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JZ's Going Down Under to Brisbane!

PKI Jizzman

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Was just at the WhiteWaterWorld park yesterday. Should be heading back to the park on the 10th of Feb as we normally go every weekend or so. Just have to work this weekend, so will have to wait till the 10th for the next visit to either Dreamworld or Whitewaterworld. All depends on what the kids are in the mood for. Will send you a contact number for myself if you want to catch up there at all.

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Have fun and make sure you check out the park maps online before you go so you know which way to go to avoid the line ups to ride. Also if you are able to get your tickets through an RACQ member, you are allowed into the park about half an hour before eveyone else in the morning.


Have fun with the Giant Drop....I stopped counting at 1000 drops...

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My views on the flight and Dreamworld:


The flight is not as bad as you may think, I'm 14 and I have flown? there on my own, I must admit does get a bit (a lot) boring after a while. I stopped it Singapore which is fabulous especially with no parents bossing you around , so in conclusion the flight is, bare able




Has some VERY entertaining rides, I visited on a school day and there were no lines over 15 Min's! I would suggest go straight to The Giant Drop, we did and got on it in about 5-10 Min's, its more than worth it!

Then try and get in an early ride on Tower Of Terror, excellent ride, but like The Giant Drop, very short; so try do it before the ques mount up!


I would suggest (if you wanna be a "credit whore" like me ) take a ride on Rugrats Runaway Reptar, a Vekoma inverter, with no amazing elements but its worth a ride, may I suggest front or back as I have ridden both! Next you might wanna try the smaller flat rides i.e.

Reef Diver (Enterprise) or Vortex(A spin ride where you stick to the walls!)

whilst the main rides are at there most busiest.


Head on over to Cyclone, (Arrow, I think?) this will probably be your longest Que of the day! Maybe you wanna try Mick Doohan's? Moto Coaster next, shouldn't be to much of a Que! Then finally get a quick spin on The Claw and Wipeout before leaving!


Also I strongly recommend getting a Flowpass which entitles you to 30 Min's shared glory session on the amazingly fun Flowrider! But be warned they sell out fast!


And one more also if you have another day free try and go to Whitewater World, (the water park next to Dreamworld!) I did and it was amazing; the best water park I have been to!


Sorry I could only put Dreamworld here but that's the only one I have been to. ( and Whitewater World)


Hope I have helped,


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