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  1. Definitely this.....Wonderland gets VERY busy at the weekends...and even more so in the summer months. Fastlane PLUS it....or be ready for lineups. Marineland is only a must do if you are interested in the Dragon coaster....otherwise...just hang around the Canadian side of Niagara falls (which is better than the US side..outwith Cave of the Winds). In the last two years they have built ziplines that run down the side of the gorge (Mistrider), and if you go down to the "Whirlpool" they have built one of those treetop rope obstacle courses right next to the gorge (spectacular view if you are a
  2. My son and I also went to the season pass preview night on Friday. To say this Toronto winter has been "long" is an understatement. The weather yesterday was rain for most of the day and strong winds from the north (which means COLD). Having said that, this didn't dampen the enthusiasm for the season pass holders, and if this was an indicator for the upcoming months, Wonderland will be looking at excellent attendance numbers! We arrived at 535pm and went straight to Yukon Striker, and as expected, the line was already pretty long. We were told straightaway that the weather was causing de
  3. Criticism is "OK" if you are actually critiquing and making sense! You are saying here that the first drop which goes THROUGH the turn of another coaster WHILE that coaster is actually in operation is "cookie cutter". They actually have adapted Yukon Striker to go through the course of Vortex in a pretty nifty way...and you say that you would like B and M to incorporate existing rides into the circuit. Well they have here...so what are you complaining about? I said earlier...you could technically say that CW has a "duelling" element now...any train on the drop of YS and any train on the t
  4. Crossing into Canada at a land border is pretty straightforward, and if you arrive at a good time of day...you can be through within 10-20 mins tops. Obviously depends on traffic....but I have found as a rule of thumb, anytime from mid morning to mid afternoon is OK when driving (and I have a British Passport with Canadian residency/Nexus card). If you are flying back from YYZ, they do US preborder clearance (customs) AT the airport, and the line ups do get pretty long. They recommend arriving at least 2 1/2 to 3 hours before a US flight simply because of the wait time in customs. I would no
  5. Thanks for that tip Bert. Your advice for Kennywood last year was spot on, so we will definitely do this. Give me a heads up if you are coming up to Wonderland anytime soon.
  6. Thanks for tips everyone. Very much looking forward to it...and we will follow the advice here. Beer selection looks awesome (love the Coors lite quip!). I saw the QQ unlimited option, I think I shall wait and see till we get to the park (we are going on a weekday) as it sounds like we "should" be OK. We are driving from Washington to Richmond, then to Williamsburg. On our first trip back in the day...I wasn't quite used to driving on the "wrong" side of the road, so part of the adventure was just getting there!! A lot more experience with that now!!!.....it takes me afew minutes to get
  7. That coaster is "Vortex". It will be even cooler for the lucky ones that get to "duel" as they drop.
  8. We are visiting BGW in the first week of June (same week as we do Kings Dominion). It will be quite a nostalgia trip as this was the first US theme park I ever visited after moving to Canada (from the UK) over 10 years ago!. The reason why Apollo's Chariot ranks so highly in my list is it was my first ever B and M hyper and I just remember being blown away by the scenery and how smooth and fun the ride was. I am almost "scared" to go on it again as I don't want to ruin the memories from the past! Pretty sure it will still be great though! I recall getting a kick out of the attempt at Irish
  9. We are still waiting for spring here in Toronto....it has been a long winter...Easter Monday was the warmest day we have had in a while (18C) and then back to the dreary again. With the amount of rain we have had recently...they probably didn't even have to fill the lake back up after it was drained. Pretty sure come the summer it is going to run pretty quickly (if Leviathan and Behemoth are any indicator). It did seem to slow down a bit on the MCBR but I am not overly worried. Nice video though....and there is a lot of "notice' being taken of the ride in Toronto, both on social media
  10. Also going to sneak preview night on Friday (our first). For those with experience at these events, would you say they are "busy", or in this case likely to busy because of a certain new coaster that has been built. Just looking at the timeframe for the evening and trying to figure out whether to arrive for 530pm (yay traffic on the 400!) or a bit later. Do they do Fastlane at these preview nights?
  11. Thanks CB. Unfortunately we won't be down on a weekend, so will miss early entry times. However I am going to assume that being there on a weekday when the schools are still in, will make it not as busy (and I always budget for Fastlane anyway), so the extra hour won't be needed quite as much. We hope to use it at CW for when "Yukon Striker" has early entry! I am very pleased with the Platinum pass though, the savings add up when you use it as intended. With Cedar Point, Kings Island and Kings Dominion all within easy enough reach of us here in Toronto....there is plenty of scope to use i
  12. In the middle of planning for our trip to Virginia at the start of June (both KD and BGW). We are very much looking forward to it. General query at this point, We have Platinum Seasons Passes for Canada's Wonderland, the aim this year being to use them for entry to KD also. Does anyone know if parking, which is included on them for CW, is also valid at KD (or any other Cedar Fair park for that matter) or is this specific only to the home park you purchased them for.
