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  1. Either Griffon, Apollo's Chariot, Lightning Racer, or Stormrunner. Others I always ride are Alpengeist, Great Bear, and Skyrush. My most in one day was 9 on Lightning Racer, but also 7 Griffon and 6 Skyrush.
  2. Favorite: Busch Gardens Williamsburg hands down. Also all the Disney World Parks, Universal Orlando Parks, and Dollywood. Second tier in my favorites are Hershey Park, Cedar Point, and Six Flags Great Adventure. Least Favorite: I've enjoyed every park I've been to, but probably Dorney Park or Carowinds. Both good parks, just not amazing either way.
  3. You're probably right considering this will be one of three custom coasters opening in 2017. Invadr, Mystic Timbers, and I'm blanking on the third? Well, actually there are a lot moret han 3 custom coasters opening in 2017. Gold Rush, Drage Kongen, InvadR, Merlin's Mayhem, Mystic Timbers, Pégase Express, Star Trek: Operation Enterprise, Wave Breaker, Intamin Launch at Ferrari Land, Infinity Coaster at Casino Pier. Just to name a few Ferrari World's Intamin is basically a worse Kingda Ka clone. It's like if Busch had taken Tempesto and made it like 100 feet tall. I mean it technically IS custom, but I'd pretty much call it a clone.
  4. I just realized something. So if there are buildings throughout the ride, it might seem a lot faster. I'm hoping for Verbolten or higher level theming. That'll make this ride stand out above a lot of other GCIs, even if the actual ride isn't as thrilling.
  5. BGW opens a new Spain section with a star flyer, new dark ride, and Maverick style Intamin Coaster. My life would be complete
  6. Tempesto for its clones because of colors, theming, longer trains, and its park is the best And the OTSR's aren't bad imo
  7. At SFoG when I was like 8, a the acraphobia op started singing 'The Itsy Bitsy Spider' while we were at the top and when he said 'down' we dropped. He was still singing when we got to the bottom. Also at Hershey Park on Stormrunner, there was this op that wild always recite the safety instructions instead of letting the recording play. He said it exactly how the recording sounds
  8. Favorite Steel: Griffon Runner Up: Fury 325 Favorite Wood: El Toro Runner Up(s): Lightning Racer/Thunderhead
  9. I'm predicting/hoping for a star flyer in Ireland. They could get rid of Europe in the Air and use its old queue, while making it small enough to keep a maze in there for HoS. A star flyer would fit well in this park and since other parks are starting to use them again, why not Busch? As for coasters, my vote would be for a flying coaster in Drachen's old location, possible even called Drachen Fire (because, you know, dragon's fly). Since I doubt that'll happen, my next vote is for a Gerstlauer Infinity Coaster in Drachen's old location. Since I doubt none of these will happen, I'm excited to see what they do next. By the way, somebody that's good at NL2 design a flying coaster that could fit in that area
  10. Going back to Busch this fall. Out of the houses this year I've only done Catacombs and Deadline. Any y'all would suggest? I couldn't go last year so I haven't done Cornered, Lumberhack, or Unearthed. I've also never gotten around to Bitten. Also, unpopular opinion: I liked Cut Throat Cove
  11. You know it's probably been said here... but Anaconda is probably the ugliest coaster I've ever seen. Tempesto I started out hating but has grown on me a lot
  12. I just went to Cedar Point for the first time! Here's what I thought of all the coasters (Note: Didn't have a chance to ride Iron Dragon or CCMR): Millennium Force- 10/10. People said it was overrated so it exceeded my expectations. I got to ride it 3 times (Thanks, Fast Lane). It was best at night with all the bugs Wicked Twister- 8.5/10. I've been on Possesed, and the backwards twist is much better than the regular spike. Made me a little sick, though. (Trust me, I don't get sick easily) Raptor- 9/10. VERY intense. Not as good as Alpengeist, though. This coaster also made my dad a little sick. Blue Streak- 8/10. Fun little coaster. I'm 6' 4" and barely fit in the trains! Maverick- 10/10. If you've never been on this coaster, believe the hype. It's definitely one of my new favorites. (Same with Millennium Force) Top Thrill Dragster- 9.5/10. Tied with KingdaKa for me. The lapbars somewhat make up for the lack of airtime hill. The launch was smoother, though. Magnum- 8/10. OW. This was worse than I expected. The airtime hills were good, but hurt my legs. My brother hated this coaster. Mean Streak- 6.5/10. MORE OW. I could still enjoy this ride somewhat. This was partly because I was laughing at my brother yelling awful things. Corkscrew- 8/10. Kinda painful, but still fun. Rougarou- 9.5/19. Rode this twice. Sat in the front row at sunset. Needless to say it was awesome. Gatekeeper- 10/10. I had heard this ride was tame. Boy was I in for a shock. My brother and I sat in the back row on both sides. Maybe it was just because I was in the back, but you get whipped through those elements. Beats a Wild Eagle for sure. Gemini- 8/10. WAY better than I expected. This guy in the other train high fived me twice All in all. I LOVED Cedar Point. My top five is... 5. Raptor 4. Rougarou 3. TTD 2. Gatekeeper 1. Millennium Force/Maverick P.S.- Feel free to tell me how the rides I missed are.
