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  1. 1.Mondial Top Scan 2.Geurstlauer Skyroller 3.S&S Screaming Swing 4.S&S Power Tower 5.HUSS Jump2 6.HUSS UFO
  2. They should really consider putting in a sizable parking garage. Especially now that we know the hotel won't take up any space on the lot, it almost seems destined to happen. A 3+ storey garage in the north east corner would do wonders for potentially expanding the south side of the lot by Behemoth/Kingswood.
  3. have a tram connected with it to the park? most likely a bus system though.
  4. After going on Valravn this past weekend I'm stoked for Yukon Striker. I'm also happy we're not getting a proper second drop and instead going for another inversion. I'm also happy it wasn't a wing rider, while gatekeeper is a beautiful ride, Valravn is definitely more intense. Hopefully we get better theming than some stickers and faux decorations/semi decorated building.
  5. Trip Report August 26/27 So a friend and I have been planning a trip months prior for both Kings Island and Cedar Point. Unfortunately I had a accident with my kneecap and thought I couldn't go. We got our money back from Kings Island but the Econo Lodge for Cedar Point has a no money back policy. Turns out my leg had a pretty good recovery and the policy was a good excuse to at least do half the trip we planned spending Sunday and Monday at Cedar Point. We arrived on Saturday just to scout of the town and discovered a recently open brew pub named Bait House. It already seemed to have regulars and it was set in a historic 1800's house which had 4 decent beers, a peach juice like IPA called "Hook Line & Sinker" was their best. Great patio and a food truck is right outside for meals, though we didn't get anything to eat. Anyways the next day we arrived at the park and was overwhelmed with the coasters popping out, specifically Gatekeeper with it's majestic wings taking broad swoops over the front entrance. I knew it was going to be a great day. The crowds were large, but nowhere near the insane amount of people I often see at CW and I already knew I was gunning for Steel Vengence first. Day 1 Steel Vengence--- Simply the best coaster I have ever been on from the first couple bunny hops until the last dash towards the final breakrun stopping at insane speeds. The amount of inversions that force you to guess which side is up and a second half which is arguably as great as the first is worth the hour and a half wait we had at the beginning of the day. What a beauty, if this is where the future of coasters is heading then we are truly in the golden age of coaster design. Maverick--- My second favourite ride there. Great que line theme and enjoy all of the quick turns and beyond 90 degree drop through rocks and the lake. I am saddened that Intamin will never make another one for the CF chain since it makes backlot look like a Whacky Worm. Skyhawk--- Great flat ride with an intense sound that makes it that much more enjoyable. I just wish it was a longer ride cycle, especially with a walk on que. Rougarou--- First floorless coaster for myself and I quite enjoyed the backseat where it wasn't as jittery and had a decent amount of force Blue Streak--- Oldest coaster Ive been on and it did a number to my legs, but I still enjoyed the classic feel to it. Raptor--- First B&M invert Ive been on and it just makes me mad at Cedar Point that this was the reason we didn't get one at CW. I loved it, and it makes me never want to ride an SLC again. Gatekeeper--- I quite enjoyed the restraints on it being I'm the kind of rider who loves to have many things to grab while going down the first drop. This is a coaster for people who want to go on a big boy coaster yet feel like they're in a Lazy River. I enjoyed the keyhole elements and just the views of the front of the park, its a shame it doesn't get as much love as it deserves. Wicked Twister--- Wait line was short but wait time was remarkably long because of the restraints. It was a great front row ride and it made me question if the track should be extended more, just in case. Valravn--- It was interesting to be on my first dive and get a glimpse of what CW is getting next year. I enjoyed the first drop and the immelmen but I can see why a lot of people don't see the need for the second drop. I'd rather include different elements as well. Corkscrew--- Classic Arrow looper. It was feeling it's age but I'm glad I rode it. I do enjoy the interactions with the pathways underneath. Magnum XL-200--- The OG hyper coaster made me worried for my life. The first half is great up until