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  1. While Not Michael Jackson, this is one of those things I just can't believe... I don't want to believe... and don't understand why If Six Flags Great America can maintain the Wizzer why can't we maintain the Big Bad Wolf!!! I plead that some park try and buy this and rebuild although unlikely becasue its a terrain coaster Now BGE has no rides for the mild thrill seekers. Griffon, Alpie, and Nessie all have loops and big drops, and AC stands over 200ft. I will miss Big Bad Wolf
  2. I was thinking about applying there too for one of their full time design or engineering positions
  3. Not necessarily, if they use multiple block sections. He's saying that a vertical lift means a tighter pull-out which would cause extreme forces in the back seat of a long train. Just another reason why this wont be a vertical lift. I don't see how it's still even thought to be possible. The weight on the catch car isnt an issue... Compare the force on the catch car pulling a train vertically up at moderate speed (15mph) as compared to catch ares that instantly accellerate a multi ton train from 0 to 120mph plus undergoing high Gs now you looking at a multi ton train times 3 or 4... as compared to a train at natural weight. Thus I feel a catch car pulling a train vertically is no issue... No should there be a concern about structure... Extensive material science and stress calculations are performed on all structures... if the St. Louis Arch can be built then why cant this vertical structure be built. Not only the radius of the drop and the pull-out, but I imagine that a long train on a vertical lift will generate an enormous amount of weight pressure on the catch car or whatever it is that pulls it. So I'm just saying, if it becomes clear that the lift is vertical then it will likely mean that the trains will be shorter. Even with multiple trains, the capacity would still be limited. I mean look at Hypersonic, that was designed to run 4 trains and never did. Backlot and Volcano are designed to run 3, and rarely do. I think the park would really benefit the most from a big capacity ride with a big train rather than a gimmick like a vertical lift or a vertical drop. Hopefully Cedar Fair caught onto this. Regardless, I'll be happy with the ride no matter how it's designed. Any new coaster of this magnitude is awesome news. But it's always fun to speculate and hope for the best possible scenario.
  4. ^ Thank you and Richard & Cron, that's what I've been stating before... but I get called crazy... but I stand by even still and hold on to the thought that it is possible!!! Glad you concur
  5. 2 words .... Vertical Lift ... still a possibility in my mind
  6. cfc All is well! I changed the video to a link but moving foward... In the picture I had fun sketching using a MF construction picture I am depicting how I think it could be a vertical lift as no one has explained this new support piece which seems will logically fit into the frame of the other track pieces in a vertical manner. Intamin likes to push the envelope, if they do this, I would not be surprised. The frame of the track is massive, the pics don't do it justice as many have stated... If I compare it to HRRR vertical tower, the frame is large in cross section that the frame of the KD coaster track. BUT!!! keeping in mind this new piece which appears to be the beginning of a flanged base then ... I think the base of KD possible vertical support toward could end up wider in cross section than HRRR if we end up seeing wider flanged sections arrive in the coming weeks. The wider base would suffice for a solid support structure at giga coaster heights just as they do for MF's current towers shown here and here
  7. ^ you're right... I didn't think it would slow down peoples computers or anything... I'll just post the link... just thought it would be easier for the reference to accomodate the points. I wish I clip it down to the the 16:00 point because its only about a 1 minute's worth that im focusing on of the video.
  8. I'll take the video down then.... I was only sharing some thoughts I had and wanted to use points from that video, which i could not find in photos, to support my thoughts.... speculating if fun ... but you comments like yours take it away. I appologize for even posting here I don't think that piece in the picture is the foundation piece... in the pictures I posted about 3 pages earlier I stated in the picture that I believe it will be placed on top of wider flanged piece. I think the piece we see in the photo is only the beginning of when the towers starts widening out towards the base.