  13. Mayday Parade has officially announced their new album Black Lines. You'll be able to pre-order it on July 30 along with a new single called Keep in Mind, Transmogrification is a New Technology. Here's the track listing: 1. One Of Them Will Destory The Other (feat. Dan Lambton) 2. Just Out Of Reach 3. Hollow 4. Letting Go 5. Let’s Be Honest 6. Keep In Mind, Transmogrification Is A New Technology 7. Narrow 8. Underneath The Tide 9. All On Me 10. Until You’re Big Enough 11. Look Up And See Infinity, Look Down And See Nothing 12. One Of Us I can't get a picture of the cover art but you can see it on pretty much any article about this album. I love Mayday Parade and am really exited for this album. If you don't know them, I really suggest you check them out. You can hear a sample of the new single on their Facebook page. Now we wait for an announcement from Panic! At the Disco.
  14. I'm so happy. I honestly thought they were gonna break up after their drummer left. Their singer, Brendon Urie, said in an interview that he's not sure if the next album will be a Panic! album or a solo album. I really want to see them live again. HALLELUJAH!
  15. Hey, I agree with everything you're saying. I'm just saying what other people are complaining about.
  16. One of the biggest complaints is that it's a clone. I was just at BGW on sunday. I rode 21 coasters in ten hours with my brother. Quick Queue Unlimited was only $30 that day. I won't be going back in the summer, but I'll be there for Howl-o-Scream for sure!
  17. I just realized that a lot of you probably don't know who Mayday Parade is. And, this most likely isn't the best place to show my love for Fall Out Boy considering that the second post on this thread was about how much Fall Out Boy sucks . Anyway, if you like pop-punk, alternative, or rock, check out Mayday Parade. A great song to start out with is "Jamie All Over" or "Oh Well, Oh Well".
  18. On the lift, will you actually go through the person's (I don't know what else to call her) mouth, or will it just be on the ceiling?
  19. Also, I was getting in Line for El Toro and some lady was refusing to ride it because it had lapbars. I heard her say, "If you don't have a strap on your chest, you die. Do you remember that lady in Texas?"
  20. "That's because they don't have OTSRs. It's an accident waiting to happen,"
  21. Most Anticipated Albums of 2015 (For Me) 1. American Beauty/American Psycho- Fall Out Boy (Exceeded my expectations [N-N-N-NOVOCAINE!]) 2. Mayday Parade's New Album (Confirmed that they're making one.) 3. Panic! At The Disco's New Album (Not confirmed yet, but if they keep following the pattern, it'll happen this year.) 4. Drones- Muse (Heard "Psycho", was extremely exited. Heard "Dead Inside", a little less excited.)
  22. Probably not. I'm pretty sure they'll all be open (except Laff Trakk) Yes (If I remember Correctly) EDIT: Forget what I said! I thought you meant "Can you leave the park and come back in?' If you mean what I think you mean, No. The park is too far away from everything else. You'd have to take your car.
  23. "Found a video of the announcement. They make it sound pretty good, even addressing some of the complaints people had like its location in the park, and the ride's length." When did they address it's location? I didn't see it in the video. EDIT: The quote messed up, so I just put it in bold
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