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  1. I'm pretty sure I heard that some engineers were at CW last ear taking pictures of Behemoth and Leviathan. I'm sure they were finalising this project as well
  2. Levi and Behemoth were planned under the Dick Kinzel era, not Matt Ouimett for one. And second Ouimett is about adding theming to a lot of rides and areas. Seems to me the last couple of years additions were Canadian themed, almost as if we are getting a new themed area. Include White Water Canyon, Timberwolf Falls and Vortex with Flying Canoes, Lumberjack and Soaring Timbers. Now all we are missing is a signature rollercoaster to finish the area off (along with food, lighting, water fountains, etc.) Boom, Frontier Canada is born.
  3. Centurion doesn't make sense to me... there is no Roman theme in the park.... and CW has been all about Canadiana theming lately. My bet is something Canadiana.... or mythical... or both
  4. Behemoth Boardwalk Bullet Poltergeist Montazuma's Revenge Georgia Scorcher
  5. I've heard rumblings about B&M working on a prototype coaster.... maybe that's what we are getting.
  6. Well the park director was tweeting after the 2018 additions that if people are excited this year, wait until 2019... so I'm hoping BIG. T-Rex, B&M Flying or the world's largest Gerstlauer Infinity coaster. it would be great to interact with White Water Canyon, Timberwolf Falls, Vortex and maybe even Minebuster. I'm doubting Ziz for the name though, I feel like Behemoth and Levi are good on their own. I'm predicting a Canadian theme to tie up the whole back portion and make it Frontier Canada. Include Vortex, TWF, WWC and the Action Theatre. There's also room for a couple other flats and restaurants for future plans. Definitely getting a 2019 seasons pass!
  7. York U alone will bring 1000s of people to the line every weekday. Downsciew Park has massive festivals and farmers markets every weekend in the summer... not to mention urban explorers like me who will use the park just to explore a park that was not as accessible as it is now. Vaughn Metro not only us getting a larger population, it's close to Ikea who happens to have a cult following and now directly connected to the subway. Somone like me who doesnt drive will appreciate it a lot. Black Creek is a great spot during spring and fall for any school field trip.... they will definitely take advantage. Unlike Sheppard, there is no transfer from downtown, it's the same route all the way up. Not to mention people using the TTC parking lots for anyone who doesn't want to drive downtown and decided to take a subway instead Give it a year and you will see how busy this gets.
  8. Just because it doesn't help us that much going to wonderland doesn't mean it's a waste of money. The subway will connect to actual Downsciew Park, a York U connection, Black Creek Pioneer Villiage.... it helps a lot of people connect easier to existing cultural and economic utilities. Also where Vaughn Metro got built they are currently building an actual downtown which is better for the city as a whole. To say it's as useless as the Sheppard Line is just an uneducated opinion. This is also connected directly to downtown Toronto which helps tens of thousands of people... eventually hundreds. It will also get people off the highways and other streets going into the city.
  9. What if just East of there is a indoor water park AND you are surrounded by two coasters. To the North could be an expanded theme park while the south side parking lot is where everything happens. You have a straight drive from major Mackenzie, your own parking lot and direct access to the park before it even opens. Sounds better than an over extending lake and bot as easily access.
  10. Zamperla is building two flat rides at Canada's Wonderland this year. Plus Soaring Timbers from Mondial has presented some difficulties this season... So they might be leaning elsewhere for future flats.
  11. A new coaster makes more sense to me in this location. First off it'll be available from April til December (winterfest). Secondly, if the hotel plans are true, they will be adding in an indoor water park which is definitely more than enough water park space for right now. A future outdoor water park expansion could be south of Black Hole or East of the wave pool.
  12. There are reports on Screamscape of new markers for Lumberjack as well as on Skyrider's plot of land and across Vortex. http://www.screamscape.com/html/canada-s_wonderland.htm
  13. Canada's Wonderland... Time warp: Haven't been on it since the Paramount days and I can't wait for it to go. Not worth a 5 minute que. Just uncomfortable and ho-hum. Backlot Stunt Coaster: Don't necessarily hate it, but after Vortex, Behemoth, Leviathon and the woodies, I'm more into the flat rides in the park. Drop Zone: as a kid I was terrified to go on it, and after I did a couple years ago I just found it to be way too short. It needs another 100 feet! Other than that, it's really only the up charges I don't do very often. The day is usually expensive enough without them.
  14. If I opened a park, I would actually buy out Marineland in Niagara Falls, Ontario. It has massive potential with all the available land around it, however due to bad publicity with their treatment of whales and horrible upkeep, it's in need of a major overhaul. First let's go with the rides aready on the property: Ocean Odyssey- ??? a circular motion ride with multiple arms that lifts at random Bumblebee- Scrambler Orca Screamer- Mini Skyscreamer Viking Adventure- DiscO Flat Ride Tivoli Wheel- Mini Ferris Wheel Lady Bug Coaster- kids coaster Space Avenger- Don't know, but it's very similar to Ocean Odyssey Sky Screamer- Triple Drop Tower Dragon Mountain- Arrow custom coaster Kandu's Twister- Teacups Magic Experience- Troika Skyhawk- Condor flat ride Waveswinger- Swing of the Century Flying Dragon- Magic Carpet Hurricane Cove- Musik Express Topple tower Ride- topple tower Good bones, horribly managed. Before anything else, I would take out all of the animal exhibits in the park and find aquatic shelters to live off of the rest of their lives. The King Waldorf Stadium would be converted into an ampetheatre for non-animal entertainment. The area is very spaced out, and capable of hosting tens of thousands of guests every day. There would need to be major upgrades in the dining program, washroom facilities, a larger lost and found and most importantly a front entrance you can be proud of. Lots of stores, cafe's,arcade zone, sit down restaurants, a pub, etc. Then I would put in a waterpark in replacement of the aquatic animals. (Obviously not all at once) 1 mile lazy river kids splash stations wavepool Proslide drop pods and other slides twist n' splash Log Flume The kids area has quite a bit of attractions already, but I'd include a: massive treefort area go karts mini golf and an interactive dark ride bumper cars swan lake as far as flat rides Zampeirla Air Racers Chance Rides Double Swinging Inverter S&S Screamin' Swing Funtime Starflyer Schwartzkoff Enterprise Geurstlauer Giant Wheel I want these rides to really fill out the skyline from downtown Niagara This park is surrounded by a tonne of flat land, so it would be ideal to put in a transportation method, I personally prefer a train ride. Fells more rustic and intimate than gondolas or trams. As far as coasters are concerned: B&M inverted coaster GCI custom woodie Intamin strata-coaster Skyline Attractions Skywarp Zampierela Junior Twist Coaster I know it's a lot and would never happen like I described, but it would be really cool to have a park that actually compete's with Canada's Wonderland. There have been rumours for a long time that a group of Chinese billionaires were looking into the 1200 acre park, so who knows what will happen.
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