  9. Hey I posted the video for reference... I pointed out the times of the video to watch..... I never said watch the entire video.... you're comment was unncessary
  10. Now I am only stating what the pictures are showing that peice i highlighter 2 pages back is clearly has supports for steps and connectsq for track that curve simultaneously. Those supporting the 45 degree (WHICH DOES MAKE SENSE) still haven't provide an explanation for that piece. YES I think a verticle lift sounds crazy.... But I do believe that its possible (thats what makes engineering fun). I am going to list my points Please watch all the supporting evidence in the Super Coasters video. THIS IS LONG!!!! OK First I am going to begin by saying this please take a lot at this video. I will be referencing this video to support my thoughts which support the vertical lift talk. VIDEO (warning it is 90 minutes long for those with slower computers but I'm only focusing on a short segment starting at the 16 minute point.) I for one am now favoring the belief that this ride will have a vertical lift. First I want to say... clearly the is something wrong with the angled lift hill as there aren’t any support connectors on all but one piece. Second as someone said before going with the 11 pieces of track for the lift would barely make the 300 limit if angled. Now! For the one lift piece that does have a support connection on the support frame I can say it seems no different than Fahrenheit or kingda ka as they angle supports extending from the vertical frame. I think that one piece is going to be located toward the top of the lift . Look at Fahrenheit Fahrenheit The angle support extends downward from the vertical support located towards the top of the lift. In a sort of opposite example we have Kingda ka as seen here Here the angle support extends upward to any apex from the vertical support towards the top of the assent. Now I am going on a whim and saying that this ride will possibly have a 90 degree drop as well, making 2 towards ….similar to Fahrenheit or kingda ka… except, the complex support structure for the lift will not be necessary for the drop as there no worry for the cable life mechanism to fit nor for an elevator or stair support. Thus the double spine tracks to enhance strength. If u watch the video at 15:40 you can see the portion where Millennium force is highlighted and particularly at 16:03 you see that near the drop there are near vertical stairs connect in the same fashion as the angle stairs. So to those who think that you have a different support or stairs type take a look.... Also if you look at 16:07 you will see supports towers for the lift on each tower have a flanged base and have the same cross section for the majority of the upper portion of the support tower. I highlight this to say that there is no problem with Intamin simplifying this design and saying we can just place the track on the tower itself. That’s how I view these pieces of track. They look like track preassembled to the tower support. This cuts down on cost as you kill two birds with one stone. This way you don’t need extra track distance to cover the angle lift span and you need less supports because you just need one strong vertical tower thus the bulkiness of the these pieces. Lastly Look at 16:27 and see the supports for the elevator, they are also relatively the same as the supports for the staircases. So again can make any claims saying that the lift cannot be vertical based on the stairway supports. If anything pay attention to how the stair or possible elevator supports are attached to the frame not the track like they are on MF thus giving more reason for the bulky support frame. Again Intamin is smart. Plus Judging by the clearing it looks like KD needed to make a statement with this near coaster but in a smaller space that Cedar Fair had for MF. So to save space, why use a vertical lift, to save cost, why not go with a vertical lift, it all adds up. And lastly, I suggest that the other reason for the bulky strong supports is that this ride will have your typical full 20+passenger trains and thus the need for the cable lift at this height and extra support in the frame as opposed to building the support tower like Fahrenheit. Also a cable lift can do the job and hold the weight that a lift cant given these heights. Some may want to argue that a vertical lift hill won’t work with a cable lift, well a cable car works for launching which upon launching must accelerate the several ton trains while under around 4 Gs which is times the weight of the train. The average cable lift and its typical speed will not have to endure that type of stress. This account for a safety factor based on the other uses of the same technology I say a vertical lift is more than possible!!!! I end with this LOL!!!!
  11. Some of pointing this out over at kdfansite... I posted this over there and I'll post this here as well as we speculate a verticle left or angled lift.
