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JZ's Going Down Under to Brisbane!

PKI Jizzman

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Hello everyone!


Well, let me start off by saying how lucky I am to be chosen to represent my school in an Australia Exchange program. Also, how happy I am to be a member of this site where so many people from across the globe are present. The fact that everyone seems to help out other with trips and trip planning is just a great thing to see. Anyways. I will be leaving January 19th at about 4PM, and arriving in Brisbane on Jan. 21st at about 10AM. I will be staying roughly a month, maybe longer. I know it will be the summer, but school starting a week after I get there. I need help!


The Flight:

I have been on one flight before. 2002 to Disney World. Well....this time me and the other student will be flying from:

Cinci/NorthKY to Colorado; to LA; to Sydney; and to Brisbane.

It's going to be one heck of an adventure to get over there. Any advice or things I can expect to do on the flights? I will have my ipod and homework, but that will eventually run out of batteries/get boring. What are the meals like? Shouldn't crowded because the holiday season is over...right?


The Parks!

Dreamworld: (Might have to be going by my self)

So my Aussie friend tells me everything has a one car opperation. My priority will be Giant Drop, Mick Doohan, and Tower of Terror. I plan on going there hopefully on a school day because I am able to take a day or two off to sight see. What can I expect the lines to be like? This is most likely going to be a one time event, so I want to get on as many rides as possible. The Claw and Wipeout don't seem too appealing since I have been on TR:TR and Delirium/maXair. Is there any order of rides I should go to first? I am DEFFINATELY going to take MANY pictures. I plan on staying from when the park opens to close. Any info on where to eat, where to hang out for a rest, and photo ops.....aNY info I can grab would be fantastic! Oh, especially wierd policies they might have.


Movie World: (Might have to be going by my self)

Pretty much same thing a Dreamwold. I'd like to know any wierd policies, where to eat, where to chill out, best phot ops, everything! As far as rides go, Supeman is THE top priotity. Batman Escape or whatvever will end op skipped because I've been on Power Tower. What rides should I go to first? How long should I expect lines to be on a school day? Any info is greatly appreciated!


Wet 'n Wild:

I'm greatly anticipating the Intamin Half-Pipe. Looks cool! I think I won't need much help on this since I will be going with my friend. How will the crowds be? I guess they will be long school or non school day as far as the temp goes.


I'm so excited to be going over, and it's about 44 days! I have a chance of visiting Sea World to get the corkscrew credit, but meh. I am planning on visiting the Steve Irwin (RIP) Zoo and any event I can partake in. I'm studying up on Cricket now! I will be attending St. Pat's College Northshore for the time I am there. It's going to be one hell of a trip, and I can't believe it's going to happen.


I don't know how I can thank those who help me out with some tips and advice!!! Eh....I guess I'll just bring back lotsa photos.


J "Put another shrimp on the barbie is politically incorrect!" Z

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As for the flight, i only had to do the LA to Sydney and I was bored out of my mind (almost 15 hours flight with an hour delay taking off!) Luckily I was on QANTAS so the food was excellent and the TVs they had let you choose what you wanted to watch (or play games against other passengers like chess and checkers was also fun for a bit) My flight to Brisbane was only about two hours (and much further into my trip) so once you get that far, I shouldn't be that bad.


As for the parks, I only went to Dreamworld and WBMW and both times lines weren't bad at all (length wise, time wise is a whole other story.)


For Dreamworld, I would say run over to Cyclone (one train and at LEAST 5-10 minutes between cycles when I was there which was also during construction of their water park which had it closed the first half of the day)first and I would suggest riding Wipeout as it's an interesting ride being a Waikiki Wave Super Flip and it's definitely a bit different then a standard top spin (try and get an end if you can). Other then those two, Tower of Terror and Giant Drop also had massively slow lines. the other rides are standard fair (the moto coaster is new and I went summer 2006 so I have no clue about that)


As for WBMW, the day I went had minimal lines, but Superman, again, ran one train, but it's definitely the ride you want to head to first. the ride is definitely unique with it's dark ride portion in the beginning, and is very well themed for a rocket, plus it's just fun and has a ton of air! Lethal Weapon is an SLC with bonus helix (the only smooth part of the ride, and that still confuses me an any "extra bonus helix" SLC I've been on) Definitely catch Rio Bravo as it's one of the better log flumes (backward parts!) I've been on, and There's this really random, really really messed up Loony Tunes Animatronics based boat ride that has to be experienced. SKIP THE BATMAN SIMULATOR, it seriously sucks, not as bad as the one in Spain (with those stupid cabins that hold like six people...) but definitely some early 90's CGI in there. Scooby-Doo Spooky Coaster definitely HAS to be one of my favorite coasters ever simply for the dark ride portion before the "Mouse in a box/Rave," but although it has more then one car, it's also a slow loader. Not much else to do there really, it's a pretty small park.




