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Smoker or Non-Smoker

Smoker or Non-Smoker  

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  1. 1. Smoker or Non-Smoker

    • Smofilled with medicine and goo
    • Non-Smofilled with medicine and goo
    • Other form of Tobacco or Nicotine

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^Glad you see it that way!


After reading my last couple of posts, I wondered... "Why am I defending smoking?" I am actually trying to quit. You and most non-smokers here on this board are absolutely right, it is a horrible habit and it is so unhealthy. I started for a really stupid reason... peer pressure. When my friends and I turned 16, we started smoking because it was legal. At the time, we were still very young and naive and thought it was cool. However, now that I look back on it, I realize how stupid we all were. I think it's really good how smoking is looked down on so negatively in the States and it must be easier to quit as there are so many places where smoking is not allowed. It's much harder to quit here as everyone (okay, not everyone! But a lot of people!) smoke!

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^Thanks and I really hope that you quit successfully. You remind me of my older brother. He started smoking at about 15 (he is 17 now) and is now smoking every day. I actually used to look up to him when I was younger, but since he started smoking, he just dissapoints me. I know that it's hard to quit, my mom tried many times, but I think that quitting would be the best thing a smoker could do to help themselves. I wish you good luck on quitting.

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Half turned into a full-time smoker.. I'm buying cigarettes but i'm only smoknig when i'm writing essays, which is all the time at the moment, and I have exams coming up for that's bugging me.


The only thing which annoys me is the price in this country. I need to find someone going to to continent!

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I like to think that I am uber considerate of others around me, so I generally ask first before I light up. I don't smoke in drive-thrus. I do my damnedest to smoke away from a large group of non smokers and situate myself downwind. I respect the fact that people choose not to smoke and don't want to be near it. It's no better than the idiot next to me on downtown street playing "music" as loud as he/she can.


Non-Smokers: Just remember that most of us are really considerate of our surroundings before we fire one up.

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But every time I light one up I wish I'd never had ventured to know the taste.


I usually only smoke when I have nothing to do, like when I'm on lunch breaks at work, between classes at school, at home after work, when I'm having a beer, smoking a bowl, etc.


Its really a disgusting habit.


2 things that detour me from chicks: Tattoos and Smokers.

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