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  1. Get the Front of the Line Pass. I'd guess that Total Darkness will have the lowest capacity. Don't do the outdoor mazes (El Chupacabra, Aftermath, Cursed) until it's very dark. As for the "order" of the mazes, kind of hard to say since the event hasn't started yet but I'd go with Total Darkness first then Insanetorium, cursed, Aftermath, Black Widow, Willoughby's, Chupacabra and then end the night with Toyz of Terror. Everybody always seems to go to that maze first but by the end of the night the line dies down. That is with the normal pass. If you get the FOTL pass then order doesn't matter.
  2. Great stuff Erik. Congrats on the wedding/honeymoon. My wife and I also got married in Vegas ... but not by Gene Simmons unfortunately. I pretty much agree with your assessment of Knott's although I will say that they've taken many steps in the right direction over the last 2-3 years. It will NEVER be what it was when we were growing up but it's not as bad as it was in the mid-2000's. Also glad to hear that the Heart Attack place isn't worth it so we never have to bother. And yes, the Log Flume at Buffalo Bills used to be a shooting Log Ride and was incredibly fun. It's still a decent log ride IMO.
  3. I tried to add you Guy but I keep getting an error message. Add me and I'll accept.
  4. Great TR Jake. Still planning on getting to Lagoon one of these days.
  5. I also like with the update about a month ago that you can see who visited your town so you can repay them easier.
  6. 39 ... That will change when we get to CP finally next year.
  7. This one sucks ... http://www.nydailynews.com/entertainment/music-arts/author-tom-clancy-dead-66-article-1.1473782
  8. ^ FF doesn't start until Friday, I'm going on Saturday. If nobody puts one up before then I will on Sunday/Monday.
  9. Works great for me. To answer the above question I'd use this over safari. No question.
  10. Looks like it's going to be a fun update. Hopefully I'll get everything this time unlike Whacking Day (I started playing the game about 1/2 way through that one). Only have 13 donuts so not going to pay 12 to speed up the Gypsy house.
  11. Oooh, I love the look of the town. Looks great.
  12. I would have picked the NW tour but as it stands right now only the Mini New Hotness would work for us date wise.
  13. DCA's version was "Food and Wine lite". They maybe had 5-6 booths (most were in existing food locations) and some cooking demos. But most of the events were upcharge events designed to cater to the Disneyland AP's. We did a couple of them, and had a blast, but it had nothing on what EPCOT does.
  14. Agreed. But it'll be a bit harder without Kemp and Ethier. I didn't get the whole post game thing yesterday they did and it seemed a lot of the players didn't really either. They lost the game, are 12-15 in September and yet they had that whole thing going on. Didn't make any sense to me other than it was "fan appreciation day".
  15. I don't have the tooth chipper yet, I think it's after you've played the game so many times.
  16. Food and Wine is such a great event. Hopefully we'll get back there one of these years.
  17. ^ Thanks for the review Joey. From everybody I've talked to, Black Magic seems to be the highlight maze so far. Sad to hear that Gunslingers isn't too great, hopefully it will improve. Still trying to figure out when we are going to be able to get to Haunt, right now it's not looking until the very last night (Nov 2nd). Also hearing that Trapped isn't great this year so we'll probably skip that.
  18. There are 3 rides at Knott's that will likely never be removed ... at least in our lifetime. Two of them are the Calico Mine Train and Timber Mountain Log Ride The third (although to a lesser extent) is Montezooma's Revenge. The park is VERY proud of these three rides.
  19. I'm guessing that was the reward for the season premiere quest? I want some sushi now.
  20. I actually use the jar opener as a coaster for drinks on my desk.
  21. Picked up a case of Newcastle Werewolf yesterday. Great stuff.
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