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  1. I hope some body had a camera tonight... im going to keep checking youtube
  2. Dark ride section included --- SPOILER I must say the ride is well timed out as well. When the car pulls up before the life right as Jigg Saw says "game over" right as he says over the car before falls as found after watching numerous you tube submissions. Also that blood shooting up is quite gross but cool. I wonder if they will tweak the ride slightly so that all riders get the spiel from jigg saw himself before heading into the axes. Also after watching several videos seems to me that most riders keep asking what the hissing sound is after the first mini drop. From the reports, they are cross bows but i wonder if everyone gets that... just curious. The ride is Sick!!!!!! is a good way!
  3. Why isn't the piece of track attached to the support in the picture with the "what is wrong in this picture" caption
  4. ^ All I can say is from that video.. I would be scared just by the audio incorporated into the ride. Jigsaw saying game over and the doll's laugh right before the lift just adds to the suspense and anxiety. This is going to be great.
  5. I hope that the loop is taken at enough speed so to provide airtime at the top of it. That would be awesome. Like Deja vu's loop on trip backward. I think it would defeat the purpose it went through the loop like coasters which slow down towards the top of the loops almost as if to stall.
  6. ^ Agreed. At SFGAM alot individuals were stating that The Dark Knight felt like Raging Cajun in the dark.. which is a spinning mouse coaster
  7. I am just inquiring to see if anyone has come across any new updates, photos, or videos of the new vekoma Sting ray model that was being installed. I haven't seen or heard anything recent regarding the ride.
  8. keep in mind that Batwing's construction really didn't commence until atleast February. If SFA was going to add an HRP coaster this season it wouldve already had to have been dismantled in my opinion because there's just not enough time IMO (unless its a small coaster or one where they can just build an even plane footers without any land shaping so to just place supports and ride components on top. They have nice flat land out by Superman's helix and between JJ, Wild One, and Skull Mountain.
  9. That looks nice ... love the landscaping ... I think tree and other landscaping definitely enhances the ride experience. Do you have any more pictures of the entrance, station, and queue?
  10. This ride looks very fun and i agree the pacing looks crazy. Those riders are being tossed back and forth and ride never gives up. Although the max speed is not that extreme it works for this ride because those rides look like they are being tossed around. Intamin still pulls of thrilling coaster in this case because the elements are scaled appropriately for this rides speed. The turns are all much tighter than a turn you'd find on a hyper so you still get the high forces and sensations. I just don't think I agree with calling it an aquatraks It just seems to be a moto coaster its just taking on the theme that fits a jet ski. An aqua track used a different launch mechanism (i believe either LSM or LIM), lifts and high elements. This ride is relatively at the the same height just like Intamin's other moto coaster in Australia and uses the same tire launching mechanism. Although everyone wants to see another aquatraks I just dont classify this as one IMO. If we would set Maverick over water and have its drops mimic a flume ride and give it the same train at Atlantis Adventure then it would seem to be one.
  11. Looks like they started letting people ride it. See here.
  12. My point exactly from the second pic you can see that its just a steel structure of exposed beams... I don't understand how it protects anything I mean the cars on the sky ride wont fall thru but anything else can and potentially will as there no enclosure overhead for this random structure. I think Busch could easily fix it by growing vines on the structure or over head steel beams. It just makes no sense to me (based on the BGE that I know they wouldn't do such a thing which is why im sort of shocked) Everything in the park looks beautiful IMO except this
  13. Yes, I was referring to the steel structure over the beginning of the break run. It looks like its open on the top and thus I dont understand how i will shield guest on griffon from anything from the sky ride. Again, when it was being erected I thought that it was being build as some kind of structure for theme or some visual aesthetic but it clearly that didn't happen. It just looks very odd. I feel like Busch Gardens is better than that and would've hid something so weird or themed it.
  14. What is the steel structure that is built around part of the beginning of the break run. What is its purpose and will it always look so random? I had thought that they were going to lace vines or something on it for more visual appeal but i never really understood its purpose. I'm inclined to believe that it is to provide a shield from the ride passing above... but still it looks so random in my opinion. As seen in the lower portion of this photo from westcoaster.net
  15. All I can say that even though I havent ridden Tatsu.. I cannot and will not try to compare Manta to it. Manta, even though small looks to be very promising. The best thing I can use as an example is take Patriot at worlds of fun, or Great Bear, or even Alpengiest its a great ride but if you compare it to Batman: the ride a smaller coaster... as proven to me this summer... Batman can be just as intense if not even MORE! intense as its non stop, back to back elements and speed. Manta in the first half in a short span of length hits you with 3 elements.
  16. 11/11/08 - first drop complete diamond back first drop complete.bmp
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