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^Two horror movies purposely shot in old, grainy-style footage by Quentin Tarantino. (Double-feature.) One's "Planet Terror" and the other's "Death Proof". Alls I know is that the former involves a chick with a gun for a leg, and the latter involves an indestructible car... like a more bad-ass version of Knight Rider.


Dan "And isn't that all you need in a film, really?" Smith

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The best part of that night was Casey's Makeshift Bar!


I got me first beer credit there. And all was right with the world.


Seriously, the best walk to get beer with Ryan, Casey, and Drew, and I forgot the other dude's name. But yah, I had just changed and decided to tag along and got drenched! Freaking awesome. Oh that and having the feeling lightning would strike you at any moment. And of coarse, the hustlers at the gas station was funny as hell too.



Keep in mind almost nobody form TPR rode Hades yet because the line was long and we knew we had ERT that night


Thankfully Jenn and I did it that night which was soooo much better than riding it with hangover the next morning!

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^^^ Glad to see some photos from that night.

It was honestly one of the best nights on the trip. Wading back to the hotel through the parking lot without shoes (maybe not the best idea), and eventually watching Grindhouse certainly made up for the cancelled ERT.


Lol boringg film, ace night though!! Was such a great experience waiting in the Opa building with the water coming in then the power cut, putting all our stuff in the big bag to hide it from the rain and running barefoot in the water (which feels awesome ) good times!!

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^Heheh, yeah... Funny how things that some people would consider to be complte vacation-ruiners were so awsome for us all, and were taken as a wonderful experience, huh?



Even the bad stuff on the trip seemed to have a positive twist to them I really liked that.

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Wow! I've been at KI when it started raining like that...almost like little pop up hurricanes! Thankfully one of those times I was at the water park...so not much harm done! Buttt....the other time I was working and had to stand in it for 5 minutes to make sure no one stole the authentic jerseys at 3 Point Can't wait for more updates!

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Oh, I forgot to tell about the evening after the storm!


Well, after we all got to the hotel soaking wet at 11:30PM, I knew there would be no better time to buy a waterproof camera(it was either then or the next morning), so I did. Later on I would be very glad I did.


Seeing how the MacGyver group ran off with everybody's electronics, I asked where can I find them, and was given a room number.


I went up into the hallway where all the rooms are and located the door.

On it was a sign that said something along the lines of "STORM RELIEF ROOM" or something else that had a reference to a certain modern day disaster.

It made me chuckle, but that's okay because nobody was around, right?


I knocked on the door dripping wet and someone answers it. The room had a small improvised movie-watching party in it.


I grabbed my stuff, which were the last ones left in the big blue bag of electronics, and went on my way to change clothes.


After I did I went down to the lobby, where everybody was hanging out.


I kept looking for someone who would lend me their laptop and on my quest I saw everyone gathering around a certain laptop.


Picture taken from Caseyfish's TR (Sorry Casey, had to steal this shot, it's just too good of a description for what was going on)


On the laptop screen was the forum, and on it was a message saying "Why are only the same 10 people appearing in the TRs?"


Everybody apparently found it ridiculous, but at the time, seeing as I was having a blonde moment (despite not being blonde); I was thinking "Whoa. It's that noticeable?"


Later on this would become a whole mess revolving around Bryan.





Another morning shined over the Midwest trip, and all the underslept coaster enthusiasts slowly woke up, got ready, packed and left their room.



I, after much getting ready and constant worrying about forgetting anything behind, eventually left the room as well and went outside.


Everyone was huddled up in a big mess around the buses, loading their suitcases on the bus and... Uuuh... that's it, I guess.


We were eventually lead by Robb to the park's side gate. There was still a little bit of rain, but it was really weak so we weren't TOO worried about it.


We all walked through the empty park towards Hades, which was on the other side. We had some ERT goodness on it.


Zeus testing through Hades' station.

I was one of the first people in line so I sat in the front row for the first train. Robb sat next to me. He took out his camera and started recording. This once again made me very self aware during the ride but I didn't care. I just felt silly that on the DVD it was gonna sound like Robb was sitting next to Michael Jackson.


I can't scream when I'm recorded, so I go "woooo!".


Well the train drops out of the station and already it is as if we are well into the ride. The train twists, dives, and drops, and even provides airtime! In the videos I saw of the ride the ride didn't seem to go that fast, it was so much fun! Could've been because of the heavy rain earlier though.


