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But when I tried to download the second one it says "Invalid or corrupt file".


Anyone know what's going on?

It's on your end. A few other people had this problem and ended up getting it to work. But we've had more than 3,000 people successfully download the file now, so it works.


Sounds like your computer didn't download it all the way.



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Thanks Robb. I just watched this the other night while stuck at my in-laws house in L.A. with nothing to do. It was a lot of fun. I am also enjoying the DVDs that I bought a few weeks back. Like Robb said, help support the site and buy a couple of DVDs. I know I will be buying more soon!

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I know that this review is a little late, but better late than never I guess.


I loved All of the footage from All the parks. It is not just your average coaster DVD. People are talking to the camera and you feel like you get to know all the people in the DVD. I especially loved the bonus segment.


This was my FIRST TPR DVD and it was not a letdown AT ALL.


Thanks for the download and I plan on buying both RAW DVD's very soon.

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