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  1. I don't see them removing or revamping Iron Reef anytime soon. The ride is only like 3 years old and still pulls a pretty good line every time I've been to the park this year. I don't know where else they could stick another dark ride unless they take up some of the backstage area, which has been rumored to be moving across the street. hehehe rite rite. i'm still living on a prayer.
  2. a used copy of God Of War for ps4 $18 ebay
  3. bubbles from trailer park boys was a great character.
  4. on the bright side, you might have a job opportunity there. i suck at the guitar
  5. had real pirates running around pillaging and looting. but the pirate captain...
  6. on the bright side, you'll sleep well this evening. the paint on my car is fading and peeling off.
  7. Iron Maiden - Brave New World maybe not the MOST popular, but you know.
  8. i'm working on my very own amusement park vlog.
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