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  1. What are your local radio stations? In SF we have stations like live105 which is an alternative station and 106.1 KMEL which is the cra... I mean rap statinion of the bay area. My fav is probably live105 (you can listen to it live at www.live105.com) They play good music like muse and flogging molly. What are some stations where you are from? What is your fav? It would be cool to know
  2. ok I made this coaster rough ON PURPOSE! it is an arrow multi looper and here it is! New Compressed (zipped) Folder.zip hope you like it
  3. do you have a firewire? If so you can just transfer your video to a blank miniDV tape
  4. here is a cool slide at PGA. It is like one part speed slide and one part half pipe with a little jump at the end. You even get airtime!
  5. Please tell me they will still have pizza pucks!. If it was not for those little buggers I would leave the park for lunch!
  6. this is the reason that when I get out of collage. I am going straight to either japan or canada
  7. I tottaly forgot about OW! How do you edit polls?
  8. What GCI woody do you think is the best? Considering the fact I have only been on one I have to pick Roar at SFMW. How does it compare to the rest?
  9. I always ask permission. I am afraid not to. This one kid was filming medusa and when the ride op saw him he got kicked out of the park. Harsh
  10. Sweet I lost my DVD and habent been able to find another one PM me
  11. NO you all have it all wrong! SFMW is installing the worlds largest maryjuana plant and you get cabbage with admission!
  12. looking for 70's/80's horror movies on VHS or DVD
  13. Since I dont want to get banned I am putting all my random thing in here! yay!
  14. What is the use of these fanny packs and why do so many coaster fans have them? I was looking through many coaster websites and most people had them!!!! Are they for your cameras? Season passes? Chuck Norris? I need an answer!
  15. I know it did sound like a bad idea. But I didnt make it up. I just got ideas from different people I have talked to
  16. Before I get into anything I cannot stress enough ASK A RIDE OP!!!!!! well you dont HAVE to. But if you dont want to get kicked out I would. K here is a list of tips I have gathered from watching many POV's. Some good, Some bad.. If you follow these tips chances are you will have a good POV. 1. make sure your camera is correctly strapped to your hands at all times. Keep a firm grip on the base of the camera and try to keep it as steady as possible. Maybey think about using tape. 2. Use the car as support. If there is somthing you can press the camera on it will be smoother. Arrow trains are perfect for this. Simply press the camera against the front of the car and keep a good grip. 3. Try to sit as close to the front as possible. The front is ideal for taking good POV's . Inverts are a good example as there is always somthing blocking your view. 4. You cant control the volume on the train but try to keep your part of the car quiet. Uneeded sound takes away from a good POV 5. Try to ride in good lighting. Between 4:00 and 6:00 is the best time to film. If you film early in the day pasrts of the video will be bleached by the sun. And at night it is almost immpossible to see. 6. Keep fingers and hands away from the lens. You could have a really good POV and it could be ruined by that lingering index finger in the corner. It bugs people and makes your video seem annoying 7. Try to use a VIDEO camera. If you use the video feature on your digi cam the video will most likely come out very pixleated and choppy. It seems mediocre . There you have it A short little guide to taking good POV's! Feel free to comment and leave your own tips. Spelling is not great. I am typeing in the dark and I am tired
  17. emo tear for you I dont give them out to everyone Give it a nice burial at your local pet cemetary
  18. WTF MAN? that was really messed up "I was walking on the ground and I saw a clown with a frown!"
  19. LOL You should have hit up the metreon for some cheap sony electronics!
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