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You might be thinking of someone else. I only did Powersurge once and had a so-so ride on it. I stayed at Rumbler and Shockdrop (which was the flat I REALLY loved at the park) for most of the day.


I thought BB was a cool park for what it is and look forward to seeing where it's at in a few years. They have the rides to be great, they just need to start landscaping IMO.


Overall cool TR, I look forward to reading your thoughts on Indiana Beach. It was my favorite park of the trip as well.

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^Did you talk to people in the park? I found their "hold on" policy to be rather bizzare.


No, but I should have. I didn't notice it broke until I took it out later in the day....Good thing is, KI got bins back so you can put your stuff there! But it was a stupid policy when they kept repeating, "We aren't responsible for your articles left in the station."

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Next up: Possibly my favourite park on the trip(only comparable to Holiday World with the awsome service there included)...





Since you're awsome enought o ber eading my TR, you get a "sneak peek" at a yet unposted lil' robby rob comic!

Well, this is what happened once we got off the highway...



You'd think once oyu get off the freeway that means you're close to the park, no?

Well, no. We had to drive through HALF AN HOUR OF CORN.


NOTHING but corn.

That is after having ridden through nothing but corn on the freeway all the way form Louisville!

To which we got to through... Take a wild guess.





I don't relaly get to see corn fields very often but at some point on the trip I thought if I was gonna see another corn field I would pop. But now that I'm back form the trip thinking of the corn fields gives me a warm fuzzy feeling.


Taken from the official TR at http://www.themeparkreview.com/forum/viewtopic.php?p=437328#437328

Me sleeping on the bus(2 rows behind Ryan). You can't see it in a static picture but my head is going "Thunk!... Thunk!... Thunk!..."


Well, after riding through 4 hours worth of corn(and about 5 seconds of Indianapolis) we get to this little town-like area. I try to find any resemblence between the houses I see and hte houses on the TV show "Close to home". Little is found.


Well, there's little more exciting on a coaster trip than the first sight of an amusement park. But even though we've been seeing signs for Indiana Beach(and a couple for Holiday World) and we were already in the town, Indiana Beach is nowehre in sight.


Next thing you know, it drops out of the sky and we're there.


Just popped out of nowhere. We couldn't see it untill we were at the gates.



Indiana Beach was the park I was most excited to visit, I would soon learn that that was not in vein.


Picture taken from official TR: http://www.themeparkreview.com/forum/viewtopic.php?p=437328#437328

We got off the buses and went through the gate that looked like the entrance to a community pool. Jus tthis little tube fence-type thing.


Picture taken from the official TR(Chris shown in pic):



They stopped us on the lawn and deivded us into two single file rows. They gave us brochures and keychains and ponchos and wristbands and pretty much everything except maps.


Picture taken from Evan's TR: http://www.themeparkreview.com/forum/viewtopic.php?t=38420&start=10


Picture taken from Evan's TR:



We were then walked by a staff member across IB's EXTREMELY KICKASS suspension bridge, which I had really hoped we'd get to cross.

It started raining slightly, but not anything ominous, just a drizzle.


Picture taken from rcdb.com: http://www.rcdb.com/ig270.htm?picture=3

Had an amazing view of the park.


Picture taken from rcdb.com: http://www.rcdb.com/ig741.htm?picture=1


Now, even though the last two pics are taken from RCDB, and are probably old, I doubt anything is different about the park now. That's what's beautiful in Indiana Beach, I don't care if they were announcing a terracoaster, I would not want them to touch a THING int hat park. It's so beautiful and impressive as it is!


Well as we reach the park itself I see that we're still elevated, and we're actually walking across a bridge that goes both over AND under Hoosier Hurricane, and does all sorts of odd manouvers tog et down to the midway. It was like something out of RCT. I knew right then and there I was gonna love this park(Architecture nerd. I like things to be stacked).


Well they were leading us towards a gorup photo in front of Cornball, but we all stopped for a bathroom break and then everybody split up and there was awhole mess, long sotry short there was no group photo.


We were in apark path that was prett ymuch completely covered by Cornball and Hoosier, just looming overhead, as if coasters are supposed to float. It as pretty amazing. Especially considering Cornball's station is waaay up int he air and you have to climb this tall staircase to get to it.


