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  1. I enjoyed Vortex actually. I love Arrow, and I'm used to bracing for the awkward transitions, and there's some great drops and inversions on Vortex. But it's not the best Arrow coaster out there and it's one of the rougher ones I've been on, so I wouldn't be too upset if it was replaced with something great.
  2. I saw Dinosaur Jr. yesterday, and they were even better than when I saw them in November. Easy Action was the opening act again, and of course they kicked ass. All the old people and hipsters looked traumatized by them. Dinosaur Jr.'s set list was perfect. They played at least one popular song from almost every album, and it was a really long set. The Lung was a highlight for me, and it had an extended solo. They playing was incredible like always. The encore was Mountain Man and a cover of TV Eye by the Stooges, so the encore had a more of a punk/hardcore vibe. For TV Eye they brought John Brannon back on for vocals and it was insane! The crowd was very energetic (and drunk) during the older songs and there was a great mosh pit (except for the guy who started a fist fight). It was an amazing show, and definitely up there with Melvins and King Gizzard. Still an awesome band!
  3. Technology Impalers Cellar Dweller is going to be hard to beat for my number 1 album of the year
  4. I saw Dead Cross at Union Transfer. Secret Chiefs 3 was the opener. I'm not very familiar with them, but they had a microtonal guitar and mandolin! The songs they played had a lot of complicated time signatures and plenty of experimentation and middle-eastern music influences. They were an interesting choice for an opening band, but it was pretty awesome to see. Dead Cross was great of course. Mike Patton is one of the best frontmen ever, and some of the most bizarre vocals he's done is on the new Dead Cross record. When they played Divine Filth he stage dove twice! They played most of, if not all of their songs, plus new material and a few covers. Dave Lombardo killed it on drums. The drum set was literally shaking. Cool band. Their album is one of my favorite albums of the year so far.
  5. Man, I just missed it since I went there a few days ago. Since I forgot to post anything, here's my thoughts on some of the rides I got on: Gale Force - Interesting coaster, not as intense as I expected. The launch has a vibration to it, but not as bad as Kingda Ka or anything. The twisty elements are really strange, and have some good airtime. It's not the most forceful coaster ever, but I love how weird and unique it feels. Tropical Storm - Very forceful, and tons of spinning. Cool ride! Air Race - These things are awesome. Double Shot - They run the whole sequence twice in one cycle. The airtime on the small double shot towers make them great, and two cycles in one makes it really worth it. Buccaneer - Good swinging ship. I also went to Gillian's for a little bit. I got on Runaway Train, Haunted Dark Ride (both were nothing too special but pretty good), and their new Larson drop tower is awesome obviously. The log flume and entire upper deck were closed when I was there.
  6. 1. Knoebels!!! 2. Cedar Point 3. Kennywood 4. Busch Gardens Williamsburg 5. Dollywood 6. Hersheypark 7. Kings Island 8. Kings Dominion 9. Canobie Lake Park 10. Morey's Piers
  7. My family had an unexpected visit to Knoebels a few days ago. We went for four hours and got the after-4pm wristband, but I was able to get a ton of rides in. There were barely any lines so most coasters ran one train, but they were the fastest one-train operations I have ever seen. We also got tons of food. The atmosphere of this park grows on me more and more after every visit. Rides: Haunted Mansion Flying Turns Flyer Phoenix x 5 - My opinion on what the best seat is changes almost every visit. Sometimes I like the back rows, this time I preferred the front row. Always an exciting and addictive coaster. Giant Flume Super Round-Up Black Diamond Bumper Cars - Got my most insane ride on it yet! Satellite Impulse StratosFear Twister x 3 - Rode in the back row once, and second row twice. The train wasn't very full on any of my rides, but still keeps a fast pace. Fandango - In almost any other park this would be something I'd ride every visit, but I tend to neglect Fandango since there's so much to do here. It's a small frisbee, but the hang-time is fantastic. Power Surge Downdraft x 2 - I always love to end the night with Downdraft! We'll be coming back in October, hopefully to spend the whole day and enjoy the smaller attractions I haven't been on. I've been here six times and I still need to try their carousel, Cosmotron, ski lift, the magic carpet ride that literally has a human wife, train ride, etc. There's new things I want to try each time!
