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  1. At least it's not themed to fire with the addition of saws...
  2. Same... 1 Maverick 2 Millennium Force 3 Dragster 4 Raptor 5 Rougarou 6 Magnum 7 Valravn 8 Gatekeeper 9 Wicked Twister 10 Gemini
  3. That took me a while also, so I got impatient near the end and started rushing, so I apologize for not coloring in the lines.
  4. I suppose this is a tad late, but kind of interesting at the least. It appears as though Cedar Point is trying to simply buy up a lot of land in that general area for future use, and that the recent purchases weren't really much to get excited over...
  5. YES! Coaster count up by the hundreds now... I LOVE Splash Mountain at Disney World.
  6. Yeah, that does seem to be quite the deal, especially for Cedar Point On a side note I may be going to Cedar Point's Winter chill out this year, and I have 2 questions... -Is the Winter Chill out only for Passholders, or is it open to everyone? -Does anyone recommend a particular time to go during the day? (Early Morning or a later time?)
  7. I may be going crazy, but I'm noticing that with the Cedar Fair websites lately... they don't seem to be updating them until days or even weeks after something has been announced, closed, or changed.
  8. Really?! It seemed to me like it was going up the same way as wonder woman... what parts are going up differently? Upon closer inspection I see what you mean... the curve around the back was put up later on WW than Railblazer
  9. As mentioned above, Incredible pictures! I love how compact Wonder Woman is and how it weaves in and out of itself. The water will be a nice touch later too. Also, thanks for the pic of Iron Rattler's butt... always wondered what it looked like from the back
  10. The majority of the ride holds up... I love the ride as it is my 2nd favorite in Epcot, but the touch screen part of the ride seems incredibly out of date (Guess I'm just used to todays tech). Also, I've always hoped they would do something else with the lights at the end of the ride... they are cool don't get me wrong, but they could do something better with the space.
  11. When was the last time spaceship earth got an update? Seemed older and more out of taste than usual when I rode it recently.
  12. I think you're partially right about that, in that you would be wrong to think that Cedar Fair would build nothing along side the beach in order to maintain a view of the beach. However, a large scale wooden roller coaster would completely block out the beach, and they don't want that. If I'm not mistaken, No
  13. Didn't Rob Decker say that they wanted to open up the beach? Wooden Coasters block views. If they were to add a wooden rollercoaster, I could see it going somewhere in Millennium island, or take out the raft ride and put it there... but certainly not alongside the beach.
  14. Completely forgot about that park. I guess that makes more sense now.
  15. What would Cedar Fair hope to achieve by dropping a couple million dollars on Valleyfair with a B&M or Raptor? Yes, it will bring in some additional guests, but that can be accomplished by putting in a small scale attraction (like a Larson Loop), instead of investing in a multi-million dollar ride. In addition I can't see it tearing people away from competitors because fankly, there are no competitors in the area if I'm not mistake.
  16. How much land does Dorney have past Stinger? I'm not sure I can see a large scale attraction (like a GCI) going there unless they have more land to work with. On a side note, that land looks awfully similar to where ValleyFair is putting their Larson Loop...
  17. The bolts have nothing to do with keeping the train on the track... its there to keep a thin piece of metal from coming off on the top of the track
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