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Photo TR: Legoland & Thorpe Park

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Scottish Steve - LOL at SCOTTISH STEVE


Way better than Steve Hawking, but Facebook may have a different take when I post 'A lost weekend in a Travelodge Bar' complete with buckets, Batmobile, prostitots and a Pete Doherty spectacular.


Great report Divv. One day, when I remember to take pics other than in the bar, I'll attempt one myself.


Oh - no mention of you totally destroying the theming of the brand new no expense spared dark (and yet quite light QUEUE LINE) ride at Legoland. Very Laq of you I think!

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Before I get TOO excited, did he WIN the fight for the super group dinner???????


Wagamama rocks.


EDIT: ^ I didn't think the rapids were bad ride-wise, though I was kinda disappointed with the theming... Maybe I just missed a lot of it as I was trying to keep my face away from the water!! Jungle Coaster was so much fun three years ago but now... It's just a noisy, hot glass box. With rattles. Couple of decent pops of air but that's it's only saving grace. Boooo to deafening riders instead of neighbours.

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I have no idea what you're talking about Steve. Everything in that queue line was BOLTED down!


Elissa, that is amazing if you guys can pull that off!






Day 2 of our little excursion took us to Thorpe Park. Now I should probably point out that Thorpe Park is one of my least favourite parks to visit. Mainly because there's only about two rides in the park I actually like. That said there's a new credit there and with our group there is no place on earth that we couldn't possibly have a ball.


Obviously the big attraction is now Saw, which is themed quite well (especially for Thorpe) and has a really cool dark ride section at the start. The coaster part itself I thought was a bit average and a little rougher than I expected for a brand new coaster. I think I may have expected it to be as good as Speed which it certainly isn't. It's more on a par with Rage, which isn't bad, but not great. The theming does give it that bit extra though.


We started the day by running straight to Saw. This is something you really have to do as the capacity is terrible right now. Throughout the day the wait was posted at about two hours. Luckily for us we went at the right times and got to ride without any horrendous waits.


The rest of the day was spent making our way round the rest of Thorpe's delights. We managed to work it all out quite well and our longest wait of the day was probably about 30 minutes or so for X!


I also want ot mention the employees at the park. For the most part there was a real improvement in thme from the last time I was there. Especially the guys at Saw. They were amazing. They really should give them some themed costumes though.


Anyway, here's the photos!


Divv definitely approves of Thorpe making an effort at theming rides! Hopefully we see more of this from Merlin in the future!


What a great weekend! Thanks to everyone who was there and thanks to everyone for reading!


This our Super Fun Saw group! We had an amazing day!


It wasn't as rough as it's been on previous visits. Just very "rattly".


Oh yeah, we rode Colossus too.


Seems you can't put your hands anywhere in Thorpe without getting it stuck in a pile of syringes!


Luckily we went at the right times and really didn't have to wait long. It's a good fun ride.


I've never seen the movies but this stuff looked freaky!


Back to Saw to laugh at Scottish Steve being abused by staff members!


Everyone - attack Lou!


Steve's verdict: They've been FIXED!


Word was that the "you may get slightly moist, like a towelette" rapids had now been "fixed".


Lou was not allowed to say no to the rapids.


Brad LOVED Quantum. In fact I think it's his favourite ride in the park!


Mike's excited for Quantum.


Mexican wave!


These are the non-lame people who went and rode Rush!


Nemesis Inferno need not worry about the arrival of Saw. I still think it's the best ride in the park!


The good thing about Saw having all the park goers in its queue is that it meant Stealth had really short lines. We only waited about 20 mins!


Bradley took that opportunity to run for breakfast.


Some of the crew jumped at the opportunity to get on Slammer whilst the line was short.


Random Saw crap you can buy.


The airtime hill is great though! Always the best part of these rides!


Just at the end of the first drop there's this really random rough spot. Nothing terrible, though it was surprising for such a new ride.


It's that lift hill that really makes the Eurofighters unique.


Twist, twist, twist.


Down the first drop it goes.


