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^Hour before it opens,or hour after it closes... each park is different, if they even give it. I think for CP it was like 2 hours before but it was shared by all CP resort guests.


And it IS a huge advantage. If it weren't for ERT we never would've gotten a whole bunch of credits we got on the trip. ERT is absolutely awesome and a magor perk of TPR trips.

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After a rediculously long wait we were close enough to the station to understnad why the ride was taking even longer than usual. They were running an average of 2 people per car. Basically you rode in the groups you came in, which was just plain rediculous. In fact, I'm not sure why, but I had actually to ride seperately from Luke and Shirley. I don't remember who the 4th guy rode with.


The reason for this is the weight limit on each car itself. The exact limit is stamped in the Ride Control area, I forget the exact amount off the top of my head, but basically the car cannot handle 4 average sized adults. Therefore the maximum capacity was made 3 adults and 1 child. Basically its because of poor design from Zamperla and Reverchon.


Loading anything more than that opens the park up to lawsuits for knowingly overloading a ride.

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Great TR!


Such a shame that so many people seem to find Raging Bull boring or unexciting! I've been on only one B&M Hyper coaster (Silver Star) and even though it wasn't an airtime machine (mind you, it did have a bit!) I thought it was loads of fun. The layout for RB seems more inspiring too... such a shame, really!


Anyways, can't wait for part II!

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^I've never been on it but I am fairly certain Silver Star and raging bull are uncomparable.


Even if it were trimmed to the poitn wwhere all the airtime on it was floater, at least silver star would have airtime. Raging bull was mostly fan turns and low to the ground manouvers, not a whole lot of airtime bits.

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Another nice report Tomi! Be sure to include a shot of your "mystery 4th person" (if you've got one) from your group and I'm sure one of us will be able to I.D. him for you.


Raging Bull was a real let down compared to what it could've been. That trim absolutely KILLS the ride! It would've been filled with alot of airtime and some nice laterals if it weren't slowed down so excessively.


Unfortunately my group ran into some real problems with our Q-Bot which stopped us from getting all the credits. We hit Deja-Vu and Demon first which set us off on a great start, but after our Q-Bot died after Superman everything just went downhill. If I'm anywhere close to the area though I'll give SFGAm another try. It atleast earned that much.

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Thank you very much, everybdoy! I'm glad you're enjoying the TR!

Probably has something to do with the fact I combined alot of photos with the usual narrative.



^^I'm really sorry to hear you had Q bot problems. Did you go over to the Q bot booth to sort them out?



sadly I don't have a picture of the mysterious 4th person but he was blonde and wore sunglasses.

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Sounds like your 4th person may be Trent, but that's about all I could guess from that vague description.


We had to go back to the Q-Bot building twice to get it sorted out, which is what slowed us down the most. Atleast the first time it died we weren't too far away from the booth. The guy there did something to the unit we already had and had it up and running again, by the time we walked to the other side of the park though it quit on us again. We were given a new unit the 2nd time and had no problems for the rest of the day. It was just luck of the draw I guess.


We only missed out on Ragin Cajun (which we rode multiple clones of anyways on the trip) and American Eagle. Nothing heartbreaking.

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^ Yeah I missed out on Ragin Cajun too but being a clone I didn't mind that much. American Eagle was pretty fun but suffered from being one of many such above average woodies. Consequently, it didn't really stand out on my list & I'd actually forgotten about riding it until reading your post.

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