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  1. Something interesting The map on the Playland Physics Day Brochure And another map from Marketing day
  2. Seems like they started testing the wooden coaster. The new ride looks interesting, can't think of anything similar. https://mobile.twitter.com/johnrstreit/status/1122640072128499713
  3. Oops I meant to type Ballon Race Something like this, probably way smaller
  4. My friend said that it might be a Zamperla Balloon Explorer
  5. Judging from the picture i feel like it's going to be a Zamperla Wave Blaster ride. A family ride and perfect size.
  6. Think someone who’s working on the construction posted some interesting stuff. https://www.instagram.com/p/Bv5JFskBbeV/?utm_source=ig_share_sheet&igshid=1r34yxbvihovc
  7. My friend and I went to Playland today to see what they are doing A building replacing the old purple roof building. Corkscrew still here They are pretty much finished with setting playland up except for the coasters A closer look at what they are doing with the spot of the wave swinger The tent from fright night is still up?
  8. So big news for the corkscrew, it’s getting sold! (Info: Screamscape) http://www.screamscape.com/html/smaller_parks.htm#Playland https://intermarkridegroup.com/roller-coasters/corkscrew-coaster-rc1403
  9. The purple roofed building (where you redeem your season pass) is gone from it's old spot
  10. ^ The last time i went to playland I noticed that all the trains for corkscrew were gone, but I'm not sure if they had put away or something else.
  11. So apparently both the wave swinger and corkscrew is gone from the Playland website.
  12. The wave swinger is gone from the park and it looks like they're doing some sort of foundation. Maybe a new ride?
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