Well, since I was sitll waiting for everyone to arrive for the group photo(Silly me), me and a couple other people(Can't remember if its freddie, max, both, or someone else), went and rode the Flyers.


Photo taken from Evan's TR: http://www.themeparkreview.com/forum/viewtopic.php?t=38420&start=10

They were flying over water! It was so cool!!! I don't even know if other people consider it to be as cool as I do, btu the entire park's layout was kickass.


It was then time for Cornball. I climbed up the steep steep tall stairs to get up.


Now, having my "Front seat is always better" blown clear outta the water by Voyage, I figured I'd go straight for the back on Cornball.



Riding Cornball

Well, I get in the back car , front row(No axel seats for me ) with Max(Hmm, maybe that's who I was on the flyers with), Shawn and Anthony are behind us(according to the onride photo. My memory sucks).

The train departs and it does not take any tim before hte track shows very low clearance and crazy layoutness. Even before you get to the top of the lift you pass like 4 headchoppers and a criss-cross with Hoosier's lift.


Image taken from RCDB: http://www.rcdb.com/ig741.htm?picture=6


The traint hen starts it's drop and it's crazy right form the start as I get swooped around the turn and get airtime at the same time.


The entire ride is absolute CRAZYNESS, airtime from here to Dakota.

The ride is rough, but it's not the bad kind of rough, it's the good, wooden-coasters-are-supposed-to-feel-like-this-even-though-this-one's-made-of-steel kinda rough.


It goes through scaffoldings, and Hoosier's support structure(they actually share supports), and pretty much everything that CAN be gone through.

But what was the craziest was that after the helix theres a tiny little dip, and then a tiny little uphill slope, and you expect another tiny dip to follow but instead there's a huge drop that Yanks you down. It was crazy(It would later prove to be crazier, read on and find out why).

When it came to the brakes I knew I jsut rode an awsome coaster.



Now, I'm rpetty sure this didn't happen right away but I don't remember when it did happen so I'll put it here:


Well, at some point Freddie told me that he rode int hef ront and the front has way more airtime, I decided I have to try this and rode.





Well, I get in, and I don't knwo if oyu knwo this but Cornball has two sets of restraints - one is the lap bars, which arekinda like a non-inverting pirate ship lap bars. Meaning they pretty much stay 3ft away from you in every direction. And each seat has little airplane type seatbelts.


Well, I get in, and the ride goes. During the ride I realize "WHOA!!! This DOES have a whole lot more airtime!!!" as I'm pretty much getting sucked out of my seat.


The entire time I'm feeling somehting between my knees but I ignore it. Halfway through I check it out... And realize my seatbelt is unbuckled.


I freak out. I'm on na airtime monster and my seatbelt is gone.

Well, my brain quickly realizes that if I start trying to buckle it while riding theres a good chance I'll get ejected before I manage to get the thing closed, so instead I just hang on to the front of the car and scream my head off "MY BELT'S UNBUCKLED!!! MY BELT'S UNBUCKLED!!!", partially so if I do get ejected nobody dares to balme it on rider supidity(though thinking back I think I forgot to buckle it, doesn't seem likely it just unbuckled itself. so yeah, it would of been my fault ).



But then I see that we're reaching the end of the helix, and I know what this means... The airtime drop. I knew that if ANY part of the ride was gonna do me in that was it. So I held on to the front of the car and screamed my ass off.


But I guess soemwhere I knew nothign was gonna happen because I had a smile on my face the whole time.


After that I realized there is NO greater thrill than the thrill of REAL terror on a coaster.


As the coaster hit the brakes I had this shocked, shakey, maniacal, terrified smile on my face and as we rolled into the station I jus theld up my unbuckled seatbelts and screamed "MY SEABELT UNBUCKLED!!!"


I don't really remember what happened next.




Well, more coming up some other time, I'm tired.

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I got seatbelt-unbuckled on Magnum a few weeks ago, just after the pretzel turn. I remember my groin whamming into the bar (well, more so than usual), and the next thing I knew I was getting hit in the face by Cedar Fair's damned orange contraption!


It's really amazing how you're continuing this without any photographs of your own... well, real-life, at least.

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^ Ouch, that mustve been really painful!!! I rode WITH the darn things and my onride photo shows me in sheer pain.


