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Version 1.1


Originally concived for a competition on CoasterForce. This is the new version which is heavily modified.


Element list:

-155ft+ Top Hat

-Air-time Hill

-Norwegian Loop


-Half Horshoe

-S-bend Helix

-Air time hill

-Low Helix

-Bunny Hop

-Final Brakes


This is my first 100% hand made ride in ages.


Big thanks and hugs to Nath, who helped me with the name and testing.





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Glad you're liking these. I never knew TPR had a NL section, so I'm just putting up all my work from the past 2 years. I've modified them slightly from their original releases (just smoothing some bumps and stuff yunno). I've really enjoyed making them.


This is my most recent though, was only finished and released on CoasterSims yesterday. Expect a few more rides later.


Here's a POV for people without NL.

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You're definitely going to be a prof. coaster designer


This one was just as brilliant as Aurora. I loved the layout - that Norwegian loop seems to be quite popular in these days

The only thing I didn't like was that turn into the tophat, but technically it was still great..

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Everybody is saying that they hate the turn into the tophat; but I like it! It makes for a little "change" from the normal coasters, and adds a little more "kick" to the ride. The layout was smooth for the most part, and flowed really well! I liked it alot! 9/10!


Coasternut "keep posting coasters" 17

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