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Theme Park Review's 2nd Annual Video Contest UPDATE!

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Hey everyone! After the success of last years video contest we have decided to do things a little differently this year.....


Due to the overwhelming amount of entries we got in, we have decided to DOUBLE the size of the contest this year!

Instead of 20 entries to vote on, there will be 40! Instead of 5 overall winners there will be 10!


Another major change this year is allowing everyone to vote on the entries BEFORE TPR announces their pick.


The TPR award winners and the Viewers Choice award winners will be announced at the same time on July 15th.


5 new videos will be added each week for the next 8 weeks, and then voting will open for 4 additional weeks.






--Robb "Good luck to everyone who made the cut!" Alvey


UPDATE! Voting is NOW OPEN!!!


Click here to submit your ballot:


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Wow! 40! Thank god they are in sets of 5, my computer would die!

I better start downloading, I liked Jon Loco's entry last year, so I'll start with him *twiddles fingers*.

I feel like Simon Cowell!


EDIT: Is it possible to post their size like you do for your own videos?

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If I had to pick a winner out of these 5, Nick's video would win by a long shot. The interesting angles, terrific editing, and abundance of non-coaster content is going to be hard to beat.


"Paula... what do you think?

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I haven't seen the videos yet because I'm getting over the excitement of being one of the 40! Whoo-hoo! Honestly, I never thought the Miracle Strip Amusement Park video would have been chosen. I know Robb called the park a "craphole" and the coaster isn't the best in the world. I almost cut it from my 3 video entries. I thought for sure one of the other two video submissions would be nominated among the finalists. One thing I've learned about the contest from that is to never underestimate the video contest judges because they are all wise and all knowing! Yes, I am butt-kissing.

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^ LOL! Yeah, we thought the park was a craphole, but you also have to remember that when we look at videos, we keep an open mind. Even though WE might have thought the park sucked, we also realized that the footage of the now demolished place was at least "interesting." With so many "common" parks out there it's nice to include off-beat places.


Part of what makes a good contest entry is the location of the park you chose to enter. And we take that factor into consideration.


Now that doesn't mean that just because your entry is Cedar Point, doesn't mean it won't get chosen (just look at Jon's entry) but there are other factors that go into our pickings (good edits, nice footage, etc)


--Robb "You wouldn't believe how many Orlando videos we got this year!" Alvey

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Just got back from our mailbox where we had another 9 Packages!!


If I underestimate and say that all 9 sent just 2 entries...well you can do the math and see why we had to double this years contest!


Elissa "we're well on the way to 100 entries!" Alvey

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^^Thanks Robb for the explanation. Next year, I think I will put a lot of sex and violence in my video. That's a sure-fire way to win!


No really...it's interesting to see people's reactions to Miracle Strip. I posted a TR on it on another board. People were talking about it like it was an old friend or a relative that passed away. I wish I had done the haunted house though. People said that I missed out on a good (or cheesy) thing.

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Some great clips there. Top marks for the first clip & the shots on the Maurer Sohne spin coaster as I have tried to get good shots and failed most be that we all heavy and make the car spin to much !. I have included one shot of me going over the horse shoe curve on Dragons Fury on my clip.


Nick “Can’t wait to see more of the 100 clips that you got ” Collins

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Top marks for the first clip & the shots on the Maurer Sohne spin coaster as I have tried to get good shots and failed most be that we all heavy and make the car spin to much !


Yeah the ride I filmed on was actually pretty poor as a ride, so we went on pretty much straight after, and had another bad ride. It just didn't spin at all

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A hand puppet on a rollercoaster.




Good job by everyone (had to be said).


Question for the moderators: each week are the previous week's five entries going to be removed, or will there eventually be 40 videos up on the site (if so, who should we make cheques for bandwidth donations to?).


//downloaded all five of 'em. Trying to conserve TPR's space on the internets.


///dammit, why didn't i think of a hand puppet?

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There will eventually be *40* videos on that page!


Last year, it worked quite well that the bandwidth for the previous week's videos would taper off, but once the voting is open, we expect there will be quite a heavy amount of bandwidth usage.


We'll see how it goes...we should have enough, though!



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^^Ummm they'll show up on the site


Ok first off my last name is LoCoco, not Loco or Coco, LoCoco


I don't know how anyone could confuse my KBF video with my CP video, they are entirely different, and edited in different programs


My videos are all off-ride coaster shots with some other rides. I don't usually have a group of people with me when I shoot these videos so yeah its lacking the human aspect, but I think I do a good job of making up for it with unique shots and i try to never use the same footage or even angle twice.


Besides my video I really liked the Alton Towers one, very cool angles, and good editing

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