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Playland (PNE) Vancouver Discussion Thread

Playland Now Open On Weekends!

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Chugging Along....


So, all in one big building were trains. Model trains in all shapes, sizes, and composition (plastic, metal, even wooden ones!). And honestly, if I had decided right then and there to start this hobby, with a few thou$and dollar$ in hand (and the credit cards) I could easily get an entire train set today, with all the frills, gadgets, geegaws, and miniature everything my heart desired.


And though I was tempted by a couple of things that caught my eye, I didn't buy anything.


Here's the first set of photos I took...


We go this way.


Big honkin' truck outside.


It transports a mini-train? Cool!


They covered up the PNE Marketplace sign. But it's an easy in, easy out (with a hand stamp).


First view of the entire setup. Smaller booths were around the perimeter of it.


How to make trees.


For example... it's really a beautiful little setting that was created.


Showing how trees are made.


Tools one needs for making trees (and everything else by hand).


I love looking at miniature buildings for this hobby.


A very simple layout.


Chapter clubs of the main Hobby Train Club in BC.


Making bridges.


This immediately reminded me of Disney Parks!


The other end of the Forum bldg.


Junior Engineers most welcome.


They even got Hogwarts and a Quidditch match setup for a train (Hogwarts Express?) to run around!


Something to actually RIDE here. Adults, too. I resisted. (o;


One of the Silent Auction items available. Pretty. (To be continued...)

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Well........crap. Yesterday, just after 5:30 pm, we arrived at the entry area to go through, and on to the displays. And we're met by several guys who all look like they're policemen. One of them come

Well, tonight's The Night! 🎃 David's driving me to the entry way of Playland. And I'll then have a choice of having Customer Services to call him and get me a ride home. Or...take transit back. It's e

Here we go. 👻 "My Visit To SLAYland.....at Playland!" Last night was a really nice night. Literally. The sky was clear of clouds, and the temp. didn't plummet to other worldly numbers. It was coo

Posted Images

^ It was really overwhelming, to be honest. I haven't been to one of these hobby fairs for many years.

Only recently, with David's involvement with lapidary work, have I revisited Rock & Gem shows, heh.


And yes, without having anything "favourite" to look out for, it was a pleasant visit. And seeing all the

kids go nuts over the children's size train sets etc. was really cool to see. It makes me wish my dad

took me to these things. I usually had to find out about them, on my own.


The sales areas were nuts. And cluttered with so many varieties of train scale accessories, etc.

My eyes grew wide at how many of everything people were selling, and buying.


More later. And to be honest, I am going back tomorrow. Reason is, I missed one of

A Small, But A-May-Zing Displays that really REALLY caught my eye, there. And I didn't take -

one - friggin - pic of it! I mean, this really caught my attention, and yet, I didn't appear

smart enough, at that moment, to take any photos!


Idiot me. Stay TOOT! TOOT! tuned....


One of the other awesome "forest scenes" that was created by the tree makers. (o:

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Buy! Buy!.....and Bye?


The next set of photos starts in the back corner of the Forum bldg, where it was nonstop sales of anything and everything that has to do with choo choos. Used stuff, new stuff, stuff that connects to other stuff.


And then there was this great mini train for the kids, that the big truck outside had hauled to the EXPO. Really great work especially the "dome car."


And in the end, I thought I had seen everything and gotten enough photos, etc.etc. But for some reason, back home I kept thinking there was "something" I really liked, but had missed in taking photos of. Then it hit me...The Signs! I had to go back and get photos of The Signs in that one display.


So I went back on Sunday. Photos to follow....


Choo Choo Choo-ing your wallet up.


A bunch of stuff to buy.


Rack and racks of it.


The Mini Train!


It really looked great.


Including this awesome Dome Car, between the engine and the caboose.


Great craftsmanship in this.


Ooooooo Shinkansens?


I still don't get why cocktail bar candle holders are here.

Whatever. Somebody will probably buy them.


Shinkansen? No, not to be I found out. BUt the guy running them told me they were designed

after fast trains in Europe....Ice Trains! I knew of those having ridden them between Amsterdam

and Paris. We also talked why there aren't a lot of Mag Lev trains in the world, either. Good chat.


Small town in the woods.


Perfectly normal here. A chuck wagon train heading past a Petroleum Plant. Normal.


Ha - "Sound of Music" Sing-a-Long in there I betcha.


Mmmmm flat ride.......nom nom nom.


A mess of stuff, not really matching each other's size, etc.




A Coaster! It ran a few times. Not much else to it.


Either an actual earthquake here, an earthquake attraction, or a movie set?


One more woods' scene before I left for home.

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"The Signs! Those Little Signs!"


