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  1. I sincerely hope it isn't creepy to have your pictures taken with the Frozen princess's as I did exactly the same thing last year! Looking forward to going on the Magic next year again. We haven't been on it since they upgraded to the Tangled theme so that looks like a lot of fun.
  2. YYZ closed yesterday due to the winds. I was wondering what effect they would have at CW!
  3. If they name the coaster "Ziz" does that change any of the parameters in those equations? I only ask because some people seem to think that the name will affect the ride itself and yet your formulas don't take that into account?
  4. I'd love to sit with the Alveys on a Disney cruise, PG 13 would be too boring, although my son would be pestering you to name all your favourite roller coasters you have been on (might take the whole cruise methinks!) We have always been lucky so far, and I agree with you that Disney seems to be good at finding "matching" families.....although I don't know how they do it with us (how do you match a Brit and a Canadian plus a 9 year old). Thankyou for your response.
  5. Particularly enjoying this trip report as we are big Disney cruisers (it is the only cruise line we have done), and I enjoy seeing your comparisons to other ships and also the things we have missed (I will point out the sorcerers hat to my wife next year....can't believe we missed that one...too busy looking for hidden Mickeys). We also love the fish extender, and I fully agree with you that it does show the good side of people. Did you get assigned your own table at dinner or did you get seated with another family? If you did is that something that you enjoy? Will look forward to r
  6. Much appreciated, thankyou! We have only ever cruised Disney with my son, and it is nice to get a comparison from you. We liked the look of your "Adventures by Disney" European river trip last year, and have put that on the bucket list.
  7. Kristen, How did the kids activities compare for you on the Disney cruise you just did against the other cruise lines you have done (I think Royal Caribbean is one if I read correctly). Would you say there has been a good mix on all the cruises you have been on? What has been your favourite cruise itinerary so far (on any cruiseline). Thankyou.
  8. Obviously I am slightly biased as Canada's Wonderland is my home park, and it would be great if you were able to visit. I will just say that driving to Toronto (like many US cities) is very much a "right time of day" thing as traffic is pretty brutal in and out of the city, and a visit to CW would have to take this into account (ie staying in Toronto for a night would be a good plan). Rush hour traffic is among the worst in North America (according to the news...which is always believable eh!) The drive from Niagara to Toronto in "good traffic" is about an hour and 20 mins. This would als
  9. Confusing being the operative word! Layout was all over the place.
  10. We have been a couple of times as a family, my two cents (for what they are worth) is that it is OK but nothing spectacular. It certainly isn't a waste of a day although the Niagara falls area has SO much to do that I wouldn't' put it high on my list ( living in Toronto now I am spoiled with the closeness of the area). I personally wouldn't do the aquarium when you are visiting (there are LOTS of better ones in the US of A, and a Ripleys in Toronto). The Cave of the Winds, Maid of the Mist (US side), Hornblower (Canadian side), Journey behind the falls, white water walk (WELL Worth it!)
  11. Would you be driving up? Or flying up and renting a car (there are direct flights to Toronto from Cincinnati). That would determine which order you want to do things in and get a better indication of timing.
  12. Love that the wave pool in splashworks is filled with snow! Pretty sure that could be turned into an attraction!!
  13. Put me down on the list for "would like a flyer". Something like that "Starry Sky ripper" or whatever it is called in China. The Theme park review team seemed to like that one on the videos.....definitely seems to have a bit of the insanity factor in there. My wife and I are big flyer fans, and still say "Tats uuuuuuuuuuuuuuuuuuu!!" in our bored moments, CoasterBill.....let us know when you are coming up to Canada. You have deadpan sarcasm down pat extremely well, there must be some British blood in there. I'd share a bevvy or two discussing it with you.
  14. Thankyou to Cedar Fair1 for the photo updates. Exciting news is definitely on the horizon, and the guessing game is good fun (and probably part of the tease!). I also echo the earlier sentiments of people not getting their hopes up to the extent that they have some 10000ft, 50 inversioned, launched wingcoaster with flyer elements and a new prototyppe RMC/ B and M track in their minds! Because once the announcement is made of what we are getting, there will be the usual chorus of "lame" or "why didn't they build x, y and z"!!, rather than appreciate what Cedar Fair has done for the park in
  15. Not sure why people don't like the idea of the name "Ziz". Whether it sounds right or not, it is the name that makes the most sense in the completion of the set for "Leviathan and Behemoth". We have the kings of the land and sea, Ziz, if it is so named, will be the king of the air and complete the trio. Why else would you name the first two as such to leave out the last?
