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  1. I agree with one of the prior post... it looks like a x-coaster ride with a vertical life (which then made me think of a Euro-fighter style ride but I think that due to the fact of Dollywood's recent opening that it would be too soon and would seem to be copying IMO) Plus it seems like each train has two cars which is reminiscent of the X-car style ride. So looks like it may be a full circuit, traditional looping style ride. Also the X coaster ride at Magic Springs stands 150 which is close to the 160 ft range so it fits a height range that Maurer Söhne has designed and built before. Can't wait to read more as information becomes available.
  2. At first I was doubting the location... but that video helped me see how its sets in and looks from within the park. Its gonna fit well. It will have inversions of any coaster in the park. And will pretty much tower over the other coasters. I just hope they will plant a few trees amongst the space within the coaster layout and weave the queue line within the structure/layout as well.
  3. can anyone find a youtube video of the ride or anything... I always wanted to see some videos of it.
  4. The video is taking forever to load, is there a quicker way to view it?
  5. I have to say.... those trains look like they belong on griffon and griffon's trains should be on this ride. Anyone else agree?
  6. Joker's Jinx, Flight of Fear head choppers, black mamba foot choppers
  7. I think the steepness of the first drop sells this ride for me. I wish there could've been one more hill after the first hill before the horseshoe turn around but I like it regardless. Its like a Mis of Nitro and Goliath. Again the trains will have to grow on me but I'm sure it will offer very good air. Hopefully the big supports that will be towering over Italian Job won't distract the scenery. Congrats CW!!!! Looks like a sure winner. I won't be able to get to Canada to ride it but who knows.
  8. Will this be B&M steepest first drop? This is 85 degrees!!!
  9. This is really nice! The trains are going to be very long
  10. Wow I think the trains will grow on me. Nice!!! I like it
  11. Your right, correction to my earlier statement. I am pretty sure that its not an inverted. Either Sit Down (hyper or looper) or floorless. In addition to my previous post the parts also resemble the floorless Superman coaster in Spain. You can see similar parts in this picture. . I am not thinking that it will be a floorless yet but I need to see a few more pieces in particular any station pieces that look like this: or (without the floor mechanics of course) because the station track for floorless coasters have additional features along the spine of the track that allow them to attach the dropping floor mechanism. So until I see a piece like that I am going to lean heavily towards a Hyper or a Sit-down looper (non floorless)
  12. The track resembles the turn out of the station and also if you look at the track right under the part where the train is rolling in the picture you can see the same pattern in the spine of the track. Again... This is a Hyper same colors as Nitro except this coaster has light orange rails. vs. and
  13. This is definitely part of the pull out from the station. If I compare this to Nitro it looks very similar to the part of track that the train is rolling over in this photo: http://rcdb.com/ig1106.htm?picture=15. Alot of people are saying that it looks like talon. When i compare the color schemes of this ride and the colors on Nitro. The only thing different is that that nitro uses pink on the rails and this track uses a light orange. Besides that the colors are the same. I really think the ride is gonna be a huge hyper coaster.
  14. I was able to see the video. Try this! Open up Windows Media and go to File: Open URL. Then copy and paste the URL of the video into the url box that pops up. It worked for me hopefully it does the same for you.
  15. I have been on: Flight of Fear (PKD) Volcano (PKD) Joker's Jinx The Chiller (Robin) Rockin' Roller Coaster I would have to say that I have to think hard on this because for some reason I feel that Rockin' Roller Coaster was very fast (but again the dark adds to that feeling and it get intense on the entrance into the first inversion). Then I remember the chiller just shoots out like a bat our of hell and you are just forced in your seat. However Volcano Feels the same as The Chillers Launch very sudden and you are just driven into your seat but then the 2nd launch catches you by surprise and you are literally smashed into the seat. So the most intense LIM launch goes to my lovely Volcano: TBC!!!
  16. The park is not ghetto.... It's in largo.... If your judging by the staff then, you find similar attitudes at other parks. Six Flags just gets the rep because there hasn't been a significant change in attitude among employees. I however, expect this year to be different. My friend who works there told me many people were fired. Unfortunately, I am away in college here in Boston, so i won't be able to join. Have fun and take bunches of pictures. See if you can get any info on Ultra Twister or anything new for the upcoming years.
  17. Here's a video on youtube that shows Griffon making its plunge into the water splash. It's still going very fast even after going through the water. http://www.youtube.com/watch?v=GX14T_kTjeQ
  18. The trains are hot!!!! I wandering how the station floor is going to close in under the train (being that is it so wide).
  19. I think it looks great. One thing (a minor thing) that I'm having trouble adjusting to is the second immelmen. I just dont like how it sits so high. I am wondering why theydidn't keep with the terrain and go down to the water. In the video it seems like the immelmen is right above the water. If the ride did this I know that the pull out of the second vertical drop would've caused the immelmen to loop around nessie's break run but I think it would've looked more pleasing to my eye atleast. They could've even incorperated the interaction of Nessie and Griffon in the story line. Something about how the Griffon constantly taunts the Lochness Monster swooping down as if to make nessie its prey. Anyways.... Maybe when the trees fill in it wont look so... odd to me. It also comes off somewhat cluttered in the Rhine River picture. The immelmen seems to be floating since it starts so high above the water. All in all I am impressed and really don't care that much. Its going to be a great ride... I just wanted share that small opinion of mine.
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