And thanks! I know that I'm much of a bigger fan of PTRs than the regular type, and I didn't want to make the TR uninteresting so I just hijacked some photos and drew some. But dont worry, I got disposable cameras on the way to the next park, little a-merrik-a

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My seat belt unbuckled on Cornball too. And I know I buckled it. It just hit the bar on one of the drops. It was the ride right when it started to rain. Fun and scary at the same time. Best kinda ride!


And that comic? AHAHA so true! When I first started to read that, I thought you were going to do the crazy signs on the way to the park. Cause I was reading them in the midst of the corn fields and suddenly read outloud, "JESUS LOVES YOU?" And on the back there was something about going to Hell. All very full of WTF. Good times.


I love how in the picture of the Vekoma bus, I am sitting in the asile. That was when I was drawing Christiana's Casey tattoo. Ahh...more good times.

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^^Really? So it wansn't me! My belt DID unbuckle! Or at least now that's a pluasible explanation!

Oh, and I didn't realize you were reading odd signs out loud... =\ in fact I originalyl meant to draw myself int he comic but your MSN name inspired me to place you there instead. (The riding through the corn fields line)


^mcjaco, not that I think it IS amazing i'm continuing the TR without photos of my own but if you're trying to imply something do keep in mind I credit every TR and website from which each picture is taken with a directly given link. I just know that experiences are emphasised alot better with pictures

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^Lol, were you sitting next to me? I don't remember who was around me at the time.


I just rememebr that it was one of the most fun rides of my life. Who knew that actually fearing for your life could be so much fun?


Though I would iamgine this to be one of, if not the only situation in which that applies.

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The funny thing about Cornball is that it looks like such a family oriented coaster. It's size, speed, hell the name, make it look like it's a family ride. Looking at it from the midway makes it look so tame, yet it rides so crazy. I love rides like that.


The funny thing is Hoosier Hurricane, the biggest ride there, was probably the best 'family' coaster they had (Galixi had some Cornball-ish airtime in the back seat, Tig'rr doesn't have restraints, Lost Coaster........yeah, and just explained Cornball). God I love that park.


My last ride on Cornball was the last ride of the night (I think it was around 12am), in the front seat, in the rain. It was one of the best rides I have ever had on a coaster.

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So next up was the turn of Hoosier Hurricane. I climbed up to the station(Just walking aroudn the park was like being in a giant Jungle Gym)


Picture from Will's TR: http://www.themeparkreview.com/forum/viewtopic.php?p=457075#457075

Well, the station had zero line(much like every other ride in the park for the rest of the day, it was awsome, especially since it was too hot to be waiting in line) so I went and got in the front car, I think?

Robb had the front row so I sat behind him. During the ride he turned his camera back so it showed me and Max. This made me very self-concious all thorugh the ride and I couldn't really scream so I just kept going "Woo!!!".


The ride starts out very awsome(I'm reffering to the first drop), then there's a really sudden turn that really kicks you sideways. The track then dips under the bridge you walk into the park on(so cool) and it goes about it's course, going over the mini golf course, next to the ferris wheel(they come REALLY close to each other, it's really awsome!) and then come a bunch of mediocre floater airtime bumps untill the ride ends. It was a nice ride with a couple of sudden turns that kcik you around wiht surprise latreals. I rode it twice the entire day, but Cornball was definately the superior of the two.



Picture from http://www.rcdb.com/ig270.htm?picture=1

I really liked the pre-drop. Don't know why.


Picture from http://www.coastergallery.com/2003/IB09.html

This is my favourite part on Hoosier. Not because of the way it feels but because it goes over like 2-3 different rides and goes REALLY close to the ferris wheel, which is a really imprssive sight.



Well, after that(or before that ) me and Max went to ride Tig'rr. I found this coaster to be really awosme since it's built on TOP of a restraunt and surrounded by Cornball.


Waiting in line Max kept repeating how awosme the first turn looks. I couldn't help but agree. A couple girls we were standing in line with of asked if we were riding alone and then his catchphrase changed to "Dude, those girls totally wanted to ride with us."


At some point we realized the coaster almost vallied because a bunch of.. Uh... larger TPR men rode together. Sadly, I missed it.