Other then that, enjoy the Gold Coast if you can! I was only there for a few days, but taking nights strolls was simply breath taking! take a ride up Q1 (World's tallest all-residential tower) that give you great views of all the man-made waterways.


I'm sure some locals can help you more though lol.


Now that's Superman Fast.


Not the best lighting for the ride, but still a great ride.


The Gold Coast at night is breath taking.

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^^Oh yeah, that elevatior glass box that hangs out REALLY high up! I'll have to check that place out, it looks pretty cool! Cool video and thanks for the pics. Like I said, I can't wait to go and see the place for myself. I've already seen some pictures around the city and just the bay and it's becaustiful. Being here in Cinci, Ohio I hardly ever see the ocean! I'll be seeing plenty of it in January, though!


I am flying Quantas on the way over and I remember my friend saying he watched Blades of Glory and the Austin Power series over and over again to pass the time! Do you think there would be outlets to charge iPod if needed? Or would that even be permitted? (Again...only been on one 1.45 hour flight WDW)



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CD's won't be a problem, DVD's in Australia are Region 4 while the USA is Region 1, so unless the DVD player you are using has regional coding disabled, a different region will not play. BTW there are no power outlets in economy for QANTAS.


Also you can look up what movies are on your flight at qantas.com.au.

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That glass box experience is at Eureka Tower in Melbourne, two hours flight south of Brisbane.


JZ, I happened to notice on another thread that you like Velvet Revolver. Well your in good luck. They're playing the Brisbane Convention Centre on Friday 15 February 2008. Definitely see them if you can.


Enjoy yourself.

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Make sure at Movieworld, you eat at the Nacho place, i think it's name has something to do with Clint Eastwood. As for Dreamworld, the food there is pretty crap, as it is at Wet and Wild. It's also a good idea to ride superman at around Lunchtime, during the parade, or during the stunt show, as it is much quieter.


Have a great trip!


Oh, and at dreamworld, the park will open around half an hour before any of the rides do, so be prepared to wait around a while when the park gates open. And also, there are restraints on the Rapids rides and on the Enterprise, which is quite strange.

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Well here are my tips:


-The flight is long, so just do whatever you feel like to pass the 14 hours, there really is no two ways about it. When I flew from Melbourne to L.A i did not sleep at all but ultimately it doesn't matter much.


-For getting to the parks just use buses and trains, its cheap and the services are good, plus all the parks have good connections.


-See a game of Australian Rules Football!

Its our national sport and is definitely something unique for you to see, For you, the easiest game to get to would be the Essendon Bombers v Brisbane Lions, Saturday 16th of Feb (Night Game) at Gold Coast Stadium in Carrara.

It's actually in the pre season tournament, but its still the highest level comp so its worth a look as you cant see it anywhere else.

You did say this would be in your last week, but press to see this.


-You'll need some sort of step down transformer if you plan to bring electrical equipment over. 240v, 50Hz is what we run at so be careful with that.


-As for the parks...


Well, basically you will have NO problem getting everything done, especially since you are staying all day so no need to skip stuff.

Re rides will be aplenty (I mean on every visit to MW I have had, I have done Superman at least 10 times, it is a very well run ride)


With MW, Do Superman first, then head up the back of the park and do Scooby Doo and Wild West Falls, and from there whatever. Shrek 4D is worth it to.

The only 'weird policy' is zero tolerance on loose items on Superman, 1 hour lockers are $1 at the ride entrance (elsewhere in the park all day ones are $7)

Best places to eat are Dirty Harry's Bar (For the Nachos) or Gotham City Cafe (For the Catwoman chicken burger)


With DW, Do Giant Drop first, then Cyclone or Mick Doohans Motocoaster, Then Tower of Terror, then from there whatever else you want to do.

Claw and Wipeout never get bad Queues.

As for where to eat, the park has pretty poor food anyhow, just get a hot dog or a meat pie or whatever.

You'll want to check out the back half of the park, its an area called "The Australian Wildlife Experience" so you can see koalas and kangaroos (the non roadkill version of kangaroos


With both parks, just arrive before opening time and the place will be quiet anyway. And of course check the website for what rides are down (parks are open 364 days so no off season) the period you are visiting in is the quietest part of the year.

