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MASSIVE PTR: Visions of my Spain trip 2007

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Terra Mitica!



This is yet another park I was blown away by. They had some excellent Service for us while we ran around during ERT including breakfast (and free sodas!) in between some of the sessions. They also gave us ERT on their Mondial Revolution Synkope in place of Inferno as it was suffering from the Intamin Curse and was having issues with it's braking.


Synkope was pretty mediocre and definitely not as fun as a Huss Giant Frisbee. We also had ERT on Magnus Colossus which is a true RCCA woodie. I didn't think it was too bad, but that doesn't mean I liked it that much. Way too much shaking made me feel like I needed to be wearing a bra on the ride. Tizona is a standard Vekoma SLC, which again I like them.



El Laberinto del Minotauro (The Minotaur's labyrinth) is probably the best showcase of Sally Corps most impressive animatronics they've created to date. The trackless shooting interactive Dark ride has multiple endings (which I'm pretty sure we made it all the way through) but does not display any scores for the riders or cars, which is my only qualm about the ride.


Other rides include Two rapids rides, yes two completely separate and VERY different rapids rides. The first is El Rescate de Ulises (Ulysses' rescue) which pretty much is just a dark ride on rapids boats. the other is Rápidos de Argos (Argos' Rafting) Which is a decently themed regular rapids that did get us wet despite seeing rafts upon rafts exiting dry!


La Colera de Akiles is a Mondial Supernova, it was decent, but nothing too thrilling, not like it's flipping Top Spin-like Cousin found around the world. The Falls of the Nile is a reversing Log Flume built by mack rides that got us decently wet (which was WELL received being how hot it was!)


On to some pictures!


One last pic, bye bye Terra Mitica. Hello super long bus ride and Parque Warner!


You can see the flume's main drop in this pic scorss the water


back to the front of the park


Mondial Supernova, it moves.


I choose You Zesus, the ultimate Pokemon


It's beautiful park really.


This is a kiddie coaster line!?


*tee hee hee hee*


I really liked how this pic came out






This coaster was happy to see us, but was having performance issues.


Robb enjoyed the food they gave us


The view toward Benidorm, you can see some of the green from the (then) Uncomplete Golf COurse were that fabulous Hotel was off to the left


Off to Magnus Colossus!


Robb tries to blend in


Statue Porn that had nothing to do with anything other then to be theming


Synkope, A Mondial Revolution


The Exit


One of the rides I was most looking forward to, El Laberinto del Minotauro (The Minotaur's labyrinth)


The park further back. It was really bright that day.


The Main plaza in front of the big lake the park surrounds.


The entrance let us know how well the themed the park would be.

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Parque Warner, the nicest Six Flags park that isn't!



I was really impressed with the level of theming they added to the park, but having been to WB Movie World the previous summer, I had something to go off of. That said, I still can't believe it was a six flags park lol. I was not Impressed however with the heat that day. I know I could have taken a lot more pictures here, but most of the ones I did take are from the morning before heat stroke set in lol.


When we got to the park, We had ERT over on SUperman so whilke heading back I kept hearing "this is a six flags park!?!" a lot. Superman is probably my favorite B&M Floorless and the only thing that could have made it better are if the trims were turned off. Batman is a standard clone, BUT it's way smoother and less forceful then the older models (such as the one at SFMM) which was a slight disappointment, but still a great ride. El Spanish Deja Vu-o (Stuntfall) was smooth and just as great as the only other one I've ridden, the one at SFMM. Coaster Express was no where near as bad as I was actually dreading, but it's been said that it's MUCH smoother then what it used to be. Tom Y Jerry was interesting with the crotch vibrators they have, but a fun little junior coaster.


Rio Bravo is quite the flume with many surprises if you have no idea what's in store (once again, Spain loves their reversing log flumes) but the highlight definitely has to be Backward airtime! The rapids they have is also quite impressive as I have never spun so much in a raft my whole life. Definitely one of my four favorite rapids rides. Riddler's Revenge is an S&S combo tower and I LOVED that they changed the program from just being a drop to combo the cart we got on, definitely not something we were expecting. I also got to experience my first Vekoma Mad House in Hotel Embruagio which I'm sure would have been much better if any of us actually understood the story (which is in Spanish).




After a heat filled day at Parque Warner, we headed back to our hotel and many of us headed out for a "goodbye" dinner as a farewell to those of us not heading onto the Mini-Europe portion of the trip. A sad time for some, an extremely early morning for others, we had to be up the next morning at like 5 to head to the airport to fly over to Germany to start the next leg of our journey.


Beautiful sunset as I walked back to the Hotel right before I passed out from exhaustion.


one last pic here


awww this is a really cute picture of Lou and Kyle


Walking to dinner. *sniff*


Superman flying to save the day


More Spanish Deja Vu-o


Waiting for the bus to come back


Another view of the Entrance plaza


air conditioning AND spinning ed around. We were all delirious at this point.


Robb Attack


trackless Sally!


Thsi was fun to walk under as it felt like the park was on the surface of the sun


We don't know either Lou, we just don't know...