Well, we got in the train and the ride started. It was a very very fun ride. Especially the first turn and the helix. The fac the ride had no seatbelts was both awosme nad also kinda reminded me of hte coaster at my home park.


me and Max then headed towards the midway boardwalk type thing(Nothing is just a plain ANYTHING in IB. Everything is either a combination of two things or somehow weird.) where the pirate show was running. Lots of stuntment taking high dives and explosions. IT was pretty awsome, but I didn't recall there being people riding jet skis while on fire in pirate times. We satched for a while and then Max pointed out the skycoaster that was over the water.


We hunted down methos, who had a video camera and went to ride with someone else. I don't remember who.


I was really scared, I had never been on a skycoaster up to that point.





They strapped us in and got us standing on a platform. They made us do alot of weird instructions(hold this bar... let go of it... put your feet in front of the bar... behind the bar... assasinate the president... shake it all about...) but then came a part that I gotta say, despite the ride being really scary was still scarier than the ride itself.

While we were holding some bar, and attached to the cable they told us:

"Now fall forward"


We all looked at them in a "Say whaaa?" kinda look. Especially because we're holding the bar so we can't really break our fall. But then did just that.


We fell forward and the cable stopped us like two inches off the ground. It was really really scary.


And then the ride started. I was soooo scared. We went up and up and up. I was firghtened. Then the guy we rode with pulled the cord and we went flying.





I was scared as heck during the first couple of swings but I was loving it. The fact it's all built over water really adds to the effect, you're really flying over the water.



I never did understand how a ride that doesnt og vertical have weightlessness moments, though, but I really did feel weightless on that ride.


picture from http://www.rcdb.com/ig460.htm?picture=17

Then came the turn of LoCoSuMo


We waited in line but I think then it broke.



so fast forward to later(like I said, I don't remember the timeline of the day), we rode it.


Picture from http://www.coastergallery.com/2003/IB19.html

I knew that this was supposed to be a big "WTF" coaster. As you can see in the picture it's not very tall(This is practically it's entire height, top to bottom) but it was supposed ot be very unique.





We get into the clhaustrophobic cars sitting backwards(if you ride it, you must start by riding backwards and NOT LOOKING BEHIND YOU.) and the ride goes.


pic from http://www.rcdb.com/ig460.htm?picture=18


The train then went up it's trademark elevator lift. In the pic you cans ee it's close proximity to the chairlift and Hoosier.


The ride goes. The train is tilting and bumping and rolling all over the place. I have NEVER felt a coaster do what LoCoSuMo does. Best way to describe it is a kiddy coaster gone haywire. then it reaches the big drop and turnaround into the mountain. The car gos through tunenls and turns and whatnot.


Sometimes it goes REALLY slowly but it does tight enough elements to make you not notice it(kinda like a wildmouse)


It was an awsome ride.


When we rode it later that day they turned on alot of effects that weren't on before. On the lift there was a skeleton figure sitting in a mine car saying "That lift doesnt look veyry safe, heck, I'md ead and I wouldn't ride it! Oh, and watch out for the bear!"


I think at this point EVERYONE, including people who already rode were thinking "What bear?"


Now, while the ride was very fun, the entire time everyone were trying to find the bear.


and sure enough, before one of the last turns there was a really plastic looking stuffed figure of a bear standing pointlessly next to the track holding... a mardi gras necklace. It was random and cheap and stupid but everyone including me LOVED it. It actually made the ride better.



It was boiling hot the entire day. I mean REALLY boiling hot, it was in the 100s, and I was sweating BULLETS.

I mean, I live in a city on the shores of the mediterranian sea and I didnt remember sweating so much ever.


Taken form Will's TR: http://www.themeparkreview.com/forum/viewtopic.php?p=457075#457075

But then came lunch time in the awsome awsome skyboxroomthing that hangs directly over the arcade.


We all gathered in the air conditioned restraunt and ate. While I love IB, I really do, the food selection was terrible. The food itself was okay, there just wasn't much of a good choice.



Taken from the official TR: http://www.themeparkreview.com/forum/viewtopic.php?p=437328#437328

It did amuse me to all of a sudden see Terrance and his posse wearing these for no apparant reason, though.


I don't know why but it amused me that they also served corn.



I spent alot of the day playing mini golf with Sean and Wanda. I loved that the course was under the ferris wheel, through the railroad and inside Hoosier Hurricane's turnaround(which was very distracting, but in a good way).


While playing all of a sudden we saw a guy on fire riding a jet ski next to us, then jumping with it and actually dipping it INTO the water somehow to extinguish himself. Gotta chart that up as one of the weirder awsomer things I've seen. It was the guy on fire from the stunt show.




