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  1. It's almost a miracle the park was able to operate for so long! It could have closed definetly a few times but somehow it just kept coming back to life! But I think this time is the end.
  2. You are probably right unless someone else is buying the property. Apparently he was considering reselling the whole property, but at a high price. As much as I would want that place to come back alive with the Blue Streak, sadly I think it is pretty much over.
  3. I know Fredd Grubb is retiring and has sold the company to Darren Torr. I do not think Schilke has retired.
  4. No news for a while! Anyone heard anything? Are the trains still on the tracks? Is Blue Streak still standing!?
  5. At least it wasn't scrapped! Those Vekoma corkscrews with bayern curve are getting pretty rare.
  6. I am wondering if they are still moving ahead with track modifications for Predator!?
  7. I agree. They need one and I think they should have kept Corkscrew! I know the pandemic changed their plans and at this point they probably wish they didn't get rid of it. La Ronde did the same with their Corkscrew except they didn't bother selling it they scrapped it instead! Who bought the Playland Corkscrew?
  8. They need a looping coaster. Any Scharzkopft double loop coaster for sale!?
  9. Any used large coaster they are removing at other parks would be good for the park. Cedar point's Wicked Twister would have been perfect.
  10. Yes they should definetly get a new coaster. Something big. Playland needs one. They could get a used one too.
  11. The owner Todd Joseph has already started to tear down the tunnel of the Blue Streak! It seems he is trying to get cars off the track.
  12. Happy Halloween!!! Last day for Ghost Lake at CLP! And then what's next after!? Will the park be completely demolished in the next few weeks???
  13. Canada's Wonderland and Marineland did not open one day in 2020! They were not allowed. That is what was harsh for them, especially Marineland. They still had all the bills related to the animals and minimal staffing that year.
  14. Last time I visited the park was June 2018 and my 2 sons and I had a great time there! Yes the park is huge and has plenty of room for many more rides and attractions! Everything was open and well taken care of. The park was clean. I don't think the park will close. Covid restrictions were harsh for the park but I think more rides and possibly a major roller coaster will be added in the future.
  15. According to an article in The Meadville Tribune this past week, Todd Joseph can do whatever he wants with the park and demolishany building andrides he wants. "In an interview Thursday with The Meadville Tribune, Pennsylvania Historical and Museum Commission (PHMC) spokesman Howard Pollman said the commission's legal team has found covenants, or restrictions, placed on Conneaut Lake Park's Historic District by the state didn't apply." So that being now clear, things might start moving quicly with the new development.
  16. Well apparently Marineland is closing for good after this week end. The park will be up for sale for possible redevelopment.
  17. As far as I know it's been running pretty much all season long! And both sides too!
  18. Whatever ride I'm on with my 2 sons, I always make sure they buckle up as soon as they sit. I thaught them to always rely on themselves first. Ride operators are usually quite young but well trained. But you never know. Very sad.
  19. The layout is a simple out and back. Not bad but I don't think there is anything special about it. I have to admit that relocating the coaster would probably mean putting 80% new wood in it, so might as well building brand new if the blueprints are still available. But I don't know if it'd be a success. The Blue Streak is great operating there at CLP if well taken care of. It has good pops of air time, history, and its delapidated look, which induce fear amongst many riders (although the ride is safe). Unless a new owner comes in soon to operate it, and I'm sad to say this, but I can only see the Blue Streak rotting away, and that is if it's not taken down.
  20. Hum weird! I wonder what the asking price was for the Blue Streak!? And why was it listed and then taken off!? Did Todd Joseph think it could make him more money by selling it to someone who wanted to take it down for whatever reason (relocation, fire wood...)? Or has it been sold already!? Maybe some serious people are following this story more than we think! Demolishing a wooden coaster of that size is not cheap.
  21. Even if there were hundreds of people at that rally it woud'nt change anything!! Cash is king! Most amusement parks close due to real estate development. And when the market is hot real estate is the way to go to make money.
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