What I returned to the Train EXPO to see more closely, AND make sure some photos were taken,

was this small but very busy train display, that also included this GI-normous number of

lit signs in it. Some blinked on and off, others had patterns to cycle through, others just stayed

on and that was fine with them, lol.


It's really a unique display and I was wondering why more of the other train hobbyists didn't have

a few of them (not the huge # this guy had) in their displays.


But that was okay. And the guy who owned this lit-up set-up gave me the company's name...

Miller Engineering ~ https://www.microstru.com/index.html It's quite the site to browse through.


So here's my photos of The Signs!, as well a few others I missed in my first visit....


p.s. The site for the last photos is..... https://www.circuswest.com/


Here I go again.... but my hand stamp was still clear, and the guy let me in, no problem.


This is it. A jumble of little buildings with small gauge trains running around them. But then you look closer and...


...these signs are all blinking on and off, in sections, in patterns...


A few in the back.


"Y - - -"


Very detailed they were.


Biggest of the bunch.


After this one, I went elsewhere.


Back to the LEGO layout. With The Coaster.


Turns out this is an Earthquake! movie set.


And among these various, non-related buildings....


...Was this motorcycle shop, with "the cute one in the doorway." (Bet it's a Heck's Angels Club.)


I don't think they're speaking to each other, any more. )o:


Nice, they put another one out, at another corner of the layout...TRAIN ORGY!!! And then I left the building, to find....


What's this? What's this? In the Agrodome Bldg?


(After looking it up) It's a CIRCUS SCHOOL! For anybody and everybody, young and old.


Ended the afternoon with an A&W burger and ringy dings, and a coffee.


Coming up next year for us. But....Spring Break? ~~~ Eep.

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And now, from the "Dagnabit!" Dept....

"Vancouver Chinese Lantern Festival Cancels 2019 Event"


The planned 2019 Vancouver Chinese Lantern Festival, which was scheduled to run from February 1 to March 31, 2019 at Hastings Park, will not proceed as planned due to difficulties related to obtaining artisan work visas.


Art Show China Inc., the Canadian division of Sichuan Tianyu Culture Communication Co. Ltd, which is the group behind the outdoor festival that made its debut in Vancouver in late 2017, indicated they have already started the planning process for the festival to return to the PNE fairgrounds in 2020.


“While we are disappointed that the thousands of anticipated guests for the Festival will not be able to experience this world-class show in 2019, we are pleased that the Art Show China is beginning planning for the return of the Vancouver Chinese Lantern Festival in 2020,” says Pacific National Exhibition spokesperson Laura Ballance.


Oh well, now we know. Better to find out now, than way into January, I suppose. Sorry to read that they couldn't get their visas in order.


Man, now it'll be a long, long way until the next PNE-sponsored event, other than Playland re-opening in late Spring, etc.




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Another place to buy those holiday gifts, coming up...




Vancouver’s largest independent art, fashion & craft extravaganza is back for 5 days!! Mark your calendar for December 12-16, 2018 (Starts tomorrow!)


Over 180 of your favourite Makies (and some brand new ones, too!) are bringing their beautiful handmade goodies back to the PNE Forum for our fabulous holiday show! Stock up on accessories, jewellery, clothing, art, home decor, food, baby/kid items, and lots of other beautifully crafted goods.


Wednesday December 12 from 5pm – 9pm

Thursday, December 13 from 11am – 9pm

Friday, December 14 from 11am – 9pm

Saturday, December 15 from 10am – 6pm

Sunday, December 16 from 11am – 5pm


$8 at the door, kids 12 and under are free




But.........'Makies' ?


Same bldg.where the Model Train EXPO was, in November!

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Here's to The Season, however you celebrate it....or not.


Not sure if (Playland's mascot) KC Bear's holding up the beard, or paws in the ears, lol.


KC, reacting to everything I told him, about my Cedar Point trip with Bert/bert425. (o; (June, 2017)

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Well, like I just said before....


An entire summer worth of fun – now available at the season’s lowest price!


The 2019 Playland Season Pass offers unlimited rides and epic fun for 80 park days next year – for just a little more than the cost of two visits!


Save up to $20 when you purchase before Midnight on January 21, 2019.




Woo Hoo! I turn 66 in 2019.

And do not have to pay at - all!

Woah - am I The Current Oldest

Guy to Ride Coaster? Hmmm...

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Here's a recent "Best of" List article, that Coaster got to be a part of...


"Playland roller coaster ranks 12th in world ranking by coaster fans"




We're Number 12! We're Number 12!


