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  1. ^ That ride has been around since before the park was branded by six flags. It has always been there along with the water park and the now defunct slides. I love SFA, I wish I could become owner of the park and show it the love it needs and deserves. I agree that alot of the small details are not acceptable by any means. Having taken on an internship at SFGAM which has in my opinion the best operations in the chain such things would be addressed. There is no excuse for such a visable flaw. I would say though from the pics the park looked nice and scenic. I can't believe two face is gone.... is the site becoming Thomas Town? What ever happened to that big exciting annoucement they were promoting on facebook but then took down. I swear SFI let me have at it. I would love to work at my own park in upper management.
  2. ^ I see what you are saying and I thought the same as revisions to the support design are likely. Moreover, if you look at the two supports the revisions are minor in regards to the similarities between them. Thus I still remain affirmed that the ride is an Intamin. As for the ribbed connector points I thoroughly looked at all construction pics i could for iSpeed and noticed that not all the supports are ribbed and some do reflect the unribbed style as we see in these pics at KD. I would count that yet as a revision as I'm sure we can possibly see some ribbed supports arrive. The hole patterns at the bases are the most evident differences overall in my opinion, but i would bet that that is a revision.
  3. Ok for those presenting the argument that they think the coaster is a B&M because of the containers .... look, containers are containers, there aren't near as many companies manufacturing custom containers to transport rides. There's no such thing as a "B&M container"... simply containers are containers and they will all look very similar if not the same regardless of what company is manufacturing the ride it depends on the company who has been contracted to transport the ride. Thus.... leading me to my next statement. This ride is without a doubt from Intamin! I just cant make any judgment as it whether it will be of similar style to iSpeed (LSM launch) or a rocket coaster, or even a hyper. It seems to me that either of the 3 would be great as I would like to think that KD is trying to go higher finally with their coasters as both BGE and SFA both have coasters over 200'. A top hat on an LSM launch or rocket coaster can easily top 200' and we know Intamin has several coasters of 200ft - I count 12 so they are no stranger to soaring to new heights if that's were KD wants go. furthering my argument look at these supports on ispeed Pic1 pic2 also if you go here and scroll to the bottom. The very last picture under "Febbraio: le prime foto dei binari" shows the base of the ispeed supports which are also the same as those for this KD coaster. I say we have a match!!!! Now im going to let my self start crossing my fingers... I really want KD to be the 2nd park to get an Intamin Giga Coaster!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!! especially since parts have started arriving so early (hinting at a large project possibly).
  4. Here's a video however its doesnt do much as they filled it at what seems max zoom. Anyone shooting coaster videos please resist the urge to zoom your cameras way in it ruins the perspective as you'll see here.
  5. having been a ride op at V2 at SFGAM, lightning can affect a ride. Lighting blew out our brakes on the back spike. One day the ride was fine, came in the next day to see my ride down and they had to reprogram the ride to by pass the back holding brakes so we can keep the ride going.
  6. Well For Flight of Fear the video just loops over and over, if your still in the room for while and the video plays a second time I think most guest seem to ignore it. Were they opening up the show rooms and waiting for a certain number of guest to enter before closing the door or do they start the show with any number? I understand this may be hard to guage since this was just a media event and there's no where near the number of people who are going to pack this thing on its official openning. I know for B:TDK the pre show gets annoying and I'm always standing by the door waiting for it open and let me through while the show simultaneously amazes new riders. So I guess the must be a trade off. Do u sacrafice experience for conveniece of re-riders... there must be a way to balance it.
  7. Maybe someone of you can voice your concerns to them. I'm sure feedback would be appreciated especially when it pertains to maintaining the appearance and look of the ride. I think the speaker issue is a key concern that needs to be at least voiced. I know they may be aware but they may not as of yet.
  8. This ride is going to be so good. I am planning a trip for Boston University students this summer, wait when people find out that there are NO HANDLES ON THE LAPBARS!!!! Having nothing to go onto is going to make the ride very scary for some which is great
  9. Here's a video from youtube of testing... looks like their still painting as well.
  10. another video can be found Here Even the little girl interviewed states how much SHE DID NOT get wet! She looked very unthrilled lol
  11. Again having been on Batwing I feel as thought the this Stingray ride will not be nearly as thrill... I think Batwing is an "ok" ride but it looses the sense of speed after the loop. The stingray seems to just be .... I don't know... but not even close as thrilling as a ride say steel hawg. THIS IS JUDGING BY THE VIDEO!!! I will preserve further judging until I've actually ridden the stingray.
  12. when I look at this video... it just doesnt do it justice compared to the testing footage on the pevious page The speed in the testing footage seems so much faster
  13. I found a video of the ride testing... *note it has no audio In my opinion the ride doesn't look that thrilling at all. I could be biased having actually been on Batwing. It seems quite slow..... and the trains just look so odd with the zero car in the back.
  14. Here a video from youtube... not all that clear but its better than nothing
  15. Exactly, I think they resemble El Toro's more and it makes more sense as its still Intamin. El Toro doesn't have handles on the restraints but has handles on the inner face of the car for the front seat riders and on the back of the front seats for the rear seat riders. On this there is possibility that handles can be placed on the backs of seats but those in the front seats I guess will have nothing. I never hold anyway!!!
  16. Is it just me... or do the new lap bars not have any handle to hold on to? Seems as though riders will be forced to put their hands up.
  17. Tatsu is longer than S:UF by almost 1000 ft. In terms of Manta its actually not much long just off by a couple hundred if that. I agree with Raptor Crew. Does anyone know if the water effect will be used to get viewers wet like the Dive Machines? Or will it just be for visual appeal like Diamondback. I think it should soak those who want to given the FL climate.
  18. ^ I think that while I agree that the ride seems short that in terms of a flying coaster it seems long enough. People wait in lines for Superman Ultimate flights at both Six Flags Great America Great Adventure and these rides are relatively the same size although Manta is actually quite longer (but I'm speaking in terms of ride time). I would argue that guest will not pout about a potential long wait due to the fact that the queue has an aquarium... lets not forget that the queue is part of the ride experience too. Manta has 3 trains and if run at max capacity I don't forsee a large issue. The only thing that may be the issue in this case is re-ridership. How likely are people to get back in line for the same ride after waiting a long time for short ride. I guess its just the luck of the draw... go on a day thats less busy than a day thats busy. I know with S:UF, I only went on it if the park was dead (low attendance). I don't know how likely low attendance at orlando parks. THe shortest ride I've ever waited a long time for was hypersonic and even with waiting a long time in line during the day there was still the opportunity to re-ride toward park closing as the lines were shorter. I wouldn't call manta a waste of space at all.
  19. Will the trains have scoops for the splash effect or will it be done automatically by water effects in the pond because I cant see any scoops from the images of the train
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