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  1. OK so I had nothing to do so I went to the bathroom and go on the chat. Not Exciting. There will be more excitment 2morrow when I return to school. Enjoi! Update in 30 mins TPR Chat! Oh I gorgot i went outside and went to the park. Update later for you homer! me doing my hair Flushin them troubles away! ... pytting on my shoes to go in the bathroom (Dont ask)
  2. I have decided to post a PTR of a day in my life. Tonight I had nothing to do so I went outside to walk around in my socks for about 10 minutes and came back inside to chat on the TPR chat room. So far that is all I have done Updates in 30 mins! playin some tight japanese music! my iPod just chillin the TPR chat on the way inside I saw my pops! Me just chillin. (not the best pic of me) A tree I saw in some persons yard me walkin in my socks
  3. poo marine world was boring
  4. I hate when people B***h about bulletins on myspace. Like the one below. I Recieved an iPod NAMO for having an A in all my classes listen to what this person said _____________________________________________________________ Date: Apr 22, 2006 8:54 PM Flag spam/abuse. [ ? ] Subject: RE: i am happy! Body: no one cares... and seriously with that last bulletin.. oo free ticket thing.. IM me crap.. wow.. ur pretty desprate i would have to say ----------------- Bulletin Message ----------------- From: Emo-Liscuius_69 Date: Apr 22, 2006 6:08 PM I got an ipod nano! yay!
  5. Cobra at SFMW. You cam get me on anything but that thing scared the crap out of me
  6. I found this on one of those websites with funny songs. It is really funny. The website said feel free to share the songs so here goes 8d5c8339b11537ec7a910e24056d45ea.mp3 funny!
  7. I was reading throught the new book by steven king called cell. Well they mentioned Canobie lake. Did anyone else read that? Are there any other books that mention theme parks?
  8. screens must be in by wensday and the coaster in by next saturday
  9. MaN I ThInKsE VeKoMAS iS so FRiGGiN SeXy!!!! WOOOO HOOOOO yah im bored and thats random
  10. I take big dumps on top of mountains uhh we love tatsu!!
  11. who invited robb to a rave. To which he respnded. . . .
  12. Full Fledged Bruce Campbell Enthusiast!
  13. Idk Try to make a bad one. Or I could make another one if you want.
  14. Congrats for winning! You are now a winner! You took time out of your day to WIN! Winner! now you can post the next coaster for people to edit
  15. ok upload your coasters now and I will give it a look see
  16. Row 2 Nightmare before christmas Corpse Bride A nightmare on elm St 1-7 Death Tunnle Invader ZIM Season 1 Beetlejuice Edward Scissorhands collectors tin Fangoria Blood Drive Punk Rock Holocaust Dead End Switchblade Romance (R-2 from the UK of High Tension) The Cat returns My Neighbor Totoro Freddy got fingered road trip Eurotrip Deep Red Tourist Trap When a stranger calls PULP FICTION Kids Songs: Ride the Roller Coaster! Attic expaditions Idle Hands Urban legand 1,2 and 3 Freaks Blood Feast Hollywood Chainsaw Hookers SnuffILM Swim_fan The Burning Row 3,4,5 and six later
  17. Hey We are planning a trip to SO*CAL this october. We need to know how bad the crowds will be and how we can avoid them. We also need to know where would be a good place to stay? For Disneyland. Resort? Or good neighbor hotel. SFMM any hotels within walking distance? USH We are thinking about staying on the Queen Mary. Are there any other area attractions near by we could hit up? Thanks for the help
  18. Any more? Please post screens of your coasters. Contest ends wensday
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