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  1. Big surprise getting beat up on Ghostrider in the back. I'll only ride it in row 1 or 2 in the first car. Otherwise I'll pass.
  2. I was at Carowinds last weekend. Saturday was busy with the diabetes walk prior to the parking opening. I had to get my picture taken for my platinum pass anyway, so no biggy. The rides were fairly busy most of Saturday. Sunday before I flew home to Florida I got 13 consecutive rides in 3 hours on Inti-232. I must admit, I was disappointed with the 2 sets of trims on uphill runs. This really seems unnecessary.
  3. I'm not in California and still checking to see if it's running. Let's get HOT KNOTTS!!
  4. I'm looking forward to being at Carowinds this upcoming weekend. These idiots at Cedar Fair require you to get a new photo for your platinum pass each year. That's a major waste of time. I don't live anywhere near Charlotte or any C.F. park. 6 Flags takes your money and sends you a pass . This year a do have a reason to go with" Inti 232" now running. I like the B&M hypers but I hope it's not braked like Diamondback at K.I. That could be a great ride without all the brake runs. I guess I'll see soon...
  5. You can't have all positive reviews on this new ride. I'll be the spoiler. I was watching the guy behind Robb and looks like a lot of head banging with the restraints. It reminds me a lot of Maverick at Cedar Point which I don't like riding because of the head banging / neck bruising. I do need to ride it, but I'm not as positive as all of you are... Looks like nice though.
  6. I wasn't available to see this interview this morning. Did anyone see it??? Was anything significant discussed?
  7. Mark Shapiro interview tomorrow - Friday on CNBC Squawk Box between 6 - 9am. I didn't catch a more precise time. The promo said he'll be talking about stay-cations. We'll see what Mr. Six Flags has to say...
  8. I'm not at the WCB today at Knotts, so I don't know if there's any live updates from management. The Knotts website now says Xcelerator is down until April 30 !!! When will it all end???
  9. Had a great time at the Mountain yesterday at WCB. I come across the country from Florida for this. Thank Rob and staff ! Hey any news on Xcelerator while at Knotts today? I see the Knott's website now has posted Xcelerator is down through April 30 . I opted to return to the Mountain for more today Sunday . Just a wonderful time with all the extras at the Mountain yesterday. Thanks all...
  10. I was at Knotts again today. I spoke with one of the rideops and he said the state is requiring them to cycle the ride 1000 times before they'll approve. Not sure how accurate this is. I do remember someone mentioning in this thread about it running in the mornings before the opening. Looks like another trip to California without riding Xcelerator. I'm off to Magic Mountain tomorrow.
  11. I was at Knotts today to ride. Waveswinger is reassembled but not running yet. Nice new chains and seats. Looks nice without people on it ! No news from Guest Relations, I asked. The one train is in the station and the cables are now pulled taught . Looks like it's not too far off, but with the state and inspections who knows . It would be a nice surprise for WCB Sunday but I wouldn't hold my breath. coasternut
  12. I bought in this morning at 9am and got my paypal reply but nothing from TPR either. Just be patient, it's their first day at this. Just keep your paypal receipt - that's proof. Coasternut
  13. Batman was running but Ninja was closed. I was at the park until 3:30 and Goliath never opened!!! It looks pretty with it's new paint job. coasternut
  14. Any news on the status of Xcelerator??? Haven't heard anything lately... Is anything going on with it?
  15. Ghostrider is "tolerable" for a short time if you ride it right after it's rehab. This is true for me if in the front car only. Any news on the opening of Xcelerator? The Knotts website still states 1/19/10. I really hope it's open for WCB when I'm on the westcoast. Not much to ride without it. Only so many reps on Silver Bullet and few few on Ghostrider as per my previous post.
  16. Are these dates firm??? I need to book a cross country flight and request time off from work. Thanks... coasternut
  17. I see today on the Knotts website they've posted Xcelerator is down for "rehab" until 11/29. I hope that's incorrect, because I'm flying out there for vacation on Thanksgiving week. I'll be there when MM is closed. I know that they had a cable accident, but I'm ready to roll... coasternut
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