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  1. I had a really great visit to the park today. I was actually there for less than three hours but I got a few coaster marathons. The lights in the parts of the park I saw were the same as last year so they were great, and I love the campfire smell (anything a park does that reminds you of Knoebels is a plus). There were no lines and the operations were generally good, especially on Batman. I think they may have started to purposely stack trains until the stations got filled up on Skull Mountain and Nitro (there was only an hour or so of the day where two trains would have been useful). I didn't mind the rain at all and it wasn't too cold. Rides: Skull Mountain x 4 - Last car of course. I noticed that the drop is slightly stronger on the right side than the left. Nitro x 6 - It was drizzling on and off during my first five rides, then I took my final ride for the day at night in the back row in the rain. Great! Batman x 10 - EPIC marathon in the last two rows without leaving the station!!! My legs felt pretty messed up when I walked around the park for a little while.
  2. ^^Nooo! The double cycle on Double Shot was awesome, and other parks probably wouldn't run it that way. At least there's a superior tower at Gillian's now.
  3. I'm Sure We're Gonna Make It Ivy Green I can't believe it took me so long to find out about this band!
  4. I've been to the park three times in just over a week since we had a 4-day weekend. Last Sunday, Thursday, and today. On Sunday I got my friend to ride Kingda Ka for the first time (in the front row too) and Zumanjaro, which was funny. He ended up loving both. Also got my last rides on Bizarro and Mine Train. I also brought my brother on Thursday and got my last rides for the season for El Toro, Kingda Ka, and Zumanjaro. Today's visit was really short. I just really wanted to go quickly and ride Batman and Nitro. On all three visits the park was pretty empty, but the operations were solid (except the Bizarro crew). I'll probably go back next week for Holiday In The Park. Rides (for the entire week): Superman: Ultimate Flight Bizarro x 2 - It took them 20 minutes to kick this idiot out for taking out his phone on the ride. Does it usually take this long? Runaway Mine Train El Toro x 4 - All of these were in the magic seat, and one was a rain ride. Joker Skull Mountain x 3 - Good to have the sound effects back! Nitro x 4 - The amazing view of the fall-leaved trees makes it really special this time of year. Batman: The Ride x 6 - For five of these rides I didn't even have to leave the station. Kingda Ka x 2 - FRONT ROW! On one of my rides it was drizzling. Zumanjaro x 2
  5. The free soda going away wouldn't be so frustrating if it weren't for all the other things the park did recently. The operations were horrendous compared to other seasons, they removed one of their most unique attractions, they barely "renovated" Wildcat at all, and now this. A bunch of the little things that made Lake Compounce stand out from other parks are being removed or ruined.
  6. Intro/Squeeze Gag I've been listening to their "This Punk Shit Is Cool But I Hope I Am Rob Zombie When I Am 28" EP a lot recently.
  7. Seagull-Grapes-Suck Like-Lemons: Senegal-Guinea-Sierra Leone-Liberia. Côte d'Ivoire If Ghosts ride Togo roller coasters, they will get Benign tumors: Ghana, Togo, Benin Africa expert over here gonna ace my countries test
  8. Frankie Teardrop Suicide Halloween is coming, and this is the perfect song for it!
  9. 150 second average dispatch times for a B&M invert? That's pretty sad. I haven't been to BGW in close to 20 years but I'm under the impression that they typically have pretty good operations there. Was that an anomaly or are they always bad? When I went a few seasons ago the operations on Alpengeist were really slow, but the ops on all the other rides were great.
  10. Our family had our Fall trip to Knoebels on Saturday. The park was packed and there were some long lines, even for some of the flat rides that don't attract that many people, but that was fine since the operations were great (the line for Phoenix got backed up all the way to the gift shop across the midway and it only took 10-15 minutes) and I mainly focused on smaller rides I haven't tried yet in my 6 prior visits to the park. We got a ton of food, including cesari's, pumpkin ice cream, apple cider slush, and a near-lethal amount of potato with perogies, potato cakes, and fries. The cheap spooky theming was on point of course. Rides: Cosmotron - This was my first time on it. It's one of the small music express rides, but the lights make it pretty fun. Kozmo's Kurves - Finally got this credit. Quite an aggressive kiddie coaster. Bumper Cars Phoenix x 3 - Back car all three times. Flyers x 2 - I got my most insane rides on it yet. I was in line for my second ride at night, there was a ride op who would slow down the flyers every time, but right before I got on a new operator came in and he let us snap! Roto-Jets - First time I tried it, and it had really strong lateral forces. Definitely didn't feel like a kiddie ride! Not the most comfortable, but really cool. Scenic Skyway - Another new-to-me ride I never bothered to try. Not as great as Lake Compounce's ski lift, but I'll take what I can get lol. Merry Mixer - Also my first time riding this. The cars, rotating arms, and center axis all looked really strange compared to other scramblers. It also wasn't as forceful as a normal scrambler, but there are unexpected lateral forces pushing you to the left in between the whipping motions that push you to the right. It's hard to explain without being on the ride, but it's weird. Does anyone know who made it, or if it's built in-house or what? Downdraft StratosFear Twister x 3 - Second row once, second-to-last row twice, all at night! Can't wait to come back next season.
  11. Crumbling Castle King Gizzard & The Lizard Wizard ANOTHER great new song from them. It starts as a nice long middle-eastern influenced jam with some nice solos and plenty of time signature changes, then it gets fast and punky (of course because it's King Gizzard,) and wow the sludge metal ending was unexpected!
  12. Mamels are rarer then you think for egsample men arent mammals only woman are mamels because they give birth AND give milkk Also if you see dolphins bowing water from their head anuses you see it bows water out because heir full if water like why would they fill themselves with water if it wasn't to breathe it in see is actuly fish with gells
  13. I saw Death Grips at the Electric Factory on Saturday on their tour with Ministry. Wow. The crowd was rabid, especially after the show taking a half hour to start, and at first the mosh pit was way too intense, even for me. It was hot and suffocating, and pretty much like a riot. After a few songs the pit became more manageable and it was just a lot of fun. The set list was top-notch and the band killed it. MC Ride sounded great, Zach's drumming was mind-blowing to hear (and see) in person, and Flatlander was doing his thing. Also something cool they're doing this tour is that they wear these gloves with green lasers pointing out of them, and other than that it was mostly complete darkness. Incredible show. Even my dad loved it. I just felt really bad for Ministry not only because they had to follow up that, but also because half the crowd left after Death Grips played. It seemed like most of the people who stayed for Ministry were there just to see Ministry. But they also put on a loud, entertaining, over-the-top show and played some of their best songs as well. Also they had these: What a great night.
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