  8. I went to Canobie Lake Park yesterday, and it was great! It's a nearly perfect old-school park. The scenery was really nice, there were plenty of trees and flowers, and they even have some actual solid theming in places! The architecture and coaster stations are really wonderful. The seafood in the Boston-themed area was really good actually, especially for an amusement park. The only things the park needs to improve on is the slow operations, and I think they could use one more high-capacity coaster that really stands out. Overall it's just a nice park that has a lot of nice details and is a lot of fun to just walk through. Rides: Yankee Cannonball x 2 - Both of my rides were in the back row, and I was quite impressed. It's nothing too intense, but it's super smooth while having an old wooden coaster feel, thanks to the great trains. I got eight moments of great floater airtime on both rides, with the ones on the first drop and second-to-last hill being especially strong. Starblaster Psychodrome - Love these indoor scramblers! Caterpillar - Not intense, but really strange and almost feels homemade. Untamed - I knew some of the transitions in the turns would be rough, and I braced for them the best I could, but they really ruined the ride. The first half is great and almost as good as Hydrus, but the rest of the ride causes a headache. And this is coming from someone who LOVES Mystery Mine, which is considered to be a rougher eurofighter. At least the theme is great. Turkish Twist - So happy I got to experience such a rare ride. A little freaky! Corkscrew - A 42-year-old Arrow that runs smoother than a 6-year-old Gerstlauer! I was in the back row so the drop was great, the corkscrews are wonderful, and the transition going into the corkscrews was the only really bad part. Policy Pond Log Flume - Wonderful log flume. The terrain interaction and location is nice, there's a good mix of slow and fast/bumpy sections, and the drops give a perfect amount of wetness. Mine of Lost Souls - I love weird dark rides like this. Zero Gravity - The arm goes to a really steep angle, and is one of the better round-ups I've been on.
  9. Yankee Cannonball at Canobie Lake Park in the back row. Cute ride with plenty of floater air!
  10. I was at the park for the Oc-Boulder-Fest event (ironic name since it isn't October and we couldn't ride Boulder Crash). I noticed the operations outside of Phobia were painfully slow, and rides weren't running at full capacity. The coupons given to us at the event were enough to pay for lunch, and the dinner they gave us was pretty good as well. There were some maintenance issues such as the Boulder Dash crash (everyone on the Ferris wheel was able to hear the crash, it was really bad), Zoomerang got stuck on the lift for a while, Wildcat took a long time to open, and there were two times where people vomited on family rides I was waiting in line for (that was quite strange). Despite the issues with the park and my concern about how it will be in future seasons, it was still a lot of fun, especially marathoning Phobia. Rides: Saw Mill Plunge - It was supposed to be morning ERT, but it was open to the public so it was more of an ACE takeover. For some reason they were making everybody squeeze into the front of the logs. Awkward seating didn't ruin this great flume, though! Thunder N' Lightning Ghost Hunt Down Time Wipeout - Never ride this with someone else... It was easily the closest I've been to being injured by a ride. I'd rather ride an SLC. Wave Swinger x 2 - Even crazier than I remember. Best non-screamin'-swing flat ride here. American Flyers x 3 - I'm so torn on these flyers. The first visit when I rode these it was amazing, then this past time they sucked, and this time I got an awesome ride, a sucky one, and an okay one. I'd recommend giving it a shot if you have nothing else to do. Pirate Ship Giant Wheel - We heard the bouldercrash while we were riding it. Trolley Wildcat - Okay ride. They only re-tracked a little bit of it, and for the most part the trackwork was BAD!!! SO BAD!!! I got 4 or so floater air moments, and some decent turns. Ride it if you have nothing else to do and want the credit. Phobia Phear Coaster x 12 - We didn't have Boulder Dash ERT, but an epic nighttime Phobia marathon isn't too bad either! Insanely forceful.
  11. ^Thanks for all of that! I'll definitely try to start with Yankee Cannonball, Starblaster, and Psychodrome.
  12. I'm going to the park this Sunday for the first time and I'm looking for some tips. The rides I want to get on are Yankee Cannonball, Untamed, Corkscrew, Policy Pond Log Flume, Turkish Twist, Psychodrome, and Mine of Lost Souls. I'd also like to try Starblaster, Caterpillar, and Zero Gravity. Which rides or sections of the park should I get on right when the park opens? Also, what are the best places for food? Thanks in advance for any replies.
  13. Went to the park for a short time last evening. I got on Nitro three times, as well as Batman, Justice League, Joker, Sky Screamer, and Skull Mountain. I had some of the best rides I ever got on Nitro! It was running so well, especially the final hills!
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