right after the second tunnel and then your legs get a thrashing and I swore my lapbar was coming undone. Happy I rode it, but never again. Gemini--- Celebrating 40 years and I'd swear it's not older than 30. I was on the red train and we annihilated blue by a significant margin. Much more gentle to my body than I was expecting. Good Fun. Cedar Creek Mine Ride--- Enjoyed the atmosphere even thoughthe lapbar felt like a vice grip on my legs. Millennium Force--- While being closed all day we managed to find it operating and had a dusk ride. Same seats as Ride of Steel which I enjoyed because of the side handles. It was a great ride and while quite intense, I still prefer Leviathan in the giga category. Maverick--- Night ride, same intense quick turning fun but with the added bonus for all the flies you can eat! I do prefer this in the daytime as I enjoy getting blinded out of the tunnel. Steel Vengence--- Nightride on this beautiful piece of art is even better with you not knowing when the lift drops and while you don't see as many of the head choppers as in the day, I feel as though you hearing it all pass by is even more terrifying. Day 2 Gatekeeper--- Waking up with this coaster having no line is better than coffee. still as graceful and majestic as I remembered. Rougarou x2--- My friend went on TTD and I didn't really feel like going up that high, so I did a front row and back row back to back rides, I might like it a little bit more than Raptor, but the jury is still out. Power Tower--- Enjoyed getting shot up a lot more than drop towers, great view of the north side and the lake. Iron Dragon--- Needed to ride it being a relative of Vortex. While not as intense, it was still worth riding. Train ride--- Great way to see the park and just relax for a while. Maverick--- One last ride before leaving. This ride is too good to me. I'm happy it didn't break down once since we were there since I hear it's quite common. Overall I had a great weekend and met some awesome people there including some members of ACE. I'm definitely looking forward to going again next year and hitting up KI finally. A couple +/- Great selection of food, we enjoyed the Smokehouse brisketone day and Chickie and Pete's philly cheesesteak the other Excelent diversity of coasters and a lot of firsts for me Loved all of the historical buildings in Frontier Town from the blacksmiths to the petting zoo and the music really suited the overall vibe. The park was really lucky to get a lot of historical buildings still in great shape. The park needs more exciting flats, after PT, SH and MA, it's kind of ho hum I'm not a big fan of the enterance. It's not very grand and the architecture is all over the place. It has a very different vibe than Frontier or the boardwalk area of the park. Also the merrygoround and pirate ship is too close to the entrance causing a lot of people to skip them entirely while they go deeper into the park. The park just needs more balance with flats, dark rides and theatre/performances.
  6. I would say one day on fast pass definitely take a care of Wonderland. But I would highly recommend the downtown of Toronto for micro breweries, art galleries and exploring the vast amounts of cultural-centric neighbourhoods. Niagara Falls is Great, but Niagara on the Lake has some beautiful qualities to it including a vast amount of wineries and breweries. If you're super into nature.... drive an hour in any direction and go explore provincial parks while camping, canoeing, fishing and portaging til your heart is content. If you want a little direction I can steer you into whatever direction you're looking for.
  7. We just have a regular 2 day pass and we are going to 've just offsite.
  8. So my friends and I are road tripping down to CP for Sat, Sun and possibly half of Monday for the first time. With the weather being 30% thunderstorms, do you see the need for fastpass? Should I presume to rush to Steel Vengeance first? What are the best food options? What are some great Restaraunts and bars in the area? Is there anything outside the park worth going to?
  9. While yes there are worse coasters at the park this is the way I see it. TOGO doesn't exist anymore and it would be a very high cost for extra parts if it ever went down. People don't enjoy standups for the most part. The land by the water, mountain and forest is a lot more strategic than pretty much everywhere else in the park. Plus if you took out TW then it would be a very small coaster unless you included FD and I bet the gp would be freaking out they're taking two coasters out in the same year.
