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  1. Scrapped. The coaster is being put in scrap metal containers. So sad.
  2. Possibly good news for Mindebender fans, the coaster is currently being taken down carefully. They are dismantling it piece by piece and not cut up. Some parts of track are already stacked nicely.
  3. Hopefully they open it by mid june. I booked a trip already!
  4. Gotta say that coaster looks really good! Modern day looking classic coaster! I have a feeling we'll see more of them in a not too distant future.
  5. Too bad. I remember back when it was just Darien Lake, not Six Flags, you would get admission with your camping plan. The park and campground were connected together with no gate. And it was very affordable. Good ol days!
  6. Kiska their killer whale passed away last Thursday and they sent their walrus and her calf to Seaworld Abu Dhabi. It sounds like the end of the marine theme and the sale of the park.
  7. New owner should be announced soon. It seems it will be either 100 Kellogg lane, Hard Rock, or Hershey!
  8. The coaster has its own structure and is not attached to the mall's structure. Apparently it will be dismantled and not cut up so perhaps it will hit the used rides market. It is in need of some structural repairs (cracks? minor?) and some work to the trains. It is possible it sees a new home! Knoebels please!!!!!!
  9. I rode it too in 2001 and my experience was just WOW. It was intense. And the engineering in the transitions was great, I mean flawless if you compare those Schwarzkopf coasters with Arrow! Plus although it's bad, I guess knowing what happened with that coaster when it was new added to the, huh, I don't know what to call it! You knew this coaster was forceful.
  10. Maybe the restraints are problematic but I can't imagine the whole coaster being in worse shape than others such as Quimera.
  11. Several parks nearby could definetly buy it. Calaway Park 2 hours south in Calgary could definetly erect it. PNE Playland in Vancouver or La Ronde for god's sake in the spot they used to have the corkscrew coaster, just to name a few Canadian parks! Of course several US parks should try to get their hand on it. It's a very good roller coaster. Too good to be scrapped. Been INDOORS 37 years!!
  12. This coaster has never been exposed to the weather so even though it's 30 something years old it's gotta be in good shape. I really hope it doesn't get turned into scrapped metal and that somebody steps up and relocates it. Apparently back in 85 the coaster was first erected outside and then they built the walls and ceiling around it!
  13. This is really sad news. I have ridden it once back in 2001 and OMG this is one hell of a coaster! Very intense and smooth. It delivers trong positive G's.
  14. Well reportedly the owner of the pMarineland Marie Holer has announced that the park is up for sale now. They are looking for a buyer to grow the park in the future. They are opening this May as usual.
  15. Well Revelation was a scary ride! Yes they could have put it somewhere else in the park. It doesn't take up a lot of space.
  16. Didn't they have a few years ago a huge Booster type ride in front of the Corkscrew?
  17. It's a good thing Predator is getting this kind of track. I mean great! It was so insanely rough to the point that it was not enjoyable at all.
  18. It has been confirmed the Ultimate at Lightwater Valley will be dismantled https://www.bbc.com/news/uk-england-york-north-yorkshire-64239051
  19. I think avoiding Six Flags park is not bad these days if you have other park options! Budget cuts are hurting pretty bad. Riddler and Scream have apparently blown lift hill motors and replacement might take a while.
  20. With the last financial report it is questionable if Six Flags will be around for very long, or at least as it is now.
  21. Todd Joseph (the owner) has apparently given it to a local museum. I have yet to see pictures of it!
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