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I've gone to the page in your store that says "free Download." When I click on the "free download" link I'm taking to the page but there's no "add to cart" button. When I click on the DVD title I'm taking back to the same page only this time below the price (which says $0.00) it has a note that says "In stock: no." Has this been removed or is the site having problems?


Thanks for your help.

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I tried downloading it 3x and keep on getting corrupted error message. So I switched to XP and got "Access Denied" and then I went back to the store to re-request the link and now it isn't in the stock. Hmm...


I kept getting that corrupted error message to on my Vista computer.


When I switched to my XP computer I used the same link provided in the e-mail sent to my Vista computer and it worked fine. Give that a shot. I just tried it again over here to see if it still works and it does.

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I am having trouble with this free download all day.

I have allready tried to download it 3 times, but i never got a downloadlink in my email. Not even in the spam folder.

The 4th time i wanted to try it the "Add to cart" button was gone.

What happend your website Robb??

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Well, Dave, you've gotten me farther than I've been the whole day... however...


C:\Documents and Settings\Danny Smith\Desktop\rebuilt.TPR_Coaster_Expedition_Vol_1.zip: CRC failed in TPR Coaster Expedition Vol 1.mp4. The file is corrupt


Dan "I wish I weren't so electronically-challenged!" Smith

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Damn it! It didn't work for me! I got this message:


C:\Users\Tatum\Desktop\TPR_Coaster_Expedition_Vol_1.zip: The archive is either in unknown format or damaged


Anyone else get this message?




I got that exact message twice. I then downloaded it on my older computer that has XP and not vista and it worked perfectly.


Verdict: Vista screws stuff up.

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I've managed to get a link, but it won't download past 40Mb. There is plenty of space on the computer for the file so I don't know whether I am doing something wwrong or not.


Has anybody got any suggestions?


if it helps, I am using XP


Thanks in advance,



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