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YouTube to host Holiday World Announcement

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^It's called marketing. If you can make the public excited over smaller rides, then you are doing it right. It is important to get yourself noticed all the time not just when you add huge roller coasters, hence the announcement for some smaller ride.

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A carousel is a perfect fit for Holiday World! It's the ultimate traditional park and now they have THE traditional ride! Even more family friendly attractions at a family friendly park can only make the place better. Holiday World was one of my favourite parks on the Mid-West trip. I spent an entire day at the park checking everything out, and I didn't even visit the waterpark. I can't wait to get back there again!


The youtube announcement was cool and totally unique too! It's nice having the owners of the park sit down and talk to you personally about their additions. Much better than the normal boring yet high budget events some other parks put on. I don't see too many other parks following along with this though, so you guys can continue to hold onto your unique way of marketing in the future! Will's hint of a steel coaster in years to come has me excited too!


Have I mentioned how much I loved the park yet? Yes? Well, I'll say it again then. Holiday World, you rock!

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When we were there for the Midwest Trip, the Shady Boyz got to talk with Pat for awhile. We were teasing her trying to get her to tell us what they were adding for next year. She said it was something she always wanted.


I guessed Carousel of Progress...I was wrong but I was very, very close...! I think I scared her.


G "I almost had ya, Pat" Money

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Sorry to bring back this old thread, but I saw something on that last picture.


I love Holiday World, but I really don't like the way they've expanded the park down in the valley/waterpark area. Instead of keeping some trees, they've just clear-cut everything. The water park has zero shade, and some of the lines can get pretty long. Shade would be great (especially from trees) for making those longer lines more bearable. Something like what Whitewater in Atlanta has done; there is a ton of natural shade, and the park is greatly improved by it.



It's a shame they clear cut all those really tall old trees, they'd provide great shade.

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Holiday World will always be special because that is the park that got me to coasters, but besides opening day, HWN, closing day, and a few other days....the park is starting to bore me. Last season I had just as much fun or more at Indy Beach and Six Flags St. Louis as I did at HW, if not more.


I still love the park and everything that goes with it, but you can only do so much of a few things on busy days.

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