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Hi I've been thinking of this a long time and I've finally made some realistic specs you must reach making a dive machine for this contest.


This one is all about honour in RCT3 buildings.

The rules are as followed

-The coaster must be at least 150ft HIGH

-The coaster must be at least 1km LONG

-The coaster must have at least one inversion

-The coaster must be themed and have landscaping

-You can only use the B&M vertical or extended coaster


Since my computer still isn't working I'll judge this by the art of taking screenshots wich you can post in this thread.


I'll judge on realism but the coaster can't have an "obvious" layout

Originallity and abillity to make it look good on photo.





Anyone who wants in just has to say it andI'll write you up(max. 6 contestants)



-Ben Burnett





The coasters are due on 6 december

since I live in belgium and hours here are a bit off for some of you guys I won't be harsh on an hours late submission.

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I have recently been able to play RCT3 again and I've decided the winner of this contest will recieve either the dl or previews of the 3 following years of my Sunset Hills park.



I wish I could join, but its RCT3. If you would also allow it for RCT2(hacking) I would be able to join, but sadly no. Sorry.



Srry TLM but its very hard to judge on 2different games and it wouldn't be fair to you or the other players who are in this competition.

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Okay i don't know if this is past the deadline or not.

anyway enjoy the ride-


Name: Blizzard

Air time: 0:19

Height: 150.56ft

Inversion(s): 2

Speed (max): 68.21mph

Speed (average): 27.80

Length: 3331.89ft


Enjoy your ride


Please comment.

Let me know if you want a POV.



please comment.


Random pic!>!>!>!>!.!>


Brake run #2


after the brake run.


Brake run..


Zero G roll-


I love this part of the ride.


I hope i spelled blizzard right...



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