  16. Your mention of the ride dispatch times on Iron rattler makes me smile, because I found that to be the same the same day you and I were there 3 weeks ago. It seemed to me that the "quieter" the ride was, the more time it took for them to load and dispatch the train. I wouldn't have minded quite so much if it weren't for the fact that on most of the dispatches, personal conversations between the ride attendants took priority over the ride itself. Ho hum!
  17. For sure, I couldn't believe how quiet it was to start with. It was definitely filling up though when we left (which was around 730pm). There were a few points around the park where they were trying to sell the 2018 Seasons Pass...not sure if that also included the dining that you spoke of? At present it isn't worth it for me to have a Six Flags Season ticket..as the closest one to me is "La Ronde", and I fall into the category of "would rather go to Montreal because it is Montreal", not to visit Coasterbill's favourite park in North America. I have a sneaking suspicion that we
  18. We visited Seaworld as part of our trip to Texas, and were fortunate enough to go during the christmas light festival. We loved the park, and thought they had done a really good job with the festive theming (8 million lights will do that for you!). Although I am a "coaster" fan, I will always give thumbs up when the whole family can enjoy the day out, and SeaWorld San Antonio CERTAINLY did that for us, and we came away with a great impression. The coasters. Thank you "Wavebreaker"!!, you are now my sons FAVOURITE roller coaster. It was a great, fun family ride, with just enough in it f
  19. So we are halfway through our first visit to Texas, and were able to visit the park at the weekend (same day as Bert425 actually). You can count me in the official "colour me impressed" category. We had a great day, and were VERY pleasantly surprised at the low crowd level (it was walk on everywhere!!), and the general feel of the park. The quarry makes for a nice backdrop. The Christmas theming was excellent, but "unfortunately" we had been to Seaworld and their "8 million lights" the day before, so Fiesta "almost" felt underwhelming in comparison. Funny really...as their displays were just a
  20. . You either have deadpan sarcasm downpat (which is impressive if you do!) or you are being a little bit "limited" in what you want or expect from CW and Cedar Fair. If I am reading you right...they make enough money, and have enough visitors...so they don't need to do anything that might be considered an improvement, and also because you can't put a hotel in a car park!.........ermmmmmmm Ok!! I'm glad Disney didn't get that memo!
  21. I appreciate the advice from people. Thank you. We are looking forward to the trip, hoping to take in SeaWorld also (my son is intrigued by the new jet ski rescue coaster), and then when we get to Galveston, have a look at the pier. I will assume this is because that some rides don't open if the winds are too strong?? If so, that is fair enough. I'll decide on Flash pass on the day we arrive.
  22. We have a trip to Texas planned for December (San-Antonio, Galveston ((cruise) and Houston). Part of the attraction of going to San Antonio obviously is going to Six Flags Fiesta. Given that I am one of those Northern types that isn't used to a park being open year round, I have a couple of questions and also looking for any good advice for the time of year. I am looking at the first weekend of December, and the first thing that struck me was the park hours....opening in the afternoon. I was curious as to the reason why they don't open in the morning....is it a temperature thing, amou
  23. Always love the temperature differentials......I come from Scotland, and now live in Canada, so my version of cold is a little bit different than Florida in February. 60 degrees is tropical....just perfect for this pasty Brit! We had a chuckle a couple of years ago when there was the big snowstorm that dumped on New York, Boston, Toronto et al.....you could hear all the North East accents telling the locals that "this isn't cold!!" I'm more worried that Volcano Bay won't have figured out things like the Tapu Tapu. I'm "hopeful" because the online reviews surely must be drawing attention t
  24. Definite: WDW Florida Universal Orlando ("might" give Volcano Bay a try if they have worked out the bugs by Feb 2018!!!!!) Canada's Wonderland (Home park). Maybe Cedar Point. Will depend on family weddings back in the UK and their timings. We have a couple of Disney cruises booked for 2018. Trying a Halloween Cruise on the Fantasy, which methinks will be quite good fun.
  25. . I have a sneaking suspicion that they will build a slide that uses maple syrup instead of water and then call it Niagara falls. Nice couple of additions for 2018. You will never please everyone. I have always said that I trust Cedar Fair in how they run this park, and I think some people tend to forget the last days of Paramount and how "little" was added to the park in that time. If you list all the additions since Cedar Fair took over (including Behemoth, Leviathan and WMG) it isn't a short list.
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