Keep in mind that our parks are a bit different to the parks in the rest of the world, our busiest/worst days are nothing compared to what you get, and there should be no problems in getting all you want done.


With Wet n Wild, again arrive early and go straight to the "Extreme H20 Zone" and go on the Halfpipe coaster first, then have a go at the Tornado and then the rest of the slides in the area (The freefall ones are a must do)

Things like the Super 8 aqua racer and Mammoth Falls have fast moving lines (even if they are long), so no need to be in a hurry to get on them.

Again, get to the Extreme H20 zone first! no matter what anyone else with you says.

This park on the other hand does get busy. Its the 3rd most attended water park in the world (Behind the Disney ones) so arriving early is and rushing a bit to get stuff done in the first couple of hours is important.


Do give Sea World a visit, it is a nice park for animals and shows, it doesn't have many rides (What Sea World parks do?) Corkscrew is fun just because it is so smooth for an Arrow, guess it is well taken care of, plus it is a very non-busy ride so I guess its not under much stress.

There are a couple of water rides, plus a mini water park.


A couple of other places worth checking out:


White Water World:

This is a new water park here and it is next door to Dreamworld (you can get a park hopping ticket for DW/WWW), its only 12 months old, but it has a nice Aussie beach culture theme to it, and a very solid lineup. Not as big as Wet n Wild, but it has all those modern Proslide slides like a Tornado, Cannon Bowls, A Behemoth Bowl, an Octopus Racer, Wave pool (you can get surfing lessons in it before the park opens) one of those Hydromagnetic rocket slides, plus a few other attractions. It doesn't get the crowds of Wet n Wild which is nice.

See http://www.whitewaterworld.com.au has info, videos etc


Currumbin Sanctuary:

Just a nice wildlife park, an hour and a bit south of brisbane, on the Gold Coast.



Anything you want to know about school life?

You have to wear a Uniform (all our schools are like that) and you'll be

there from 8:45am - 3:15 pm



J "Put another shrimp on the barbie is politically incorrect!" Z

Lol you put Prawns on the BBQ.

Inevitably you will encounter a "Sausage Sizzle" one point, which I guess is a big BBQ culture thing. There is a saying that "There is no Australian public event which cant be made better by a Sausage Sizzle.


Also on the topic of food, it is certain that at some point you will be given Vegemite to try. It does have a strong, sharp and salty flavor so be prepared, and lets face it they probably aren't expecting you to like it, so ham it up and have some fun.

This pic shows how much to use: http://en.wikipedia.org/wiki/Image:Vegemiteontoast_large.jpg

Less is more in this case.


Some food to try:

-Tim Tams (A sort of chocolate coated cookie (called a biscuit here)

-Cherry Ripe (Type of Chocolate bar)

Just on that, a lot of our unique lollies/candy/chocolate/confectionery is worth trying, try and get some "Party mix lollies" personally i think it is better than what i could get in the US, but meh.


-Meat Pie (ground beef and gravy in a savoury pastry, have it with tomato sauce (ketchup))

-Sausage roll (Sausage meat in a savoury pastry, again have it with tomato sauce)

-Lamingtons (sponge cake with chocolate and coconut on the outside)

-McOz (predictably avaliable at McDonalds, but it is a burger in our style)

-Hamburger with the lot (order this at any local/independent take away shop fast food shop, expect to get egg and pineapple on it )

-Pavlova (type of dessert)

-Dim Sim (chinese australian food, sort of similar to a dumpling)



Give this a quick read to if you are interested as it hits the nail on the head:



Ill actually be living in Brisbane by that point, might seeya around.

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Here's mine. I don't know if its been stated before because it's nearly 12am and I've done Dreamworld all day... I'm Tired!


So I am sorry if I've repeated anyone's comments that's already been said.





Movie World mostly runs 2 trains on Superman, Road Runner and Lethal Weapon.


Superman Escape is great, though you NEED a locker if you don't have anyone to hold your stuff. Be careful because if you find out you've got something in your pocket and you are in the line, you will need to re-line up again. The front and the back is the best areas to sit; Make sure you ask the ride operator though if you can wait for the next load to grab the front/back.


As for eating, Gothom City Cafe is great as well as the Wild West Burgers. If you are REALLY hungry, the all-you-can-eat bar is open for lunch at $20PP. For snacks, visit Stars Cafe at the front of the park or just to watch the big rides in some air-con.


The stunt show is WORTH it. The later show is the least busiest and the pre-show entertainment is the best part. It starts 30min BEFORE the show's start time. Line up about 35min before for the best seats.


Nothing note for the park's rides is Batwing seems to fill up more towards the end of the day. I think this is that people want one more ride before they leave.


