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  1. My family had just purchased tickets for tomorrow (Wednesday) for a visit. I checked the tickets after they printed to verify everything was correct, and found the tickets were addressed for today rather than tomorrow (but seriously more like ). We need to either purchase new tickets and (hopefully) get some sort of a refund for the wrong tickets, or need to show up tomorrow with the wrong tickets to get them switched (but we don't even know if that's a thing). Guest services is closed, so no contacting them tonight. Couldn't find anything about the problem on the website or online. If you could point us in the right direction we'd really appreciate it.
  2. ...This seems pulled out of nowhere. What evidence can be presented to claim that Cedar Fair is delaying a rollercoaster? From what I understand Cedar Fair doesn’t do that on a park to park basis (I think...)
  3. I’ve noticed this too. IMO I really like it. Makes the station far less crowded and it efficiently allocates people to each seat while still allowing those that really want a certain spot to get it (cause you can just ask for it). Wait times I would presume are reduced as a result.
  4. As a reference point I was at the park today and it was windy as hell and was supposed to rain for a period of time. Crowds were really low, but a fast lane would (in my opinion) have been valuable. Even though wait times only hovered around 15-20 minutes, FL would have saved at least an hour or two of waiting. On a side note I would like to restate just how awesome this new BackBeatQ restaurant is. Seriously delicious and the cornbread is the best I’ve ever had. Brisket with Mac and cheese. Spicy sauce was good.
  5. Has it though? I seem to remember reading that Cedar Fair has ALWAYS had staffing problems in the spring and fall. Are you implying that they are terrible and mean now?
  6. Yeah!! They've been switched around for a week or two now I dunno why. I don't like it
  7. Why get more creative if it works? Also what is considered creative?? Seems pretty creative to me.
  8. I'm not a very reliable source, I but was at the Chill out event. It was asked during the presentation and the Cedar Point staff responded saying that pouches would be added on Steel Vengeance below people's knees (like on Twisted Timber). --- Popped in though to share some quick photos of the new BBQ restaurant that is being constructed if you haven't already seen it on other social media platforms. Just want to also praise the CP staff for putting on the Winter Chill Out event. Really enjoyed the "self guided tour" set up and loved every moment of the day. Thanks! Some pavilion seating I think ooooo there's the entrance Really fills up a lot of space... Entrance to the BBQ place Look at it from further along the midway towards Dragster.
  9. Yes!! Very enjoyable to watch! How did you manage to slowly turn and zoom the camdera during the shot?? That was cool.
  10. Ok... I took a quick look at the Erie County Auditor again and compared today's parcel numbers with the numbers I saved from last year about this time. In 2018 it appears as if only 5 parcels of land have been purchased by Cedar Point according to the auditor website. Four of the parcels are located right next to Sports Force (presumably for that 3rd expansion) and one itty bitty one is up right underneath 3rd Street to the left of Cedar Point Drive The stuff highlighted in Yellow is what was there late 2017 The stuff Highlighted in Red is what was purchased throughout 2018 Your guys' Econo lodge and thirsty pony are in no more danger than they was last year None of the new parcels are really that surprising...
  11. Remember that these kind of events take a lot of planning to get right. It's not as easy as just opening the front gate for another couple weeks. The addition of several new parks to the Cedar Fair chain was most likely pretty hectic, so it was probably a necessity to cancel Winterfest in order to keep things as "in order" as possible. As time went by and the company became comfortable with the new parks, they probably looked back on Winterfest and started figuring out how to bring it back but even better. Sure they lost money, but they may have lost more money by continuing Winterfest and screwing it up.
  12. I'm going to have to go with that pizzeria restaurant that is on your right when you just come off of the bridge from Frontier Trail?
  13. Ditto... looks delicious! These food events really make me want to go back (Which I suppose is the point of them )
  14. First off, great report! Glad you had a great time and good thing the park was doing well. Bummer you didn't have a great time on Magnum though... still one of my favorites. Also that's quite the plot of land, I didn't know that it was that big however I don't see a hotel coming. Second, I don't believe this has been mentioned, but I received an email from CP advertising their platinum pass along with the Forbidden Frontier. They provided a graphic for the new attraction that seemed really interesting. It appears as if they are relocating the entrance from where the Dinosaurs alive bridge was to where shoot the rapids used to be. They've also given some of the areas around the island random names like "Strataman's ridge," or "Sitnam's point." Dunno what the heck any of this means, but it neat to try and guess what they'll do with it. Am I looking at this map right??
  15. lol. I get family that want to take trips to Cedar point on Saturdays throughout mid summer and mid October. My response is always, "Ha, no, why don't you try NOT picking a day when LITERALLY EVERYONE ELSE wants to go.
  16. Yes!! I did get the chance to watch it, and I found it fascinating!! Definitely worth the watch, as it is a well put together documentary.
  17. Holy crap... that's insane. The top picture is so ridiculous it looks like it is edited.
  18. Nice pictures... really pretty! First thing I thought when I heard the media day was in October was, "wait... why would anyone want to ride that... it would be too cold out." Forgot Florida is always warm. However, what intrigues me is how they've managed to create a modernistic, yet tropical and rocky vibe to the entire area. Really came together nicely, and definitely excited to ride.
  19. Had way too much fun putting this together. Please make this happen... On a depressing note, stores in our area are already setting up Christmas stuff... Yay?
  20. Oooooohhhhhh. I though we were talking about making the entire parking lot multiple stories, which really wasn't clicking with me . Also, I presume those downward sloped brake runs are to not have to worry about drive tires coming in contact with a fast moving train on a flat surface. With a sloped brake run, the train can come in, slow down, and then come into the drive tires at a controlled speed.
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