The train finally reaches the lift and I'm already exhilarated. It reaches the top.

"Here we go!" I say as the drop lies under us, leading into the dark tunnel.

The train then drops and roars into the pitch black tunnel.


I only knew Hades from pictures/vids I saw of it so I didn't know they turn the lights in the tunnel off during operation. You could not see a single thing! It was a nice surprise.


We twist and turn seemingly at random and then we shoot right out of the tunnel and up into the air in the middle of the parking lot.

(Where I took this picture from or what is that thing on the right is a different story we'll get to later)


We drop back down, twist and ride an airtime hill into the tunnel. So far this ride kicks ass! It's just rough enough to feel like a wild rollercoaster without being painful; it's got great airtime and lots of surprises. We ride through the tunnel and all of a sudden the train goes through an outside-banked turn. That was my favorite part of the ride.


We then start running amok through the support structure, dropping under the entrance bridge to the station


The train goes into a turn; I'm having fun, raising my hands in the air and all of a sudden:


We hit the mother of all rough spots. That turn was the DEFINITION of Jack hammering. It really feels like someone was using a jackahmmer on your brain.


After 2 seconds (which feel like much longer) we exit the turn and the ride goes back to it's usual somewhat sane self.

We go up the helix and hit the brakes, where the train stops.


"How the heck can a coaster with no restraints cause headbanging?!" I exclaim as I rub my sore head. I really didn't get it.


Robb shuts off the camera, and we're getting ready to move back tot eh station, only...


We don't.



We sit there.


There is a sudden realization that we are stuck.


I am immediately very happy. I have ridden over 100 rollercoasters (at the time, now it's over 150) and am yet to have gotten stuck on a single one (unless getting stuck in the station of Kingda Ka counts)

And there I am, stuck for the first time, on Hades, in the front row of the first train of ERT, sitting next to Robb Alvey. It was a pretty cool.


Robb seems like he could care less, but this is probably something out of the ordinary for him.


At first I am really happy. Then I am a little amused. Then I start thinking "Alright. We get it. You can un-stick us now."


After about 10 minutes the train rolls back into the station and everybody waiting gives a good old fashioned clapping/cheer.


I get off the ride and go for another roll before the park opens to the public. This time I sit in the back. The ride is better but after going through Jackhammer point twice in a row I feel like I can't ride a 3rd time and move on to Zeus.



Zeus ends up being a great ride. I enjoyed it alot, but it wasn't as good as Hades (though some people will say that Hades sucks.)

It is full of floater air hills, which at some point get repetitive and boring but all of a sudden it takes you by surprise with one ejector airtime hill.

It is a very fast paced ride.



After riding Zeus and heading out towards the karts I encountered Ryan, Elissa, and her dad.

They invited me to go with them to the go karts and I gladly accepted.


Grabbed this shot on the way there. Behold the theming.


After a very long wait(Go karts load in large groups and take forever to run so it always seems like the line isn't moving when in fact its probably moving just as fast as any other ride's line.


The way they load the carts is kind of funny. It works in a mechanical sort of way with the ride ops blowing whistles. Everyone somehow knows what the whistle means by seeing the people before them.


I take the first car that arrives in the station (silly me though, it arrived first because it was so slow the other cars lapped it)

I ready my camera(the go karts were some of the only rides I dared take my camera on, didn't wanna get nobody in trouble, namely myself.


As soon as we were off and I was left in everybody else's dust I realized my car is probably not as fast as the rest. I took the opportunity to take lots of pictures and pondering if the fact I came in 2nd the other day wasn't due to my l33t driving skills.


Ryan's all "Dude, you suck!"


It's a very fun track layout though.


It goes through and under Pegasus.


Around it, too


I love these elevated bits.




Well, after everyone in the station had to wait half an hour until my kart finally putt-putted its way back to the station, we got off the ride and headed for another track.


This time I won, but the track was horribly horribly rough(how can go Karts be rough, can someone explain this to me?! I seriously thought I was gonna flip over at a certain point), and it was really close, so I couldn't take pictures.


There was this one point on the course that made you feel like you're about to roll over, so I made a point to take a shortcut over it, because I figured other people will be too scared to ride over it.


After we got off I don't really remember what I did. but soon enough it was time to head over to Timber Falls.


Next update: Riverview Park! (Yes, not Timber Falls, read the next update to understand why)

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  • 2 months later...


