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  1. A vertical cable lift for a long train has already been done. Deja Vu, anyone?
  2. Force - if the new track style was developed for any coaster it would be the one about to open at Ferrari World. That park would pay for the R&D.
  3. Maybe the supports will be white? Silver Bullet's track is red, orange, and yellow but the supports are silver (well, except the lift).
  4. Happy Valley's dive machine was already well under construction when the mystery red track appeared at the plant in Ohio.
  5. ^The yellow track isn't for a hyper. That's the track he was guessing was for SFMM (it isn't).
  6. What?!? You mean the world doesn't revolve around us? lol
  7. Name me one coaster company builds wooden flying turns. Heck, name me one that's built one in the last 70 years. Well....?
  8. Complaining that Cedar Fair might put in at Carowinds a clone, or near-clone, of Diamondback is like complaining that your bacon-wrapped filet mignon isn't topped with bleu cheese crumbles.
  9. ^ It's the worse-kept secret in coasterdom that Carowinds is getting a B&M hyper...but you just go ahead and keep on thinking they're getting a woodie! lol
  10. I'm aware that those turns are right after dispatch but there is a slight drop before them. Anyone who's ridden a mouse knows it doesn't take much speed to produce heavy laterals on an unbanked turn.
  11. Wow, we must have different definitions of airtime. I rode in all three rows on Griffon and got massive air in all, with the most when sitting in the back of course.
  12. Rotational Motion provided new trains as part of the 2009 refurbishment of the roller coaster. No other coaster is running trains by that company. Here's their website: http://rotationalmotion.com/
  13. So the guy doesn't like Voyage..big deal. I can't name a single coaster in which there is a unanimous opinion. For all those who dislike SOB you'll find some who love it. You'll find people who love Millie and hate Millie. You'll find people who adore Diamondback and loathe it. Who the frick cares? Voyage happens to be my #2 coaster (Phoenix is my #1). Does the fact that someone hates Voyage automatically negate how I feel about it? No. Does my high opinion of Voyage mean his low opinion is wrong? No. He feels how he does, I feel how I do. How I look at it: if someone doesn't like Voyage it's one less person in line, lol.
  14. I just rode Griffon for the first time last week. It was my first B&M Diver so I cannot compare it to Oblivion, SheiKra, G5 or any of their other dive coasters around the world. My first ride was in the front far right seat. I'm not a screamer but hanging on that first drop out away from the track got a "HOLY $#!7!" outta me. From the vantage point of the trains the drop actually looked beyond vertical. Major airtime! I also rode in the back row...excellent airtime there as well. My advice: first ride: outside seat, front row. Second ride: back row, opposite outside edge. Then reride in the seat you like best.
  15. Those unbanked uturns before the launch look just look wrong...as in "painful laterals" wrong.
  16. At this year's HoliWood Nights event I rode Voyage non-stop during both nights ERT and could have gone for a few more hours if allowed.
  17. Why would anyone expect to see theming at an amusement park? Cedar Point is and has never billed itself as theme park. It is an amusement park. It just so happened to have some rides with theme elements. IMHO criticising CP for it's theming is like criticising McDonalds for not selling KFC.
  18. Isn't that the whole point: to not make them so easy? I enjoy having to do some research to find the answer.
  19. D'oh! I totally misread the post I replied to. Thanks for the clarification...although I still highly doubt a KD/CW mixup happened.
  20. It is Joyland (Wichita). I'll let you two fight over who goes next. It's my understanding from a recent reposting of the rules that you cannot answer with "___ or ___" (even tho I did it a few pages back).
  21. The supports and track that showed up at KD are intended for KD, not for Carowinds. There was never a mistake.
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