  12. All I can say is I've dreamed of this day!!! lol I am so excited about this. I had posted earlier when the first track arrived that I hoped this was a giga and I glad my little hunch was correct. Someone earlier stated that they hope the drop is similar to MF, I agree. I want it to be like Millennium Force's drop. If its 95 degrees then that would mean the horrible Intamin OTSR so I'll op for a lap bar and 80 degree drop! KD had to build a noteworthy ride somehow which is why this move makes since. with BG having 200 coasters and SFA having 1 and not to mention the several other parks on the east coaster, SFNE, SDGADV, SFOG, KD had to do something noteworthy. Although not as tall as KK, KK is all but 15 second long. If this is a full circuit, non launched coaster, this will be the largest on the east coast. I just hope KD has atleast 3 trains hopefully 4 for capacity sake, and lap bars on this ride
  13. ^ I agree!!! That's unfortunate....if you going to build a ride which is about a certain feature in this case speed... then design your ride so embellish this feature. Launch to 130 then slowed down seconds after .... whats the point.... Wooden coasters do a better job at maintaining their speed then it seems this ride will... I'll have to wait and see... but depending on the size of the turn around which doesn't seem more than 200ft, 85 mph or so would be a suitable speed in which to travel. dropping from 130 - 85/90 mph is roughly 40 - 50 mph decrease in speed right after the launch. This is the definition of a gimmick. The ride was only concerned about breaking the 128 mph barrier .... soon as it does it gives up and breaks you. I place TTD and KK in the same category ... a gimmick which was only concerned with breaking the height and speed record then breaking you. S&S with HSXLC was all about the fastest launch and 90 degree drop then gave up. At least B&M with the Dive coaster gave a full and complete layout. Some can argue a gimmick but it offers more of a complete package. I'll reserve further judgment until it opens and reviews flow in
  14. Here is my thought process..... Top thrill dragster launched guest to 120 MPH and they end up 420 ft in the air just off of that speed. Kingda ka - 128 mph and guest end up 456 ft in the air. This turn around maneuver looks about half the scale of the top hats on these Intamin terra rocket coasters so I have to ask myself just how fast will guest be flying through this turn-around. My guess is pretty fast unless S&S does what they did on HSXLC which is break you as your going up which would really kill the ride possibly or defeat the point of the ride being all about speed. IMO In other news the turn around maneuver looks great!
  15. I would like to see them add a drop tower in the park. Like a Acrophobia type or regular Intamin drop tower.
  16. ^I can believe it .. kings dominion has alot of competition its closest neighbor got national attention with the dive coaster concept and constantly noted as a beautiful park.... the other neighbor although no where close in ratings still has a good selection of rides with different experiences.... where KD only offers launched, wood out n back, and loops nothing else. So I think if height is where this ride is going... CF will want to make all others on the east coast bow ... I think they can do this by going to a giga coaster.... no point in stopping at 250 might as well go the extra 50. Intamin is one to push the limits if they were going to stay with 200' - 250' range they would've went with B&M (Don't you think)
  17. I love the super man warning sign.... as a former employee I can't stress enough how serious guest need to take these signs especially at superman which has been the ride we've had the most trouble at. Too many guest think its fine to just jump the fences and enter restricted areas as the queue runs right through the ride area. I've witnessed it for myself.... So yes i think people should be arrested and bannded if they are stupid enough to risk their lives and have six flags further liabillity problems. Someone once even managed to make in into the danger zone at the bottom of the pretzel loop.... they are so lucky to be alive
  18. Yea so it leads me to believe that it just may be Intamin.... But why didn't they use this new track on I-speed or are they only using this track on very large scale coasters now.
  19. I am caught in the middle... I know the manufacturers are definitely the same in terms of the two coasters but I starting to think that the Intamin track modification is true. I mean if I look at the most recent Premier coaster track which is mummy track being built at Universal Studios Singapore then the KD and F1 tracks looks nothing like something premier would do in terms of cross ties. They look more like traditional Intamin track in terms of cross ties see the mummy track here
  20. ^ The f1 coaster in this forum is a launched coaster slated to be the worlds fastest when it opens
  21. I dont think so ... the supports althought some are square on the f1 coaster in UAE doesnt seem to match the scale of those that are in the parking lot... I think the supports were meant to be dropped off elsewhere
  22. UPDATE: Track pics have been posted by Clint at KDfansite... its premier track the same double spine track thats used to build the worlds faster coaster at Ferrari Theme park in UAE. Its the same style track as shown here
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