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  1. Toronto is not a great city for public transit (which is a real shame!). Getting from the airport to Wonderland would not be straightforward by taking the bus, GO and VIVA are two different regions, so separate tickets would be required, and 1 hour is being generous IF the traffic is OK and they aren't stopping the whole time. With a layover putting you on a timeframe, it would be a bit too much clock watching! Car rental would only be worth it if it was cheap (which from the airport would be unlikely). The one option that might be worth it is UBER as they are now allowed to pick up
  2. They've started cranking up the microbrew quotient in the last year, it isn't as bad as it used to be. I agree with people that you can do Wonderland in a day with a Fast lane (plus). I also agree that Niagara is better explored as the Falls AND outside the town (downriver is beautiful). Enjoy your planning.
  3. Great story, and fun to hear. I don't think there is nearly as much of a "rivalry" between CP and CW as is made out to be. In fact a lot of the people we interact with at parks in North America (and the UK) are just theme park enthusiasts who love parks and rides in general and want to share in the fun(what a concept eh!). I was wearing my Iron Rattler t-shirt at the park on Wednesday which was met with the "how was it, we hope to go there soon, have you been on this ride? " type comments. There was none of the "protective" vibe that some people want to project about the home park, or other
  4. Flying to Buffalo might end up being a cheaper option? You can then add on Niagara falls in addition to a trip to Wonderland. It is a bone of contention in Canada how expensive airfares are. JetBlue and the like won't touch Toronto with a bargepole because of the high taxes!
  5. Appreciated, and thankyou for the photos. There are some great shots in there. My favourite though is the one you have of Vortex, where the Canadian geese are completely oblivious to all that is going on around them!! I have visions of that Italian model when he got clobbered on "Apollo's Chariot", maybe a true Canadian theme on YS would be get crapped on or hit by a goose! Thanks again for your report today. We heard some excited comments from the GP during our day.
  6. We went to the park today (for reasons Ill describe later) and forgot today was "announcement day"! We arrived at 945 just before park opening. It was great to see "Yukon Striker", and like many others I am pleased that CW is my home park and also think Cedar Fair have done an amazing job since the Paramount days. We are spoiled here in Toronto and don't realise it! We think it looks like an excellent coaster, with fun theming, and ticks the boxes that the GP and enthusiasts should want. Think speed, height, inversions....and most of all FUN! We are very much looking forward to it. Kudos t
  7. Looks like we will be going back to Kennywood sooner rather than later! (which is no bad thing). Great looking ride, and some seriously clever marketing!! They can now allude to the Steelers having a "roller coaster season" whenever they want!!
  8. They are still advertising Marineland on just about every commercial break at the moment "Everyone LOOOOOOOOOOOOOOOOOOVVVVES Mariiiiineland!!". Once the summer holidays are done and dusted it will be interesting to see what happens. The owners death got a brief mention in the news, but that was it....no speculation....no nothing!
  9. Which means what exactly? There are people on this thread who disagree with you, nothing wrong with differing opinions. There is no right or wrong in this instance, just personal choice. Wonderland made their own decision regarding the days events, so did the people in the area and downtown.
  10. That is much appreciated, thank you, and also for your tips earlier in the thread. My wife and I had a discussion on Weds evening in the hotel (after our day at Kennywood) about medical stuff with our son, but also in relation to theme parks in general and the concept of something as simple as going on a ride. I would be surprised if there was anyone on this entire forum who didn't know someone (medical issues or not) who would not go on something due to fear/anxiety/motion sickness etc. As fun and as great as going to parks and going on rides are, I am more consciously aware now of what
  11. We took a quick picture after his first ride. I don't think the poor teenage ride attendant understood why I shook his hand and was high fiving people afterwards. Sometimes we don't think about how much work goes into something even as simple as "going on a roller coaster". Proud Dad with hypercoaster son.
  12. We got back from our short trip to Pittsburgh a couple of days ago, which included a day at Kennywood. I had problems crossing the US border this time (land crossing) as the left hand (airport) doesn't seem to know what the right hand (land crossing) does. There is never a problem when flying, this time...a bit different! I travel on a Nexus card with a British passport but Canadian residency (confusing eh!). If anyone on this forum has this combination then it might lead to some delays when you cross the US/Canadian border Anyway, thankyou for the advice earlier in the thread, which we
  13. Herman! Thankyou. I am not very good at shoot em up type rides, so if indeed it is Herman in WMG, then he has taken me out a fair few times also!
