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Theme Park Review's 2nd Annual Video Contest UPDATE!

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Wow.. only ten videos uploaded and there are already some really good ones. I'm glad I entered last year, cause there are already ones up this year that I know are much better than mine. The 4th dimension one is awesome, it's great to see more than just another music video.

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Okay, after watching all of them I would say "Weekend Airtime" and "Wisconsin Dells" are my favorite. Dells just does wonders music wise and it's so nice to see a lesser known park & lots of wood all at the same time.



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I love watching the videos, it's amazing what people can do.

I particularly liked the onride footage of Vortex the KMG Afterburner at Thorpe Park on Greg Spalding's video of Blackpool, Southport and Thorpe Park.

I'll have to work my way through the rest and get voting!

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Okay, after watching all of them I would say "Weekend Airtime" and "Wisconsin Dells" are my favorite.


Hello ride6 !


Are you talking about Week-End AIRTIME 2003, one of the last year's winners ?

If so, I'm glad you love it.


This second contest starts very well with very good and unusual videos.

Congratulations to all the contestants

For the moment, Paul Ruiz De Miquel's Terra Mitica Video Contest Entry, Guy T Koepp's "It Came From The 4th Dimension" Video Contest Entry and Alain Devester's Toverland Video Contest Entry are in my top 3.



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um..woah! :shock:

Guy T Koepp's "It Came From The 4th Dimension" video is definatly different. heh heh. in a good way, for sure. I'm still undecided about riding X, especially after seeing some footage from this vid. It was cool though..campy..cheeky...funny.


Ted Cromwell's Solace Weekend 2005 was pretty decent. I liked the music: Pennywise always makes things better, plus it fit well with the water-ride footage.


Greg Spalding's UK Parks Video was different. The footage and music kind of gave it a "summer vacation retrospective" feel. I was sitting here watching the video thinking "*sniff* yeah, those were good times, weren't they?" which is odd since I have never been overseas, so the video gave me that type of impression and feeling.


Paul Ruiz De Miquel's Terra Micata video was great. some antics and silliness that I enjoyed, and yeah I laughed when the duck bit the child. haha. I liked the spanish cover of the Ramones.


Tom Mueller's Universal Orlando 2004 was decent. Yes, the joys of living (or vacationing) in Florida and watching the temperature slowly rising. *sigh* I miss Dueling Dragons now after watching this video..and Popeye...and Dudley Doo-Right...*sigh*. Shania Twain's "Up"? *shrugs* it worked for the video which is all that counts.


..can you tell I put some emphasis on the music?

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It's that time again!


5 new videos have been posted!!!!




This time around Nick Collins shows us the 'dark side' of roller coaster riding highlighting all those "rough" coasters! Some really funny moments in this video!


Steve and Karen shows us around Orlando, bump into a few things, and drink some Beverly!


Lars and Cornelia give as the grand tour of Phantasialand, a park that looks fantastic, but we don't see much of! Great looking stuff at this park!


Albert Lam showcases all the holiday attractions at the Happiest Place on Earth in his "Disneyland - Christmas 2004" video.


Jarvis takes us on board Carowind's Top gun and shows us how cool this coaster is!


So there you have it! We're half way through getting all the videos posted! I hope everyone has a directory on their hard drive with all the entries because you'll have to go back and watch them all one more time before you vote!


--Robb "There were so many good videos this year!" Alvey

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What song is used in the "Greg Spalding's UK Parks Video"? Its a pretty cool song. Thanks.


Rich "This is my 2nd post" Elie


Hiya, first time poster on here!!

Rich, the song is called Dakota, by a band called Stereophonics. Check out some of thier other stuff, you might like it too!



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Just finished watching all of theme my pick of the bunch for this week and last week

This week The sit down and smile one

last week (couldn't download one so im doing it this week) Texas sucksand "It came from the 4th dimension"


Zane "I cant think what to put in here" Williams

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The server is crapping out again. It's down to 16Kb/sec.



Odd I have just down loaded all on them and it only took about 35 minutes !. I like the Phantasialand clip, I most get over to that park this year.


Nick “Don’t know why I down loaded my clip I already have it !” Collins

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^ While I may not be "Crazy" about the Top Gun vid, I can really appreciate what it is. It had to be shot with a tripod and has some really good angles.


If it was a coaster overseas that I had never rode or seen, I would have really like it, because it shows EVERYTHING.

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Hey!! I like the top gun video!!


I knew it wasnt gonna be a huge crowd pleaser but for what it is, its a pretty good presentation of an awesome coaster. Irregardless, im still proud of myself being able to learn how to shoot video from stratch in one month's time and be able to put together videos like my "ode to top gun". I like it for its uniqueness and how it has a different feel yet same purpose of the rest of the videos in the contest. Wow! this is fun and im glad I entered!!

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Oh wow, I actually got one through! That's pretty awesome, considering the fact that this (along with my other submission) were my first coaster videos ever. So that's quite flattering.



That said, these have been awesome. This week's was no exception.



Beautiful footage. That place looks beautiful. I love the rapids, the MJ Mine train, the spinning mouse... the way the rides wrap around each other and interact with each other and the landscaping is marvelous, and this video seems to do the park plenty of justice! Definitely love it!



Nice IOA footage. I don't think I can ever get tired of it. The Tasting of the Beverly really made this vid, coming ahead of the head bonk at the end. But lovely footage and some good laughs!



Pretty cool stuff. At first I thought it was the PGA version (I didn't really read the description obviously), but then I realized my mistake. Still, this one looks like the best top gun of all! Lovely angles and beautiful shots. I give mad props to the cinematographer of this video.



Aka The Coaster Masochist Video... this movie hurt! The first thirty seconds had me rubbing my head, back, shoulders, tummy, crotch... just painful. Very, very painful. Just ouch. Words can't really describe it. But three cheers to the brave chaps who possibly sacrificed their genealogical lineage for the sake of entertainment and thrills. It was hilarious and my highlight of the week.




And a note about last week's 4D vid: awesome. I wasn't keen on the special effects at first, since a lot of it was just regular filters and seemed almost slapped on, but the greenscreen flying head was amazing (even more so cuz he seemed to be a pirate), and the story was just hilarious. Tremendous kudos here... one of my favorite videos of the contest so far!



Comments about my Disneyland vid would be highly appreciated of course. I'll be getting a camcorder this summer (if all goes well) so I do plan on making more of these. The DLR vid was shot with my friend's miniDV.

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^ I thought the same thing. I just assumed it was the PGA Top Gun. I was actually pleased to find I was wrong. The PGA version always seemed to short to me, and the Carowinds version is one I hadn't really seen much footage of.

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Dude! Where is Phantasia Land? I want to go after watching this video! Loved that video, and I loved the "Shut up and Smile" video.


The Disneyland video was pretty cool too, and for the most part I enjoyed the Top Gun video. Looks like it was shot before the park opened one day in order to get footage of the trains without people on them. A good tribute..I loved that ride when I was there.

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and Alain Devester's Toverland Video Contest Entry are in my top 3.




Hi all


Glad to see I'm in your top 3 8)


(et je suppose que tu parle français aussi !!!)


My top 3 at this time :

1. It cames from the 4th dimension (awesome)

2. Floruba (Nice voice in the intro )

3. Winsconsin dells (I love the music and I love the woodens !!)

and Marchen park (this guys are crazy )

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