The Spooky Coaster has really long queues during the day so it's best to visit that one first. If thrill is more your thing, I'd do Superman first.




Now, Let's get onto Dreamworld.


Firstly, lockers are NOT needed unless you want to ride the log/river rides and not get your phones etc wet. Each major ride has a spot to put your stuff.


The Cyclone, ToT and Giant Drop seem to have the longest wait. I would do Cyclone first if you want a OK coaster. If you wanna have a THRILL rush first, go Giant Drop or ToT first. Wipeout and the Claw have low waiting times. (As Gazza's said)


The iMax might be worth watching if you are new to the country. I know they have some Australian films playing from time-to-time.


As for food, there's no good spot unless you spend the money and go to the all-you-can-eat bar at the back of the park. Other then that, you'll leave the park feeling empty or feeling sick. (From their food)


The Motocoaster is a weird one. I wouldn't class it as a thrill ride and I wouldn't even say it's that fun. It's just something that's cool to do once - for the "motobike" thing. The coaster runs 2 trains in busy times so you shouldn't be waiting too long for a ride.




Wet'n'Wild is really fun and you'll have a ball.


Do Surfrider (Half-Pipe) first followed by the Black Hole. Those two fill up quick. The whole H20 Zone gets real busy so it's best to knock that over first and then go to the front of the park and do the less thrilling rides near the end of the day.


The food is not bad at the park...after all, it's a water park.


Not much else to say? I guess if you go on a day that has a late night movie, you could stay around for that. Or, just ride some rides while the movie is going. But keep in mind a lot of rides don't operate anymore at night. (or so I've heard)




Sea World


Man, you're right here. There's not much wait on any ride besides the eye. Some water rides get busy on hot days but I'm sure it's nothing compared to the US park's wait.


The food is alright at Sea World but it doesn't stack up to Movie World's food (Though from the same company). But it's alot better then Dreamworld's.





I would also try and do Dracula's Haunted House and Dracula's Restaurant while you're in Australia. The bungee jump in Surfers Paradise is fun (though alittle pricey) and there's SpaceWalker (closed) and Infinity near there too.


You'll have a ball!


I hope you enjoy Australia mate!

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Ash, SpaceWalker has been closed since April.


With Superman, Def wait for the front seat over the back, as it has a real bad "Intamin Shuffle" And even in NON peak season with the Motocoaster running 2 trains, you can be waiting up to 50 mins. Also if your at Movie World, be sure to pop into the "Stars Cafe" As you may see me working there.


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I'm leaving in 13 days! I can't wait. I'm getting some school work done and preparing for that stuff, and getting things ready to pack.


I'm deffinately going to be going to Dream World and Movie World, but not 100% sure on everything else. I am going to do my best to try, but since I can't drive and I will be living in a whooooooooole different house, I'll have to appreciate what I am able to do.

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Just some quick comments on crowds... You'll be coming in on the tail end of our crazy busy season. Crowds shouldn't bee too mental but don't expect the parks to be empty as everyone is still on school holidays and Jan is traditionaly our busiest period.


One good thing is every night in Jan Wet n Wild is open until 930pm and shows a feature film in the wave pool after day. Unique way to see a movie or the rides are a total walk on at night during the movie, take advantage of that.


I wouldn't pass up Sea World, whilst the rides may not be anything special, the part iteself is very beatutiful and in my opinion still has one of the best atmosphere's of any park in the world. The animals and shows are great, worth a look.


Be sure to ride Wipeout, it's unlike any other 'Top Spin' type ride out there, one of my favourite flats. Dreamworld will be busy and has crap capacity so be prepared. Whatever you do ride Giant Drop, the height it just unbelievable.


As for our lovely Movie World there is not enough there to warrant skipping rides so have a look at everything, hopefully it shouldn't be too busy for you. The stunt show is great so be sure to watch it, and get there 1/2 hour early for the pre-show.


Dirty Harry bar has the best Nachos ever if that's your thing.


If you end up coming to see the Outback Spectacular show be sure to give me a shout, we always like visitors up in our dark corner of LCD screens and racks.


Enjoy your time here, hopefully the fine weather is now here to stay for you.

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Thanks for the info, djrappa. Like I said, I really want to get out to all theme parks I can get to, but it will be up to the family if they want to go....or if they will let me go by meself, which I have NO problem with! I've been savin' up my money and I'm going to get as much as I can out of it. I'm probably going to try to go to Dream World or Movie World during a school day since I can skip and go wandering around Brisbane. Hopefully the crowds will be minimal during those days.

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