So we get on the buses after our morning it Mt. Olympus, forgetitng all about the storm that tore through the park yesterday, and the plan was that our bus will go to Timber Falls, and the Arrow bus will go to Riverview, and after an hour or so switch(Mt. O, Riverview, and Timebr falls are all within short walking distance of each other). But then Robb makes a surprise announcement saying that Avalanche, Timber falls' main(and one of it's only 4) attraction was struck by lightning during the storm and had it's sensors fried! The technicians are uoing hteir best to get it up and running for us but they dont know if it'll open.


There was a collective "Awwww..." and it was decided that both buses will go to Riverview, and eveyrone will go back to the buses at the time we were supposed to make the switch. Then Robb will check to see if the technicians are done fixing it.


And so all the buses went to Riverview, which was just 1 building and a parking lot away from Mt. O. The shorter the bus trip the funnier it was.

At least to me, seeing as America has a "Drive everywhere" policy which is different from where I come from.


Robb also announced that as a result of the mysterious poster from last night who said "Why are the only same 10 people always in the TRs?" being Bryan, today would be ALL ABOUT BRYAN! Yaaay! And whoever had the most pictures of Bryan on their TR would win a TPR bag o' crap. I decided to spare poor Bryan so I didn't bug him like everyone else did.



This is on the way to Riverview, which is between Mt. O and Timber Falls, but the three parks are so close you can actually see Timber Falls' Avalanche in this picture.


This was the building between Mt. O and Riverview. I have no clue what was in it because the name of this palce was titled: "TOP SECRET"! Even the Dells tirp brochure doesn't say what's in it.


When we get to Riverview, after a grueling 120 second journey from our hotel, we are welcomed by a large and impressive array of waterslides placed on a slope facing the park entrance, which made htem look very nice(this picture does it no justice). Sadly the waterpark segment wasn't part of the trip and we didn't have time for it anyway.


Well, everyone headed straight for the park's biggest coaster, the Galaxi. So I figured it would have the longest line so me and some other people decided to credit whore first and come back to Galaxi when is not so crowded.


First up was hte Orient Express. A little dragon wagon. While riding it I noticed we were getting alot of looks from people waiting in line for the Galaxi so I just cheered and screamed in their direction. "YAY! CREDIT WHORES!" trying to be amusing. I later found out some people thought that was obnoxious =P


I couldn't help but notice that the park had a funhouse. I had never seen a funhouse before and therefore wanted to try it. But first I hunted around for the Wacky Worm. Credits first.


Eventually I found the wack worm tucked away at the far edge of the park. I think this is the only picture of Chuck ever taken in which he isn't smiling.


The kid in the 3rd row is the only one on the train NOT credit whoring.


I don't remember what the name of the coaster was, because I just started calling it "The Cinderblock Coaster". Seriously, the entire coaster was built on Cinderblocks. Why? So they can claim it's 1ft tlaler than it actually is? I am resisting making a connection between this and the fact the coaster train was mexican themed.


Well then it was time to head over to the Galaxi.

I got in line and waited for a very long time. It's not exactly a high capacity ride.



But no worries, Elissa(With a camera!), Robb(With his usual sillyness!), Matteo(With his italian accent and hatred for Olive Garden Lasagnas!) and Brayn(It's all about you!) came to the rescue to entertain us during the wait.


And yes, the park really is as "slap some carnie rides on concrete and call it a park" as it seems.


The ride op was old, as opposed to all the teenager ride ops weve seen tot hat point. And he was operating the ride using a large array of metal switches and levers instea dof a ride op booth.


The entire park seemed very... Portable. It wouldn't be too suprising to have come back the next morning and find out it was gone.



I was used to holding my digital camera, which broke at KK, so I ended up accidenlty covering the lens in alot of my pictures taken from disposable cameras.


This coaster really brought home the theory the fact that no two Pinafaris are alike. This one wasnt too exciting. It wasn't too bad and it wasn't too good either. It was nice.


Well next up it came the time to check out the funhouse. My very first funhosue ever!


I entered it and was dispapointed to find that the first floor was a mirror maze. Much like the one at my home park. I quickly found my way through it, I guess the fact I remember the way at my home park maze by heart kinda helped. Then I reached the stairs and climbe dto the 2nd sotry, which was your good old fashion funhouse with a bunch of wacky mirrors.