The late Walker Leroy (right) and his wife Alegra came to Vancouver in 1998 to mark the 40th anniversary of the PNE’s roller coaster, which he built in 1958. He was 82 at the time, she was 78. Leroy sat on the outside because that’s where most of the movement occurs when you’re riding it – it was designed for women to be on the inside. Mark van Manen / VANCOUVER SUN


This is a Liseberg Balder t-shirt I bought in 2006 after the TPR UK Tour (it was an add-on park),

which on the back of it, listed Coaster at #14 in the world. Balder, of course, was #1. (o;

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^ Well, if those two could ride it back then, in their late 70's+,

I should be able to get by, currently in my mid-60's+ LOL!


And the article had something in it I never knew before....


The current coaster is the third on the PNE grounds, prefaced by the Giant Dipper (1925–57) and the Little Dipper (1928–44). The rail cars for the Giant Dipper are still in use on the roller coaster at the Washington State Fairgrounds in Puyallup, 50 km south of Seattle. The Puyallup coaster was built in 1935.


I checked RCDB.com and the information is there to be read.


(Except ACE plaque - RCDB files, all photos from Vancouver Archives)


Third paragraph also tells of it happening.


Giant Dipper (1925-57)


Giant Dipper AND original Water Chute in same shot. Playland then called "Happyland."


1950's cheese shot (and talk about no waistbelts, harnesses...nothing!).

A true Date Ride...with the (Water) Shoot The Chutes turnaround bldg. in back.

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From the "Something I just Found" Dept...


A proper overhead view of the full Pacific National Exhibition's (i.e. PNE) grounds.


Things to note:


All of PLAYLAND is on the right of the photo. 9 acres. (Eventually) to be doubled,

by including the top right hand corner parking lot. (I hope)


The treed area and pond in the middle was actually MORE PNE space several years ago.

Had an outdoor performance space with tiered seating; and three connected buildings

devoted to BC's History; Economy; Hobbies; and a GI-normous plywood map of BC

that was the centrepiece of the buildings/pavilions.



The Challenger Map, 1954, BC Building, PNE.


In gorgeous plywood-painted colour! (o; (BTW the red cable is the Canada-US Border)

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Now taking applications...




Application forms for the 2019 Fair at the PNE are now available.


Be a part of this! Marketplace PNE, Aug.2018.


Or part of this, the (many) Food Vendors areas in the PNE, Aug.2018.


We need more Corn Dog Vendors, for my "2019 PNE Corn Dog Challenge"! (o;

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^ Nothing in the news in regards to the park. Playland is still scheduled to open for it's season,

on Saturday, May 4th. And that's all I know or have read, for now.


In the meantime you can always check the site itself for any news, etc. http://www.pne.ca


RANT EDIT: I just rechecked the site, and NOW find out, they are going to start charging Seniors (over 65) for daily entry ($19)! And this was posted after they had run their "Season Pass Sale" late last year and into January. Grrrrr. It works out to just five visits to pay for the thing ($95) but still, I would have liked to save a few dollars beforehand.

Hmm. I know I didn't have anything to do with this, but the timing sucks big time, IMhO

(Well, at least I got in all last season with free admission.)


Retro pic of Playland's original Bumper Cars. The covered Games Arcade in the back is still around!

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Just bought and printed up, my 2019 Playland Season Pass. I'm still HMMMMPHing a bit about it, and wish I had known before the Holiday Season, to save some $$$ on it. Oh well. Five visits (at the new "Senior Single Day" cost - $19.95) and it's all paid for. And I did get a full season FREE last year, when I just turned 65. Still. Makes me wonder why suddenly, after all these years, they now tacked on a charge for us coaster loving seniors.


Whatever. I'm set for the year. www.pne.ca


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^ Oooh, great Playland News! Thanks for posting your photos!

I thought of getting over there before the season started.

And I might eventually, now that you posted these shots.


But - I enjoyed the wave swinger. A big rush and great speed for it, too.


Oh well. Change is hap - hap - hap - happening at Playland!

Or are they putting Wave Swinger in a more permanent foundation, lol?


Actually, on closer look, it looks like all they've done, is remove the WS.

They could be widening the walkway, by just removing the ride, itself.




EDIT: I just checked the list (w/thumbnail-pix) of all the rides in Playland.

And the Wave Swinger has definitely been removed from it. Hmmm.


One of my last shots of Wave Swinger, last season. Sept.09/18.

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^ Ho-Lee Crap! I was busy looking for Wave Swinger in the list,

but I didn't look for anything else missing, there! Good "non-find", heh.


My partner has a Rock & Gem Show at the community centre near Playland, this weekend.

So I might hitch a ride with him to the area, and get my own photos there...


And then bus home via Starbucks.


EDIT: I also checked the current online map they have of the park,

and Wave Swinger and Corkscrew are still there on it.

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For what it's worth, in one of those 2 photos you (Kamui) posted,

it clearly shows that the Corkscrew has not been dismantled..... yet.


Aside from all that, you gotta enjoy The View from this park! (o;

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