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  1. Is it just an upgrade to Country Fair... I would love to see them add a path that would connect over to BBNP So I wouldn't have to walk the entire loop (I'm lazy sometimes) but of course that can't happen because the backstage area roads are there
  2. OK, we interrupt this topic for a brief spelling lesson: Break (verb)--"to separate into parts with suddenness or violence; fracture." Brake (noun)--"a device for arresting the motion of an object or preventing the motion of a mechanism, usually through friction." Please choose the correct spelling (in this case, "I felt brakes"). This error occurs far too often among posters of all age groups. Thank you. We now return to our previously scheduled topic: Hey, how about that Intimidator? I have high hopes for this ride, myself. Sorry, I was in a rush, but thanks.
  3. snowboard83 I agree with and couldn't have said it better. I have always felt that Kings Dominions rides were way too short. I was excited about this ride but a little taken back when i saw the length and finding out that it would only have 2 trains. Knowing Kings Dominion and its huge lines, it just so unfortunate that its sorta end at their climax. Volcano is a good example of this. I still vividly remember my first time riding coming out of the last in-line twist and diving back into the volcano expecting all hell to break loose in the darkness but instead I felt brakes. I was still in doubt thinking that we were in for a surprise around the corner but Nope we were back in the station. FoF is the only ride I feel offers a full ride with suitable ride time. I305 will be Just the same. It will end before you know it. All I can say at least its more than just a gimmick like Kingda Ka or TTD and H:XLC. On the bright side with the ride being so short at least we can expect the trains to be cycled constantly versus waiting for a train to finish its course. I just hope there's never a case were one train is broken thus leaving only one train available to operate. I fear for capacity. If this ride gets anywhere near the response that Kingda Ka, Diamondback, Behemoth, MF got then the park is in trouble. Even Kingda Ka has 4 trains. This ride only has 2. Anyone else foresee trouble?
  4. Yeah this is dedication. Its supposed to rain and with the holiday. I guess KD was not going to miss this milestone in their construction schedule
  5. A few minutes ago this is what it looked like Now! IT IS TOPPED OFF!!!! Topped Off Click HEre
  6. 2 questions: 1. Why are you yelling? 2. Did you REALLY just refer to this coaster as "Timmy"?!?!?! I'm not going to entertain your comment. I wrote in caps to express my excitement. Your analyzing things too much. ^^ I hope its topped off today that would be exciting.
  7. They are adding even more to the lift now... look like they are going to top it off today! Check the webcam here
  8. Funny thing is I was the lead at that unit of rides the year it stopped working. V2 was my ride and its not that its expensive to use the brake. It's broken!!! One day it was fine, there was a bad storm that night, the next day I come to work and not only was the brake not working, the whole ride was out of wack. (Theory when I was there was that it got struck by lightning). The break is nothing but a set of LIMs that fire in the reverse direction. Its expensive to fix and to get a crane up there to repair or replace it. To get the ride back up they had to reprogram the ride (I was sure it was temporary) so that the ride would by pass the holding break thus not screwing with the ride program cycle. Certain things take priority, you rather have a ride operational than not. I'm sure when they can factor the fix in the budget it will get taken care of but there are lots of things on the fix it list, and further more, its hard to just call up a company and expect them to have a crane big enough ready when ever u pick and choose. Just keep your fingers crossed. I miss working there and my 123 family!!!! U know who you are.
  9. Did it EVER open? Does any one know... have any new pics or videos?
  10. I personally think that six flags is being smart.... if the park is being Geagua'd then six flags is doing value added steps to other parks before they sell the land off or not.. as it could end up a water park
  11. I dont know if that whole B&M rumor is true about the Busch Gardens Parks but if it is then just like people said about KD and Dominator, this may finally be a way for Six Flags to get another B&M into the DC, MD, VA area. Six Flags America needs a new roller cosater though.
  12. Do you see how it seems to almost rock everyone forward a little. All im saying is that this shows that this ride has the potential to make a huge splash they just have to play with the way the boat enters the water some more
  13. I dont know if anyone posted this before but I found this while browsing... If only Holiday World can get this to happen every time I think it would be amazing. Can you say soak'd
  14. IF they do choose to keep it, I think they should invest in the ride carefully. As in give it the rehab of rehabs. I thinking replace all the track with prefabricated wooden track to ensure a smooth ride. I'm sure that can do something where they attach sensors to roll around the course of the track to pick up the contour which could then could become input for the track manufacturing process so that it fits. I think SOB with prefab track would bring back its glory.
  15. Wow.. I think i brought that premier topic up about a good 50 pages or more ago back when the first track piece showed up at KD.
  16. Vertical lift? Will this river rapids ride have a drop coming after it of some sort like grizzly river?
  17. The lift hill on both the Human and Cyclon sides look interesting... it looks like Lims
  18. Cool because months ago I posted a video of it testing ... I think I've heard that the park is open but I just haven't found anything about the ride its like it never existed.
  19. Has anyone heard any new news regarding this ride... or any photos of the ride being open or videos in that regard? Any reviews?
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