I then pointed out to everyone around me that there was a cool ride we could see from where we were. Looked like it gave alot of airitme(I have no idea why nobody noticed it untill that point, it's right in the middle of the park). People were excited and went to ride it. I eventually didn't get to, which disappointed me a little, but on TRs I read it says the ride sucked anyway so now I'm glad my time was better spent.


Well, then it was time to head on over to the other side of hte park, which, for some reason, nobody else seemed to go to. It was this narrow midway full of booths and shops(And the infamous Spinning Dragons ride! The likes of which I haven't ridden during hte trip afraid I'll get nauseaus). I went through the midway and passed this sign on my way:


For those of you who don't remember from my HHoliday World TR, In Israel we only have chocolate and vanilla flavoured soft ice cream(Which, by the way, is called American Ice Cream over here), so this seemed very interesting to me. They had everything from cherry to licorice.


I decided to come back and check it out later. So I proceeded and reached the edge of the park. There was no fence or anything, the park just ends on the street. Like a parking lot.


There were a couple rides there including a large go kart track or two, a ferris wheel and a Moby Dick, which you wouldn't evne notice if you weren't right in front of it, because it was facing out into the street, not into the park.


I rode the ferris wheel to get some nice pictures of the area.


That's how close Mt. O is to Riverview


The entrance area from the ferris wheel. See? No fence.


Everyone was still over by the galaxy, unaware that this side of the park even exists.


After getting off the ferris wheel I went to the street corner to take some pictures


The upside down white house thingy.


At the corner of the building there is a little white car that looks like the building landed on it when the cloverfield monster flipped it upside down.

You cant see from this picture but the front of it is all crushed under the building, the back of the car is lifted in the air and it's tail lights are blinking. It was really well made.


This is why I love the dells. Not a sane looking building in sight. Everything is either upside down, inside out, crooked, cartoony, has a waterpark, has an amusement park, or has the word DUCKS on it.


Then it was time to head on over to the candy store, which ende dup beign the coolest frikken thing in the park. but I have to go so I'll continue this later.

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I don't remember what the name of the coaster was, because I just started calling it "The Cinderblock Coaster". Seriously, the entire coaster was built on Cinderblocks. Why? So they can claim it's 1ft tlaler than it actually is? I am resisting making a connection between this and the fact the coaster train was mexican themed.


Actually, you'd be surprised at how many coasters are built that way. Take Laser at Dorney Park for example. I have no idea why they are built that way, but there must be some reason behind it. Great PTR, by the way!





Also, a little off-topic, but does anyone know when Robb is going to release his full update of the Midwest Trip? Just curious.

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I just read the whole TR took me about 20-30 minutes, but I did it. haha

Nice TR FLIPDUDE. I enjoyed your Holiday World portion. The Legend has it's times when it can be rough as hell, and has times when it is really smooth. I still love it, but it needs some major retracking. It really dropped in my ratings this year, and even Raven is higher than it now.

Glad you had a good time. I wish I could go on a TPR trip. It looks like everyone has such a great time. Maybe I will one day, or at least go to a nearby park on the same day and visit with everyone.

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Riverview Candy Store

WARNING: This section of the TR is not Dan-Friendly


This TR is dedicated to the lost half of the TR (which took me an hour or so to write) that disappeared when I clicked a link on another window and it changed this one.


Alright, so after I'm done exploring the unvisited part of Riverview Park I head on back over to the candy store where I saw this sign earlier:



I remind you, in Israel we have only two flavors of soft ice cream (which, over here, is called American Ice Cream), Vanilla and chocolate, I was unaware other flavors even existed until we went to Holiday World. So upon seeing this sign I went "WTF" and figured, since I have what is possibly the world's most active sweet tooth, I have to investigate.

I stared hard at the sign, reading all the flavors. Trying to find the most weirdass, unthinkable, unrecognizable flavor for ice cream I could locate.


"Cherry? Nah, it should be good but it's too normal."


"Banana? Seriously?"


"Licorice?!?! EW!"


And then I found it.





I don't even know what a Maplenut is. So I had to go for it.


I walk on over to the store.


Just so we're clear, the store from the outside is this tiny pink cute little mom & pop type store called "Goody goody gum drop candy kitchen" It is tucked away at the far-away-from-the-good-rides end of the midway.



Well I walk in.











