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  1. Do WHATEVER you want. If it makes you happy do it. You dont have to listen to what I say Nobody does thats why I am emo! - The words of a dying agnostic
  2. ummm Best time to go is early int the morning, Go right and make a circle around the park, Endd at monsoon falls and head for the main midway
  3. Go listen to some bands like Norma Jean and ditch the two step Try the classic scremo 1 2 1 2 3 4 tempo That singer. . . I am sorry to say but they suck. Get a girl and just have her sing, not scream You will suddenly notice a bigger fan base! Emo Drummer of Switchblade Romance
  4. bad paceing problem, Couldent hear the singer and of what I could make out he wasent screaming he was creaking Sorry bud but the resident emo gives that band 2 thumbs down
  5. Wood Roar SFMW Gotta love the twist! steel Medusa SFMW Air time! Other drop zone PGA and DCA's tot
  6. gchkbgft Gary Coleman hide klondike bars Gonzo Found Them WTF
  7. What ticks me off is those like 14 year old kids who have parents who take them to every firggin theme park they want and buy them all there coaster t-shirts and fanny packs just so they can "Show off" Well guess what It aint working. Most of the kids who have parents like that end up "Coaster geeks" anyways I mean calm down my coaster count is around 36 and I am very happy. Being able to say you have riden 160 coasters is like saying "Look at me I am a coaster geek! Oh and I hate those kids at the movies who dont even watch the movie. They just sit there throwing skittles at the screen and giggleing at not giggley parts. If I hadent have seen it the day before it would have totaly ruined opening night for the hills have eyes. And I hate those kids at school who put tin foil over there teeth and wear there pants so low they could just sit on a toilet and take a crap and talk all like Fo ShIzZ BiAtChHhH BaNgA Oh and those people who walk around in there american eagle cloths and call me a poser for wearing a nightmare before christmas hoodie. GOSH!
  8. yay! I am finnaly getting a danger hiptopII (T-Mobile sidekick2) I have waited for months and my mom finnaly said yes!
  9. Well my day started at 3:30 pm when I left my schol and started the trip. My dad picked me up and took me home to get changed. When I had done my busyness I picked up an apple and left for the Metreon. Traffic on our way to SF was pretty bad. It took us an hour just to get to oakland and another half to get to the city! We parked in the fifth street garage so we could just cross the street to the theater. It is called the Metreon and it is like a giant exibit for Sony products. They have a PlayStation store a SonyStyle store and a multi leval arcade. Well we went up to the third floor and got in line for the show. We got in line at around 5:45 (the movie didnt start until 7:30) And settaled in for a long wait. During that wait I got to mplay Time Crisis 3 and go down to Starbucks! After being bored for two hours they FINNALY let us in! We found our seats And settled In for the show. The movie was Kick ass! I rocked so hard that everyone screamed! It was pretty nicely put together. If you dont know what it is about it is about 2 families who getstuck in the desert after getting bad directions from a gas station attendent. Which leads them to there doom. All and all It was a pretty good day film 9/10
  10. Saw Hills have eyes for the 2nd time last night. It still rocks my socks! 10/10
  11. Five more hours until I leave to see The Hills Have eyes! I am so happy right now!
  12. I am 6.3 302 lbs and I can fit on most rides I ride. The only ones I have a problem on are V2, Grizzly,Xcelerator (not the seat or restraint just the seatbelt) Vortex and Top gun. Other then those I fit just fine. I think that if you dont fit you are WAY too big to be riding those rides.
  13. Here Is a good one Did you know that Chuck Norris has tears that can cure cancer? Too bad he never cries!
  14. When I wemt to joyfest at PGA for the first time in 2001 I was in the back of the park at closing. I wanted to ride stealth so I was walking in that area. Then I hear this really old patriotic music and I remembered the first time I went to the park when I was five. It was just so cool being back there with all the memories with no one else around. Oh and I DIDINT get to ride stealth.
  15. It wasent clear it was just bright and blue there where clouds
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