I like this pic of Lou a lot.


again, this was a Six Flags park!?!




Gotham City


the bumper cars


The queue for batman which had THE most annoying alarm




The Queue for SUperman. Reminded me of the queue for Spiderman at IOA


YAY Mad House!


holy crap


This is all theming, I think there was a show here too


This was built by Six Flags!?!


Riddler's revenge at the end of the blvd.


I'm in awe


This was a Six Flags park!?!


the buildings in the entrance plaza meant we were in for something else.


The fountain at the entrance

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^ I work at Target and we don't carry that flavor, but I did happen to find it at BevMo so I picked up a few bottles and some vanilla Smirnoff and it came out pretty good. I'm more then sure I made them a LOT stronger then the actual WKD though lol.

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Firstly, why do you love that picture of me, you freak!??!


Secondly, LOL at me rubbing sunscreen all over myself.


Thirdly, GREAT pictures, and you reminded me (again) of stuff I'd forgotten at that park, like the Mad House, and that I missed the Marvin show.


That picture of me and Kyle at dinner is actually a really nice one.


Parque Warner really was so nice. But WOW that place needs more shade. Seriously. As much as I've said that after Asia I'll never complain about heat and humidity before or again... That day was pretty bad.

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^^ Seriously, I had such a great time on just the Spain portion alone. And yeah, I think I got a pretty good idea when you molested that sign of Batman outside the queue lol.




1) cause it's a DAMN good picture!


2) That was Sunscreen? lol


3) If I didn't take so many pictures, I probably would have never remembered myself!






Traval and Klotten later tonight!

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What a totally fucked up park this is. Most of the rides are actually self operated including one that flips you upside DOWN! Getting to the park was fun, we had to be up really early to catch our flight over and then we got to meet up with the rest of the Mini Euro peeps.


Heiße Fahrt kicked so much butt it wasn't even funny, That thing had some MAD airtime and was pretty smooth save for the slam to the left after the last block, but the bunny hills leading to it were pure heaven, and I'm not the biggest fan of airtime!


On to the photos of the other rides and general silliness.



Up next Tripsdrill!!


Obviously not allowed on Heiße Fahrt hugging the trash can like that. SHould be ashamed of himself!


The Volcano theming was amazing.






Mmmmm Air Time-y goodness


Mmmm helix-y goodness


Chris got stuck on the flip yourself off ride. We all laughed on our way over to ERT on Heiße Fahrt.


Bruno chases them in style


Ed and lou go for a spin


They re-filled the pool so robb could empty it. I guess it was a good way to clean it (mmm look at that water though)


The yalso had ACErs... er... I mean wild boars.




the dude chilling all by himself


"This rock is too hard."


"This rock is too soft."



"This rock is juuuust perfect."


He had to settle for the adult females (another funny story, he conered the baby deer in the corner of the previous pic and the poor deer started crying out and all the other deers started going over to help bambi lol I left before they could kill Chris)


Chris luring the deer with candy to get into his van


They also had animals. Funny story, we all noticed that a gate to the enclosure was unlocked and we all laughed and then some family went in and we realized it was supposed to be unlocked and we went in to feed the deer feeling stupid.


Coming soon in 2004!




re-creating a fag pack (lol at that name, sounds like an offshoot of the Panthers)


uh, do I even want to know?


Right before I emptied the pool of water lol, I'm kidding it was actually kinda scary!


A crowd gathers to watch the ensuing tidal wave


I was the "fat guy test" for the Boat Jump so I think this is Lou kissing me goodbye


Boat jump time yay!


I see you little amazing coaster


Lou gets paid the big bucks


Yet another park in the middle of nowhere. We finally made it!


The actual municipality of Klotten next to some river 9any help here?)


Lou in a cage


It is way to F@#%ing early

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Hector - the unlocked gate at the zoo also confused the group I was with. We initially though we were going to have to circle back through the zoo the get out. I guess if we could read German we would have realized that the deer enclosure was a walk through petting zoo.

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Bahahahaha!! Great pictures, fantastic memories. I remember this day talking to Dave and Ron and myself and at least one of them had at various points "seen" Kyle and Jon in the park... Funny how your mind plays tricks when you're missing people!!


Hector, was it you that took a close-up of Robb's face on the boat jump?? Somebody got one, and it was blurry, but HYSTERICAL!!!

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^^^^ Glad we weren't the only ones! lol



^^^Thanks for the info and yeah I'm pretty sure it was the same water.



^^lol I can crop the original picture and get his face a bit closer See below.



^It was definitely a little odd that first day without half the group there and more people in there place.


Close up of Robb on the boat jump

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Tripsdill was a fun little park. We only had a half day here and a half Day at Holiday World (both having ERT for us!) and while I would have liked more time to explore the park a bit more, what we were given time wise was more then enough to do most of the park.


Thanks to the Bus Driver though, we ended up being 20 minutes late to our ERT session because he was too stubborn to admit his GOS was wrong. Anyway, when we got there they were filming a TV show or Movie or something and had plenty of work stuff all around the coaster.