At some point in the day I also went to ride Galaxi. Its a very big Pinafari coaster strangled by waterslides.


Photo from http://www.coastergallery.com/2003/IB07.html


Having a pinafari overload where I live I knew the best place to ride was in the back. And indeed the ride was AWSOME in the back car. I rode it later in the front and it was really just "meh". I think I didn't realize it was bigger than the model in my home park untill I was actually on the ride.



At some point I was trying to convince Sean to come ride Hoosier with me but he got addicted to some stupid game and kept saying "just one more go".(It wasn't even Fascination!) That's when I started seeing why he had the reputation he did on the Arrow bus. I got pissed at him and went to ride it myslef, but on the way I saw the log flume and rode it. It was quaint. Kinda had a trailer-mounted feel to it even though it wans't. The tunnels were FULL of gum stuck to the walls.


Image from WillMontus' TR: http://www.themeparkreview.com/forum/viewtopic.php?p=457075#457075

I wans't holding on to anything so after the drop the boat stopped REALLY suddenly(kinda like in RCT3) and I hit my hand on the front of the log. For the next couple of days I would have trouble bending my fingers O_o.


The last paragraph was pretty much the only nasty part about IB, and it's not even IB's fault.


Later that day I got me some dippin' dots and headed where everyone was oging - the fascinaiton parlour.


I never even heard of Fascination, let alone played it.


Everyone went straight for the game but I originally sat out ,finished my dippin' dots, and had fun with KT and Casey's Harem. Which is why I'm only in a couple of photos.(you can see us sititng in the back)


Fscination fricken RULES but it totally drained me of a LOT of money! Very risky!


Basically you roll a ball into a wooden platofrm that has 25 holes in it, and as the ball goes in, a light goes up on the wall showing where the ball went in. If you get 5 holes lit up in a row the game goes "BZZT" and you win.


But this keeps happening:


Late at night we had ERT on Cornball and LoCoSuMo. I rode cornball in the front again. While this time my belt didn't unbuckle, it did strech so much it went past the lapbar. I came into the station completley frightened and warned the kid after me not to ride there.


It started raining just as ERT was about to end so we all started heaidng back. We could hear thunder and we knew a big storm was-a-brewin'. This is the same storm that would terrorize us in CP a couple days later.


It was truly an awosme day at an awsomer park. And it was really beautiful going back to the buses through the empty, middle-of-the-night lit-up fantasyland that is IB.




Some things that need to be mentioned hat didnt make it into the TR:


-The double shot tower had CRAAAAZY airtime. It launches you down, and then you go up and it lasunches you down harder. Amazing fun.

-The ferris wheel is OVER the midway. How cool is that?

-The entire day "Knock on wood" by The Mighty Mighty Bostons was playing in my ehad because it was Indiana Beach's song in Robb's 2001 coaster videos.

Photo taken from Will's TR: http://www.themeparkreview.com/forum/viewtopic.php?p=457075#457075

-The waterpark had a lazy river that looks like it can be bought in Toys R' Us. It really did look like the river rapids ride from RCT1, and had hairpin turns. It was an out-and-back layout that was really smooshed together. Also, it wa sbuilt over water. A lazy river OVER water. Something just doesn't sound right there.

-You can sitll see Locosumo's old track which is kind of weird yet awsome

Picture from Will's TR: http://www.themeparkreview.com/forum/viewtopic.php?p=457075#457075

-Me, Will, Roob, and a bunch of toher people all rode the antique cars(wich, by the way, go up and down and all around) together and kept stopping and stalling htem so we can take pictures.

Picture from WIll's TR: http://www.themeparkreview.com/forum/viewtopic.php?p=457075#457075

-Max kicked my ass in DDR.

-There was a hotel like RIGHT UP to the skyride queue. I mean if you're athletic enough you might be able to make the jump to one of the balconies. I gotta find out the name of that hotel and stay there next time I'm there.

-The entire place's arhcitecture was jsut amazing.

-The park is so cramped that hte railroad track actually has to split up, turn around, and go back over itself.










Also, good news, after IB I started buying disposable cameras, meaning


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Golly, sure didn't take long for this thread to croak... =\


Might as well post the little A-Meriik-A pics already. And yes, I HAVE PICS! OF MY OWN! WOOHOO! This time I tried to decrease their size a little less, so let me know if they're too big.