  14. What is the name of the dragon in Thunder Run? I will remember the minute someone tells me!! Maybe the dragons name can be incorporated into the new ride, like "Revenge of X" or "Flight of X" etc etc? No? Ok.....we'll stick with "Ziz".
  15. Two respected contributors on TPR giving me two different bits of advice. Help!! What do I do! We'll probably do that weird thing of giving them try and forming an opinion based off that. Oh well. Thanks for the rest of the advice, we are very much looking forward to our trip. One more thing. It says "Sky Rocket" is closed TFA on the Kennywood website. Is this just a short maintenance thing, or is there something else going on that anyone knows of?
  16. We are coming down to Pittsburgh in July (as a family) and are finally going to get around to visiting Kennywood (missed it the last two times, and infact went to Hersheypark instead 2 years ago....humble apologies!). Anyway, this will be the year, which we are looking forward to as "Phantoms Revenge" is a coaster that has been on the bucket list for a LONG time, and the park seems to get a good write up from all comers and will be great family fun. A couple of questions for those in the know. 1 I do always budget for whatever the Fastlane option is. I see at Kennywood they have a "Coa
  17. We were staying at Portofino bay, which is the furthest hotel from the park. The shuttle bus still worked well though, and the early hour was worth it (the Krakatoa ride was walk on at this stage and I have to admit was good fun). My understanding is that "Cabanas" and "Sapphire Falls" are the two closest hotels to Volcano bay (please someone correct me if I am wrong), and that Cabanas backs right into the park itself. Most of the positive reviews on trip advisor come from people staying here. I don't disagree, and we have taken full advantage of the two Disney waterparks and Aquat
  18. We went to the park this February, and although I had read the trip advisor reviews, we tried to go with an open mind. We spoke to quite afew staff members on the day, and they admitted to us that Universal was trying to iron out the problems, and were aware that the roll out of Tapu Tapu in particular had not been a success. They had implemented solutions like not having any fast pass options, limiting park capacity on peak days and also trying to allow more "ride now" options on the water slides. Our take at the time (on a medium density crowd day) was the park wasn't too bad, but s
  19. Colour me in the "Ziz" camp. Lets complete the "trilogy". Having said that, the name of the coaster will have no effect whatsover on the physics, speed, drop, g-force etc, so I really won't get too wound up about whatever they call it.
  20. Are the Go Karts open yet (at the top of Clifton hill)? They advertised them up here as a sort of Supermariokart track (I suppose it is the spiral that does it), and I have to admit it looked pretty fun (we were there in April but it wasn't finished). There has been a lot of building over the last couple of years, they are starting on a huge theatre to be attached to the Hilton Hotel, which will try to take some of the traffic away from the Fallsview Casino. I don't know if you saw when you drove past the whirlpool, they have one of those treetop rope courses overlooking the gorge, tha
  21. Did they have the "No smoking" sign on the hurricane deck this year? Still one of the funniest things I have seen at Niagara if they did!
  22. Enjoying your report a lot as this is just down the road from us, and one of my favourite places in North America. Love this comment, as it is the complete opposite when we go down to Florida in February, and when we were in Texas in December last year. The locals would tells us it is "cold" when it was minus 24C or the like in Toronto. Looking forward to the rest of your report.
  23. Fireworks are done by "Niagara parks". They do a pretty good job, and you get them even in the depths of winter (which is nice when they illuminate all the snow and ice). Glad that you picked a nice weather weekend to come up. It has been warm (for the end of May) up in this neck of the woods! Love the picture at the "Cave of the Winds". Still one of my favourite places at Niagara.
  24. The tour you have booked looks fine and covers pretty much all of your bases. The Cave of the winds will provide you with flip flops that you can keep afterwards. I would suggest not wearing socks that day till after you have done the "get soaked stuff". You will get wetter at the Cave of the Winds than you do on the Maid of the Mist. The whirlpool is downriver from "White Water Walk". I wouldn't call it "unforgettable" but it is still quite a view, and there is a "Spanish Aero Car" that takes you across if you have the stomach for it! The trip downriver is very scenic, and the Niagara p
  25. Maid of the Mist and Hornblower are interchangeable (both do the same thing). Cave of the winds is one of our favourite attractions at Niagara and the "hurricane deck" is really good fun (you will get SOAKED!). A few years ago there was a "no smoking" sign on the deck, which was truly magnificent! If you stay on the US side for longer, then Maid of the Mist/Cave of the Winds becomes the more logical option, doesn't take up too much time, and can be walked quite easily, or take the trolley bus that runs round the island. On the Canadian side, "journey behind the falls", while fun, is not
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