My jaw drops in shock and my eyes shoot open in amazement.

Before me sprawls out the largest candy-only store I have ever seen(I might have seen bigger candy sections at gigantic toy stores in new York city but those were usually limited to one company.)


This is the view I saw when first walking into the store (note that you can't see most of the store in this picture, this is just the view you get the second you walk in)


My eyes slowly glide around trying to grasp all of this new candy I have never seen before sitting all around me.



To my right - a tower of swrily long lollipops, a plethora of different gummies, and a dozens of containers with endless colorful candies.

The shocked gaze ends as I look to my left and see a very large are in which CHOCOLATE IS MADE.

The lady who makes the chocolate looks at me with a greeting smile.


I stumble around the store gawking at everything in sight, and then, before me I see it.


Giant refrigerators holding more types of bon bons, cookies, chocolates, and whatnot spread through the store. And on top of them. About 15 DIFFERENT TYPES OF FUDGE! I never even realized there were different kinds of fudge before the trip, let alone 15!


I stare at the giant refrigerators of which there are at the very least 3 or 4, completely stuffed to the brim with all kinds of sugary delights.


I then quickly scurry into an ally made of giant cases full of candy. In front of me are all the colors of the rainbow's worth of JELLY BEANS!

Behind me are all kinds of knickknacks, zipedidoodahs and other mouth watering treats.


"WHAT?!" I think to myself as I read the label on a box of jelly beans.

"Harry Potter Bertie Bott's Every Flavor Jelly Beans?!?!"


Image brutally stolen from http://www.ilich.ca/

I heard of these. They're based on that candy from Harry potter that comes in every possible flavor, be it chocolate or vomit. I am very excited to even see it!


I take a brief look at the some of the flavors on the list on the back.



"Cherry, good." I thought to myself.


"Blueberry, okay..."


"BLACK PEPPER?! Seriously?!"


"Grass?! Are you kidding me?!"


"Bubble gum, sweet!"




"Licorice?! Ewwww!"


I quickly decide to buy one pack, but then realize that it's me we're talking about here. That candy wouldn't even make it to the bus. So I got me some more. But then I realized I have friends back at home who are nuts about Harry Potter and this would be the perfect gift for them. So I got some more boxes. Long story short I ended up buying about 5 packs that day and approx. 2 or 3 more during the rest of the trip.


Well, armed with some of the sickest candy ever invented I continued down the candy aisle, ending up at the Wonka corner.


We don't have Wonka candy in Israel but ever since I and Ryan's Christmas candy exchange I love NERDS.

So I got me about five packs of Nerds, in all sorts of strange flavors, and one pack for Nadia, who sits behind me on the bus, which told me she likes Nerds alot. I also got everlasting gobstoppers and maybe some other things as well (maybe a nerds rope or two, I can't remember, but chances are, if Id didn't have one at the time I bought 'em)


I kept walking around the store between giant walls full of delicious candy, bags full of oddly colored cotton candy, pixie sticks that are at least half my size, and a giant gumball/M&M machine or whatever that thing was.


I was only then, that I truly, deeply, and profoundly understood, what it's REALLY like to feel like a kid in a candy store. In fact, it was even better, because a small kid only has a couple bucks to spend on a treat or two. I was in charge of my won budget! It was absolutely thrilling.


Eventually I remembered what it was I came into the store for in the firstplace and headed over to the ice cream parlor part of the store(Yes, they actually had an ice cream parlor as PART of the store)


I knew they were supposed to have alot of soft ice cream flavors but I didn't realize that they were also not in short of regular ice cream!


They had three freezers full of weird ice cream in flavors I have never heard of and colors I have never seen before, on ice cream or otherwise!

They even had a shiny purple ice cream with yellow, blue and green spots! What the heck kind of flavor is that?!


I then turned to the seller (who was no smiling ray of sunshine, but I guess a summer part-time job is a summer part-time job even at a candy store. Though I would love to work there) and ordered a Maplenut ice cream.

I looked around and couldn't figure where they kept all the flavors of soft ice cream seeing as I'm used to soft ice cream being kept in machines the size of slushie machines. Well, she grabs a cone and turns to this machine who was facing away from me, so I could hardly see it, but she turned on one of many tiny tiny faucets spread all over that machine and poured a thick brown syrup to be mixed with some plain ice cream to create the flavored kind.