We all stopped in the big truckstop in the sky.

I had never seen a truckstop, let alone one hanging over the highway. But there were plenty of them wherever we went.

That is when I bought a disposable camera as my dad suggested.



We left on our way to our UBER SUPER SECRET SURPRISE BONUS PARK, at some point Robb and/or Elissa announced the UBER SUPER SECRET SURPRISE BONUS PARK was oging to be Little A-Merrik-A.

Which was pretty cool, even though some people already figured out that that was going tobe our UBER SUPER SECRET SURPRISE BONUS PARK.

Over the course of the bus ride Elissa did not stop saying UBER SUPER SECRET SURPRISE BONUS PARK. It was funny.



Robb told us he has good news and bad newsa nd asked us which we wanted to hear first. Everyone shouted together "BAD NEWS"


He said "Well, the bad news is that Meteor, the park's new coaster, won't open untill next week..."

And everyone went "Awwwwww..."

Then he said "...And the good news is we get to have a "SNEAK PREVIEW"!" (He said something else but we were asked to use the term "Sneak preview".

And everyone went "YAAAAY!!!"




Well, we arrive at the park, who's entrance looks nothing like a park. It's basically a little wooden bridge. At best it looks like an entrance to a restaurant. But it really gave it that cozy small town feel.


The park's parking lot was on the grass and the park itself was on concrete. Like Beech Bend. Go figure.


First was our "sneak preview" on Meteor. I rode in the 2nd row of the first train, righ tbehind Robb and Elissa(Robb once again turned his video camera around which made me self-concious, but I was just happy to be in the DVD). That was completely kickass.


The ride is as smooth as a baby's bottom. I could not BELEIVE how smooth it is. I had no idea wooden costers could BE that smooth. I honestly have a hard time imagining what Balder is like, seeing as I didn't know woodies could be that smooth.


If you'll look ariound you'll see that it doesn't even have the same color on the track itself as regular woodies, that's because it hasn't been worn in yet.


Problem is, because it's not very tall, it's rediculously smooth, and has no airtime, it was probably the most BORING coaster I have ever ridden. I have ridden Big Apple coasters that were more thrilling. But the fun of knowing we got a "sneak preview" of it totally made up for that.


Also, since we were only allowed to ride it once, they let each train go around twice, which was pretty kickass of the park!


Next up was the Toboggan. Apparantly this was the first Toboggan ever. I had never ridden a Toboggan before and was both excited and scared.

Not of the layout, but moreso of getting beat up by an inanimate object.


After waiting a loooong itme in line, even though I was on the first train of Meteor(Keep in mind that we were 100 people in a park that looks like it had maybe 20 people in it on average), I climbed into the car(Which I had to duck in order to fit into, and my head was totally smooshed against the padding on the roof of the car) the train started going up the vertical lift, which was pretty wacky. Robb compared it to "Missile Silo - the ride" and he's definately got a point.


It then goes into the megahelix, which was actually alot of scary scary fun!


And then all heck breaks loose as the car dips and twists its way to the station. This was followed by alot of cartoony sound effects. Both by the ride and myself.



Next I headed over to the Wild Mouse when I saw Robb standing on top of Meteor. That was weird.


Looking at this picture now kind of reminds me of Indiana Beach. Go figure.


Ah yes, the Wild Mouse. As you can see int his pic, Casey fit.


I had never been on a Wild Mouse of this sort before. Waiting in line I could tell a couple thing sby looking at the ride:

1) The control panel was an antique. They were operating the ride with bigass metal switches. Who had to be constantly operated(they were in charge of brakes, too)

2) The big "drop" and turn were fun

3) The dip before hte brakes is completely nuts.



I remember at some point the ride op strayed to talk to someone and someone's car almost overshot the brakes and took a crazy hairpin into an occupied station, but the ride op realized it in time and urshed over to turn on the brakes.



I rode. The ride was deliciously weird and fun, adn the last dip leaves you thinking "WTF was that?!"



Uhm. Ferris wheel.






Next up I headed to the last credit -


The Kiddy Coaster of Death. Seriously, does that thing actually have a name or does it jsut go by TKCoD now?


I had alot of hard time finding it. Despite the fact the park is pretty much a scale model of a real park.