  13. Most of us have been outside shovelling snow so much this winter, we haven't had time to pass comment.....we are "almost" thawed out now...so I am sure interest will pick up soon. Even this polar bear has become rather tired of the cold and snow this year! There is definitely "talk" about the ride though in Toronto, and a lot of my work colleagues are "interested". My son is SUPER excited....it will be his first dive coaster, and as we are going to BGW in June, he will also get to go on "Griffon". "Two dive coasters in one year Dad!!!".
  14. Thanks Bert, your advice for Kennywood was spot on last year, so we will definitely be doing "Racer". While it is disappointing that Volcano will be gone, we picked KD for this years trip (along with BGW) because they have an excellent line up of rides. I'll be on this thread in a month or so asking for further tips and general preferences. We have our Florida trip coming up in a week, so I haven't really turned my attention to our June schedule yet. The Volcano news just caught my eye this morning....and given that my son wanted to ride it, I had to break the news to him this morning!
  15. Well I have our visit planned for the first week of June, and had Volcano on the bucket list! Scratch that!! Shame really as it looks like a fun ride (when it is working!). That still leaves I305, Dominator and Twisted Timbers to look forward to though....so it isn't all bad. It would be interesting to know the decision making process behind removing a (popular) ride from a park. Factors of cost, safety, maintenance, will it be replaced with something "better" etc etc. Whilst it can be frustrating for coaster fans, I am sure there are lots of factors at play...and this is not a deci
  16. E Easily offended is a fairly loose definition. I missed the "point" of your joke...I sort of get it now. The problem is that there are some "coaster enthusiasts" out there who aren't joking and will say every negative thing possible about the ride because it isn't "x y or z". Unfortunately I thought you were one of those with that original comment. I wasn't offended......just "bored" with what I saw as criticism (wrongly) of the ride. My bad.
  17. Pretty sure it is the tallest and fastest coaster named "Yukon Striker". That is good enough for me, pretty sure it will be good enough for a large proportion of Wonderland visitors this year. Does it really matter otherwise?
  18. Canada's Wonderland: Home park. Looking forward to Yukon Striker. -WDW Florida: our annual Snowbird vacation. Doing the Disney runs round MK and Epcot this February for the first time. Am looking forward to that (probably a major coaster fan sin...running round the park rather than walking!) -Universal Florida: Same as above minus the running part! -Kings Dominion: Our "new" park for 2019. Father and son have "I305" and "Volcano" on our respective bucket lists. Will be perusing the forum for tips and advice in the early new year. Thankyou already to the people who have given adv
  19. I did wonder because last week did seem seriously quick!, especially compared to when I went on it in the summer. Which means you should expect every ride to be open in winterfest in the cold weather with all the Canadians walking around shirtless complaining that the weather is too warm and that it was always "colder back in the day".
  20. I was also thinking that! I will presume that they will leave it empty over the winter now as there are only two weekends left for normal operating hours?
  21. Nice visit to the park today in an overcast and chilly ish Toronto. Got my son on Leviathan for the first time which was another "wow" moment for us. It was seriously quick today (more than the summer it seemed), and lets just say the wind was on the cooler side.....even for this polar bear. "Wild Beast" seemed to break even more teeth than usual! The older I get, the rougher it seems! Yukon Striker is coming along nicely. The first drop has taken shape, and there is a lot of work going on in the station area. Lots of enthusiastic comments from the public today which is good to hear. CW
  22. Thanks for that, I hadn't considered DC as an option (just because I have flown to Richmond before). Not worried about flying out of YYZ as I live close by (and also work there) and it is a lot easier to get to for me than downtown to city centre airport (although that is a great option if it is easily reachable for folk). Will start making plans based on the tips here. Will be back in a month or two no doubt with the local questions.
  23. Are we talking premature eruption here?? Good to know that opening day onwards is all good....thanks. We definitely plan on doing BGW again.....that park has special resonance for me as it was my first ever park in the US of A. That is why I rank Apollo's Chariot so highly (at the moment) because it was my first Hyper outside of the UK and I just remember loving it at the time (I almost don't want to go on it again and spoil my memories).
  24. We are planning to visit Kings Dominion next year as our annual park outside of Florida. I305 and Twisted Timbers are on the bucket list for sure. I have to say that I am intrigued by Volcano also, as it definitely looks different from other hanging coasters! Early planning stage, but just had a couple of timing questions. First, when does school break up for the summer in Virginia? Second.....the park does not yet have the hours for 2019 yet on the website (which of course is understandable), but I am going to assume that the park is open on weekdays in June? If not, when is it safe to
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