  10. YES! This is so true! I cannot stand when people are "wow what a crappy name" because for one, it's not like they could come up with a BETTER name, and two, you're exactly right, people just suck it up, get used to it, and deal with it. I mean people say "Thunder Dolphin" like it's no big deal and you want to stop them in their tracks be all STOP AND THINK ABOUT WHAT YOU JUST SAID AND AT NO POINT IN YOUR LIFE WILL YOU EVER PUT THOSE TWO WORDS TOGETHER AGAIN!!! It seriously doesn't matter what the name is. I mean, this coaster could be called "Decorating Gravel Weasel" and it still wouldn't matter because in a matter of no time people would casually be all "Oh man, I just totally rode the Weasel and it was awesome!!!" or "Dude, let's go get in line for D-Graw" or some stupid crap like that. Outside of many Japanese coaster names, Skloosh is the "happiest" ride name in the history of happiness. It's amazing! Even if you look back on the CW sub forum there was people complaining about how stupid Behemoth was and how no one will understand or appreciate Leviathan. It's a thing you will get used to.... it just takes a while and helps a lot if it's an amazing coaster. Which this looks quite interesting.
  11. Ifthey do decide to use the land for another venue space I feel as though they would rip up the old supports and build brand new. I couldn't imagine it being in great shape as is... as well they're definitely not getting into the aquarium business for fairly obvious reasons. I would like to see a camp snoopy for most of it plus leaving some room for if they ever wanted to extend a coaster over that area.
  12. I ended up not going because of a hangover. However I'm contemplating either tomorrow or Sunday if interested. Unfortunately I have to work this Monday.
  13. I'm planning on going solo to Wonderland on Monday... anyone interested in joining me?
  14. I'm just throwing this out there but a combination of a lower Canadian dollar plus a volatile American president and his followers might be creating a "travel everywhere but the US" mentality. I know that KI and CP would get a fair amount of Canadians.... not sure about the parks further south.
  15. Not the colours I was hoping for but it may grow on me.... let's see what it looks like when it's all set up! If anything I would be thinking it should look like a tree and do reverse colouring. ... at least it's not identical to Valravn now...
  16. I agree with the comments of CF as a whole... however this does fit with CW when it has a green coaster and a blue/yellow b&m. The one thing I like about this colour is that it will fit in more with the forest when it interacts with it.
  17. Anyone bashing CedarFair1's YouTube videos just don't realize they're in a loud minority. Sure if you don't like his stuff, you can simply not watch it. I however have been following his videos since the wintertime and no one else goes to the lengths that he has with interviews, drones, everyday park appearances and willing to learn knew terms and practices to envision the new coaster. THIS KIND OF THING DOESN'T USUALLY HAPPEN. Every video he is getting more information and it's piecing everything together. Sure you can watch Coaster Studios, TPR, Coaster Bot or a thousand other type of channels, but none of them dive this deep into details. He is even expanding to other Cedar Fair parks like Carowinds and Cedar Point and bringing a following with him. A half a year ago when he started the channel he was rocking like 130 people or w/e... now he is almost at 5,000 subscribers with well over a quarter million views. Clearly someone is enjoying this info. He has put countless hours and his own money into doing this. Is it perfect? F?ck no.... but is he getting better at creating videos and discussions then back in March? Leaps and bounds... absolutely. If you're too lazy to click on a play button and actually see moving pictures and a voice that helps you understand what you are seeing then I don't know why you are on a chat forum to begin with.... there's way too much clicking involved in the first place! Haha chill out people. He is the main reason you're even on CW's sub forum this often anyways.
  18. I would love for a coaster to pop out of the forest and follow the highway a bit.... That would be a great welcome into the park.
  19. A.I. is also mentioning a couple one off footings meaning they are probably in place for a major theming element. I would love to see a smaller mountain or something of the like... maybe do what twisted timbers did with tractors, but we could use mine trains.
  20. Auburn seems like a great colour to use in and around the woods too! I'm hoping that the grey is a primer.... it wouldn't reach the visual potential that way. I'm still hoping for a 280 ft lift and a 20ft tunnel to make it a giga! And you still have me intrigued saying there are more surprises haha.
  21. Maybe they will start clearing land for future buildings along the path. I'd reckon it would have to mostly be done before the winter in order to open in time for next season.
  22. Haha during my very little research with a colleague of mine, I Predict they speak for literally hundreds of millions of people. Welp there you have it folks. No one knows about Ziz. I never heard of any of these names prior to their construction. But I learned enough about them afterwards. If people can get behind Rougarou God damnit, they can get behind this one too..... but they have to wait for the next coaster first.
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