Despite being about 2ft long, the layout still managed to surround an enitre zone in the park. That's because the rides in ti were pretty much miniatures.


So much contrediction.


This is like the only coaster I got a POV shot of. I didnt remember what parks it was okay to shoot on the ride in and Robb said in some parks you shouldn't even ask, so I rathered jsut not shoot POVs than get me and Robb into trouble. I think this time Robb told me to ask.


Just in case you've been living under a rock(oh my gosh I jsut realized how inappropriate that is), this is why it's called the Kiddy Coaster of Death. It wwas completely and utterly morbid and weird. I in fact tried not to scream on the coaster because I didn't want to be disrespectful.


Someone said, and I don't remember if htis was at the park on in a TR something along the lines of:

"Alright Timmy, we paid respects to grandpa, now lets go ride the ferris wheel!"


Jokes aside, though, the coaster was pretty CRAZY! It really kicks you up and down and forward and back, and pretty much every other train overshot the brakes. How come it's the kiddy coasters whoa re always the nuttiest?


The parks skyline.


Next up I headed for the tri-rail monorail.


The parking lot. Compare this to pictures of the park itself.


The ride op on the monorail had some problem with the way the other ride op was handling things, but they were on opposite sides of the station(it's a long station) so he couldn't tell him.


He told me I shouldn't leave the park without riding the railroad. This made me really want to ride it. But when I asked later how long is the railroad I was told it's like 20 minutes. Sadly we did not have neough time.(Did I mention we were only in the park for an hour and a half?)


The tri-rail had some pretty good views of the park and showed me rides I didn't even realize were there.


I then went and rode the... Uuh... Test pilot thing... I don't remember what you call the kind of ride... not loop-o-planes, something similar, only it spins.



I didn't know what to expect, I had never so much as seen one of them before. I figured it would be a reallly fun ride.


I sat backwards, as the rid eop recommended.





I honestly have no idea what a ride like that is doing at a kiddy park.


It was one of the weirdest, widest, most fun, thrilling rides I've been on the entire trip! You honestly can't tell how crazy it is by looking at it!


Also, I rode alone, and apparantly, if you ride alone, you get tossed around the gondola a LOT, I actually had to keep breaking my own fall onto the walls or I would of gotten seriously hurt! Safety regulations anyone?


Despite the fact it's really not a hard ride to get hurt on, I came out safe and sound and exhillirated. That ride rocked.



I then played Dare Golf with Anthony(I lost and had to eat a handful of flaming hot cheetos at once), and we all got back on the buses and headed over to Mt. O.


When we got there, every 2ft had either a water park, amusement park, a weirdass building, or a hotel that had one of the above.

Right from the get go you could see the Dells was going to be a kickass town. And indeed it was. More on that later

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^Lol, it wasn't a lack of updates. What I meant was that only a few minutes after I posted the update the thread was already at the bottom of the forum page, but no worries, it's no biggie



Though it would seem less and less people are updating their TRs, while we're on the subject.

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I then went and rode the... Uuh... Test pilot thing... I don't remember what you call the kind of ride... not loop-o-planes, something similar, only it spins.



I didn't know what to expect, I had never so much as seen one of them before. I figured it would be a reallly fun ride.


I sat backwards, as the rid eop recommended.





I honestly have no idea what a ride like that is doing at a kiddy park.


It was one of the weirdest, widest, most fun, thrilling rides I've been on the entire trip! You honestly can't tell how crazy it is by looking at it!


Also, I rode alone, and apparantly, if you ride alone, you get tossed around the gondola a LOT, I actually had to keep breaking my own fall onto the walls or I would of gotten seriously hurt! Safety regulations anyone?


Despite the fact it's really not a hard ride to get hurt on, I came out safe and sound and exhillirated. That ride rocked.


Ahh yes.. The Roll-O-Plane. At Knoebels it's called the Satellite. Here's a link to a picture of the ride (courtesy of JoyRides): http://www.joyrides.com/kennywood/roll_o_plane.htm This is located at Kennywood, Knoebels is the same kind of ride, including the tilt mechanism. Did Little A-Merrick-a 's version tilt? Meaning it went from vertical to horizontal where you would roll side to side? Knoebel's has the best visuals when the system tilts to horizontal. When the tub rolls so that the door is pointing down, you are over the canal for the Motor Boats.

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