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  1. Good thing it is getting more new track. That coaster was so brutal a few years ago when I rode it.
  2. I rode the Skyflyer once. The year it opened waaaaaay back in 96!
  3. Oh that is no good. I am wondering what the future holds for the rollercoasters and the rides.
  4. Lovely park! I visited it about 10 years ago. I love the Morgan train with flanged wheels on the Jack Rabbit. It tracks very well.
  5. The Condor at La Ronde was installed in 1990. I don't know if they are removing it or just doing maintenance on it.
  6. Yes losing a flavor for sure. I understand the economics behind this merge and I believe it makes sense but in the end the customer will probably lose in one way or another. Whether it be membership pricing or perks, possible park closures, etc, I doubt having less competition will do anything good for the enthusiasts and customers. I have to admit that I find it sad to see the Cedar Fair name dissapear. I've always enjoyed the Cedar Fair experience over the Six Flags experience! But again I understand the move and everything. The pandemic was really bad for the amusement industry and others. We are slowly starting to see the aftermath. And we have to add the looming recession and wars going on. I have been an enthusiast for 30 plus years and it's been interesting to see how parks developped and added attractions over those years. We can all blame Six Flags for many reasons, but we can't forget how much they spoiled us enthusiasts with so many major rides or roller coasters in the span of a few years (and sometimes several the same year!), especially at the turn of the new millenium.
  7. I wonder which park(s) will end up closing for good!? There is no way they are keeping ALL the parks in the long run.
  8. Can't wait to ride this new beast! My only visit to the park was in 2003! A lot has changed since then. I wish they kept Hercules. I got to ride it several times the Sunday of the Labor Day weekend. The next day it was giving its last rides but no one knew.
  9. Perfect addition for the park! I wish some other SF parks could get one too!
  10. Thanks for the info AmyUD06! I remember seeing that concept art. At some point it was getting close to being built. But now I guess it is dead for good.
  11. I wonder if someone would know but many years ago Mr. Morey lais out plans to build a huge twister/out and back wooden coaster that would start on one of the piers and travel underground to the next pier. I don't know if it's still one of his plans!? Does anyone know?
  12. I rode WR at the end of June and WOW that coaster is awesome! But it is quite intense and it made me question myself; when will they reach the limits? I mean as intense as it is and with the structure swaying like crazy, some parts must be getting loose after a short while. I know it has to sway but maybe not so much. It must be a maintenance nightmare, and the ride is new. The elements, the pacing, etc, is perfect on that ride but I just can't see some RMCs standing very long (20 plus years) because they might become too problematic. I hope I am wrong because I think it is right now one of the best if not the best coaster manufacturer-designer on the market. I wouldn't be surprised if we start seeing more and more RMCs with a steel frame like Arie Force One.
  13. The park is apparently for sale and according to the mayor of Niagara Falls it should eventually become a park like Canada's Wonderland filled with rides!
  14. Sad story. Obviously Schwarzkopf trains seem to have issues after time. Mindbender at WEM, the one in Mexico that they are rebuilding at IB, and now this one all had wheel assembly failure. I wonder if this accident will make parks that own Schwarzkopf coasters put their coasters or trains out of service. Reportedly the Mindbenbder at WEM at many tiny cracks all over the tracks. I guess they probably think now that they made the good decision of retiring it for good. Indiana Beach must be wondering what to do now. I think the best option is to have new trains built by an other manufacturer.
  15. We were there last sunday and it was pretty dead for the first couple hours! Got quite a few rides on our favorites. Got more crowded early afternoon. SROS kept broking down and reopening! Lot of line jumping which is a shame. Overall good experience.
  16. Everything is more expensive everywhere now. Even though wages go up, everything goes up in price. It seems the customer ends up paying more and getting poorer.
  17. https://dailyhive.com/edmonton/pieces-mindbender-rollercoaster-in-scrapyard
  18. Scrapped. The coaster is being put in scrap metal containers. So sad.
  19. Possibly good news for Mindebender fans, the coaster is currently being taken down carefully. They are dismantling it piece by piece and not cut up. Some parts of track are already stacked nicely.
  20. Hopefully they open it by mid june. I booked a trip already!
  21. Gotta say that coaster looks really good! Modern day looking classic coaster! I have a feeling we'll see more of them in a not too distant future.
  22. Too bad. I remember back when it was just Darien Lake, not Six Flags, you would get admission with your camping plan. The park and campground were connected together with no gate. And it was very affordable. Good ol days!
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