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  1. For flats and minor coaster I agree on the mediocre names but when it comes to signature coasters CF does a good job at naming and more modernly, theming. Ie. Banshee, Steel Vengence, Twisted Timbers. I'm all for a really good Canadiana themed and named coaster. Save Ziz or Renanin for when they replace Flight Deck and Time Warp.
  2. I was just joking with a strata dive. Haha just a pie in the sky remark
  3. I really hate Pizza Pizza and wish it would go the way of McDonalds and New York Fries. With them bringing up their own beers as well as more authentic cultural fair, I feel like they could have an artesinal pizza maker and have a lot more detail in the buildings/style of pizza then this current company that tastes slightly above a cardboard box with tomato sauce on it.
  4. I would highly recommend checking out Toronto. The res over 50 micro breweries in the city plus a plethora of great Restaraunts from practically every culture. The festivals and markets every weekend are great and I would highly recommend on a good day to check out the islands just a ferry ride from downtown to rent a bike and plan a picnic. There's a lot to do here.
  5. For the love of God don't rush Wonderland. Stay two days if need be, especially if it's the long weekend. One unique Arrow Coaster is not worth rushing one of the best Cedar Fair parks. I guarantee you will regret it an hour after arriving to Marineland and realizing there's not much to do and a lot of walking to do it. Spend a day with the coasters and another day dedicated to flats if you want. The water park is decent as well given the weather is nice. Stay for the food, scenery and a multitude of shows. CW is worth the money.
  6. I really hope for the new coaster they give it a great name and not just a cartoonish Canadian gimmick. There is a lot of native American more they can work off of that I wouldn't mind seeing. Similar to Banshee, but I want to go even darker.
  7. Also you need to constantly be aware of audio. In a coupl3 of the videos there are people not facing the camera for a couple seconds which causes us jot 5o hear what is being said. If you want to move around while talking, try adding a mic piece for necessary audio levels.
  8. Didn't CW say s0mething along the lines of the biggest addition yet? Or something of that ilk?
  9. Haha yeah I have quite the mental backlog of requests I would love to download on someone responsible for future attractions. Right down to where in the park and what it should be themed as.
  10. Six Flag's should buy Marineland in Niagara Falls. That park has a decent enough group of rides to start off with plus loads of unnoccupied land to make plenty much needed expansions. It's a border park with millions of annual tourists a year just a quick drive away and has the potential to rival Wonderland given the right management. It would just depend on how much money SF would be willing to invest into a single park while at the same time try not to overload it like Geauga Lake.
  11. Lumberjack goes more with the theme and holds double the amount opposed to Jetscream. I do agree with you on the soaring timbers idea though.... if only they made it more intense then it would be different enough than shockwave.
  12. Vortex at CW. I was terrified... but not as much as the dreaded upside down coaster that is Dragon Fyre.
  13. Canada's Wonderland Cedar Point (first time) Kings Island (first time) Potentially more...
  14. It's awfully close to the Water park... What if it's a Water coaster?
  15. The lights on the edge of the axe blades look great especially surrounded by the lamp posts. I'm looking forward to the surrounding area in acouple weeks once there's leaves on the tree's and grass has grown out. I'm liking the focus on the creek as well, in retrospect it seemed a waste to be buried mostly by the mini putt course.
  16. With RMC being in the chain now I wouldn't be surprised if we get either of our woodies RMC'd next. We are a top tier park and I can see us getting one within 4 or 5 years. 3 B&M's is good for us now, we should see what other companies have to offer whether it be RMC, Gerslauer, Mack or even Vekoma.
  17. After the last couple of years taking out some pretty sizable rides I would venture to guess something is coming to fill the space. The fact that it's Six Flags we are talking about, not Cedar Fair.... I would at least expect a 4d free spin here.
  18. 4th of July is a gongshow since Americans and Canadians celebrate their nations birthday within a couple days of eachother. If you're going Then, you will definitely need a fast pass.
  19. I agree! As long as CedarFair1 isn't plaigarizing information or being reckless with predictions and just being an asshole all around, I do enjoy leniancy on whether they know what's happening or not.
  20. Technically twice. First for Timberwolf Falls, and now Soaring Timbers. Anymore, we would have quite the log jam.
  21. Those colours look a lot nicer, wow! Any word on the rail colour?
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