I was excited about G'sengte Sau as I've seen so many pictures of it (including the video of the guy roller skating along the track) and I had such a blast on Heiße Fahrt the previous day. I was not disappointed as this actually had it's theming complete and was so beautifully landscape (a little to much as I got smacked by a tree branch toward the end on the VERY ground hugging helices) and had some decent airtime.


The other coaster they had was Rasender Tausendfüßler, a Large Tivoli (you know, the ones with 1000 cars) that was also beautifully landscaped with trees, lots of flowers and a pond in one of the helices.


One last pic of Piers and the Kristie heading down together.


Carl filled the screen




TREE OF DEATH! Man that thing was so freakin awesome. I had no idea what it did and I wasn't going to stand around and find out so I hoped on in an empty seat. Damn that was terrifying!


Jeff made his cock shoot into the mouths of other animals, and even the farmer's!


uh... right...


more of the landscaping around the junior coaster.


The Pond and 1000 cars


Final drop one Boobs: the ride


You can see one of the bunny hops diving into some trenches.


"Lou, let's take a nice picture."


Kidtums got in on some of the action as well.


I guess they wanted to kill us all as they had Robb operate the ride


After getting lost in the park we made it out to the coaster and bobbie log flume (which opened later in the day)


uh, don't drink the water?

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^ That's rich coming from the guy who had WEEKS worth of gaps in his Japan TR!! I'm doing my next update tomorrow, I promise!! I was doing so well, too.



Still great pics Hector, you're really flying through these!! Can't wait for Phantasialand, those days were so much fun.

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^^^ I'm seriously impressed with what Gerstlauer did with their bobsleds and I wish some parks in the US would put the rides to good use already!



^^ Thanks, if half of the pics were not already edited it would have taken a lot longer as I have some scratches on the lens of my camera that show up in alot of the pics (you can see them in the pics i was too lazy to edit)


^I'm holding you to that! And yeah, I figure since I have a ton of photos from there it'll be my Grand Finale on Friday!

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Holday park was the other park we visited this day and I had a freakin blast! Expedition GeForce was heavenly (but felt like it could have been way better without the trims on) I liked their corkscrew (I'm telling you I must be the perfect height or something) The flume (also reversing) scared the crap out of Kristie and I was NOT in my seat the last half of the double down final drop. The Intamin Tower was a great height. The Starflyer was pretty meh to me, all it really had going for it was the height (which gave some great views by the way) and they had a dark ride with boobs too! We ended the day with ERT on GeForce and the park gave us Food! All in all it was a really good (and exhausting) day.


Next up I'm doing Toverland!


Mmmm rain clouds making gorgeous skylines.


Mmmmm Wind farm


The drive to Phantasialand.


When you gotta go...


Hi Wes, enjoy some big giraffe on small giraffe action.


Lou makes me laugh in this picture


Mmmm erect things


omg the airtime on this flume was AMAZING


not so twisty goodness


Twisty goodness


Mmmmm Larry... er... I mean... Expedition GeFore...


Do I know them?


mmmmmm GeForce.

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Two parks left! I decided to do Toverland today Since it's my PTR and I can do what I want



So anyway, Toverland! Housed inside (and out) of two giant warehouses, Toverland decided to be amazing to us as well with free food and free drinks as well as using their event space above the park, they also gave us medals and a block of wood from Troy!


Well,t he park has three coasters and a whole lot of messed up. First up was Boomerang, the parks custom Vekoma Roller Skater. It was a fun ride with some awkward banking at the tops of the ride, but still a roller skater. Booster Bike was pretty fun and makes me excited for Pony Express (Yes, I know it's Zamperla, but the riding style was fun) and Troy instantly shot up to be my favorite woodie of all time (so far) Granted I haven't been on many world class woodies, but Troy was really really fun! It definitely got better the more I rode it and as time went on so by the end of our ERT the ride was whipping around the course with unexpected pops of air all over the ride and plenty of laterals to satisfy my craving.


The Obstacle Rope Course nearly killed me (I think I was the only one to have almost have fallen) and the giant inflatable "triangle" thing was a blast almost taking out little kids. Overall the park had a great local feel to it and the expansions can only make the place better!



Off to some pics!


We'll end with Chris in a replacement Tiara after having "lost" his original tiara, an Elissa Bingo® Prize


Zip line down to a sand pit and have Robb touch your butt! er..."wipe the sand off"


a swinging good time, really


Insert frolicking here


Some prancing here


Carnage Crossing


Cargo nets of Destruction


Boxes of Doom


Pretend to be Spiderman here


Almost fell here


Yup, that's all that's below


Leap of Faith right there baby


You try no to die here


Then you kinda shimmy here


First you loose rope across this




Rich looks quite comfortable lol


Lou's not used to taking it in the back.


Mmmm GCI


That almost looks like Ed in the bottom left, but I think that's a woman.


More twisty goodness


Mmmm Good woodie


Reversing log Flume (which I didn't get to ride)




Hi Ed


YAY! Most of us are here!


Elissa won like 100 scrunchies so what ebtter then to give themout during trivia and pose!

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