"...Isn't that cheating?" I thought to myself. But I didn't care, because soon enough I was served with an ice creamy appetizer, whose flavor I didn't even know existed two hours ago, for a giant bag of candy which I had just bought!


I tasted it. It was weird, and it was okay. It wasn't delicious, but I think it was as good as Maplenut flavored anything could be. Despite the fact I still am not sure what in the world Maplenut is. I'm guessing what they make maple syrup out of, though it didn't taste the same as maple, I think.


Soon enough after me, more TPRers started discovering the store. Only a select few though. I wanted everyone to discover the store but only a couple of people did. In retrospect I guess that just made the entire experience more special and unique to those of us who did discover it.


In the ice cream parlor there was this gumball marble run type machine.

I LOVE marble runs, and I probably would've paid just as much to operate it if it weren't a gumball machine without thinking twice, but the funny thing is that the fact it's a gumball machine made me stop and think twice because I had to consider the fact I don't even like gumballs all that much. (It seemed to make sense at the time)

Well I put in the required amount and operated the machine. Soon enough colorful gumballs spun, twirled, twisted and loop de looped their way through the machine for a while until it finally spit out a gumball for me.


Well, soon enough we realized that our hour and a half at Riverview (most of which was spent at the store by the way. totally worth it) was coming to an end and we had to head on over to the buses so Robb would let us know if they fixed Avalanche at Timber Falls yet, so we would head over there, or if we will skip Timber Falls and spend the next hour at Riverview as well.


Well I exit the store holding a bag full of candy and head on over to the buses, amazed by the whole experience of the store. On my way to the bus I ask everyone I know if they've seen the store. Everyone says they haven't.


I then asked Robb and Elissa if they've seen it. And while they, too, haven't seen it, Robb did say that Avalanche will apparently be operating! Meaning we're going to Timber Falls! Hurray!


We all get on the buses and I sit in my regular spot, in front of Nadia and some cool European dude whose name I forgot.


I give Nadia her box of Nerds, and start sharing with the two of them the rest of my treasures (Candy is best when shared. Especially if it's booger flavored.)


So I explain to them about the Bertie Bott's candy, they both seem very intrigued.


I eat some and also give them some of the Jelly Beans without telling them which flavors I've given them. They eat the jelly beans and then I tell them what they just ate. It is hilarious to see their expression when they ate something like Vomit or Rotten Egg(which we've deducted is the worst of all flavors), the surprised relief when they realize they got a tasty flavor like cherry, but it was definitely the funniest when Nadia got a booger flavored one and said "It's actually kinda nice!"(Though in her defense she's not the only one who said that. Sickos.)


What shocked me the most though is how much everything tasted like what it was supposed to taste like. Grass beans really tasted like grass, Black Pepper tasted like black pepper, etc. Which made me wonder what they put in them in the firstplace? (SOYLENT BEANS ARE PEOPLE!!!)


At some point the European dude gave me a white-grayish bean, and didn't let me see the flavor of it.

I gazed at it and said: "I know this is soap flavored." having remembered it from before. "But I'll try it anyway." I added and bravely chewed on the white capsule-like goo.


My face immediatly contorted as if someone just kicked me in the nuts.


"It doesn't taste like soap" I said, getting the good news out of the way first. "But it really, really, really, REALLY tastes like fish." I gagged.


The European dude looked at the package, said something, and gave it to me. I then stared at it. Not far on the list from the soap flavored jelly bean was another grey jelly bean titled "Sardine."




Robb then publicly announced that Avalanche might be working by the time we get to Timber Falls and there was a large cheer. We were then on our way down the street to the park.



NEXT ON THE TR: Timber Falls/ "Riding the broken coaster!"

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"This was the building between Mt. O and Riverview. I have no clue what was in it because the name of this palce was titled: "TOP SECRET"! Even the Dells tirp brochure doesn't say what's in it."


I belive that the upside down house is called Wonder Works if I remember correctly, its really cool inside! Its about how the white house was flipped upside down by a huricane, and inside they have really fun things to do.


Find out more at this site for the Wonder Works in Tennesee!



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^^That building is nothing like Wonderworks. Some of us on the MidWest trip decided to go in since we thought it would be similar. It was pointless.


Basically its supposed to be all the top secret stuff and you are given a tour guide. I just remember our horrible tour guide that we were making fun of. She would make this horrible sound that I think is screaming and her accent only made it funnier.


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