearly spray painted! I felt upset and confused by the lack of improvments.I hope the onboard speakers would explain more.

Still clining on to my hope as we got to the statiin. Just hoping that the on board audio would connect the dots. Wrong!!! The sound is mostly noise and random quotes most of witch have nothinig to do with superman or bizarro.Will ferral quotes and goonies saying's, don't help when theming a superman ride. The worst part was the random bizaro chants a the end of the ride. all this said, the theming is actually worse than it was before. At least people know who superman is!!!!

They have allot of nerve calling Bizaro a new ride when they actucally took the one of the best coaster in the world and made it worse. The train s feel more restritive than ever,and you cant even share the ride with a friend because all you hear is a loud sound track playing. Might as well be sitting next to a total stranger. The trains are slower and know the line is even longer , because they took a row of seats out. The fire whitch at first i thought was cool is only really noticable in line. Overall i left feeling dissapointed. IM not tryinig to be negative Superman is still a great ride they should of just left well enoght alone.

Six flags new englands locker demands highter prices and no new rides really dont make me want to go back. I feel bad for buyinig a season pass. Thanks allot six flags new england. Bizaro was a mistake build a new coaster!!!!!

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Hate to jump on the bandwagon, but four things:


1) Spell checker

2) Grammar checker

3) Punctuation checker

4) PLEASE keep paragraphs to a manageable length (3-4 sentences)


And yes, my eyes hurt too.

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Matthew, what you've just said is one of the most insanely idiotic things I have ever heard. At no point in your rambling, incoherent post were you even close to anything that could be considered a rational thought. Everyone on this forum is now dumber for having read it. I award you no points, and may God have mercy on your soul.

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THan I died a little on the inside. why poor all this money into changing something that dosent need to be changed when they could build a new coaster???? A question I still do not have the answer too.


Wow! Very dramatic, you died inside b/c of a coaster?


I thought they poured a ton of dough and it wasn’t completed b/c of state regulations.


Nonetheless, sorry to hear you don’t like Bizzaro...I would hate to think what your thoughts were if CP was your home park and all you got was a stupid new sign.

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