Anth decided to be sad and pathetic and ride by himself.


They're never gonna breathe again but at least they're getting on first!


These crazy dudes managed to run fast enough and get to the entrance first!


No wait, that's not right. We're here for Coleslaw: The Ride!


That's right for 2009 Thorpe have rethemed Samurai as a Eurofighter!


Something worth running for Steve?


What's that over the water?


Yup, you guessed it (or read the title of this thread) - we're at Thorpe Park!

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Great photos Divv!


Legoland first...the enclosed cars on Jungle Coaster look ridiculous! They might as well enclose the whole ride and make it more interesting instead of getting guests to ride around in a wheeled greenhouse.


Did those rapids have a big drop in them like the Legoland Billund ones we saw but couldn't ride last year?


I'm hoping next time I go to Thorpe Park that Saw will be problem free! I'm on 599 coasters and it's sod's law that this one might end up being 600!

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Good stuff, it was a surprisingly productive day at the park, but you forgot one thing:




That is all...


OH LOL, he wasn't there for that, he didn't ride Rush, hence the lovely picture of us all in the queue!!


Some nice pics, Divv! I definitely have to combine ours and Dave's photos from January and post those too, that was another great weekend that deserves celebrating here!


Coleslaw was pretty decent. I agree with you that it's rough for something brand new, however I feel we must emphasise repeatedly that IT IS NOT ROUGH. Not by any normal scale anyway. Just at this point you'd expect smooth as baby's bottom, which is not what you'll get.


Thorpe employee of the month has to go to Euan at Saw, how freaking funny was he. If any Thorpe employees read this tell him he made our day!

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^Don't call my wheelchair a buggy!


Excellent TR Divv! Thorpe was great as was Saw. Even though being followed by the ride-op through the queue was extremely freaky!


Steve I laughed so hard in that queue line, Thanks mate.

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Yeah I really should stress that Saw was not a bad ride and it was only a few spots that were rough, nothing that made it unrideable or anything. It seemed to be worse on the outside rows, which is understandable. My ride in the centre of the back row was very good. I did like it, especially the dark part at the start. Would I wait two hours for it? No, but then I never did wait more than 20 minutes for it at the weekend. It is a good addition to Thorpe and if it's a sign of things to come from Merlin then I'm excited.


I quite liked the Windsor rapids. That said, the rapids in Billund at least "looked" to be better than the ones in Windsor. Mainly because of that drop that the Danish version has which is absent on the Windsor ones, they looked pretty similar apart from that. We'll find out for sure in a couple of months!


The whole setup at Jungle Coaster now is just baffling what with the timeslots, greenhouses, loading etc... They only allow two adults per car which I don't remember being the case before (though maybe I'm forgetting). I guess the greenhouse adds too much extra weight.


I had to do a bit of trimming on the group photo as it wasn’t framed very well (not complaining though, as the random girl was good enough to take our photo without running off with my camera!). I’m pleased with how it came out alright in the end, especially after such an exhaustive location search!

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For anybody needing some background, Scottish Steve is essentially the most easily startled person who ever lived. So of course, any possible opportunity, we all scare him. Poor guy must've been jumped out on 20 times in the X:\WTF queue/station/exit. So in the Saw queue, a creepy Thorpe guy is stalking along, glaring at people, and Steve thinks he'll be brave and say "BOO!"... Guy doesn't even flinch, but stares at Steve for a good ten minutes, stays completely in characted despite our heckling, and randomly reappears out of nowhere later on in the queue to scare Steve again. Serious Disney/Universal-style quality.


This was one of a number of things that impressed me about Thorpe on this visit as compared to my last. As much as they could perhaps do with a proper people-eater ride that doesn't get as stupid a queue as Saw (when we left, even the Single Rider queue was over 90 minutes), having something that takes all the crowds into one area does mean everything else gets a shorter wait, and it seems this somehow allows all the staff to do their job much better. Perhaps it shouldn't HAVE to be like that, but hey, if it works... I really enjoyed the day.

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