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  1. Keep in mind how heavy winged coaster trains are. Maybe they'd make a short train like they did for Thunderbird. I just want another launched coaster at KD because it would make it the launch capital of the world (I think).
  2. I really hope so, because I can't stand a lot of people. I feel like that has made me a few enemies. And no, I'm not just an angsty teenager who claims to hate everybody because nobody "gets" him/her. (Another type of person I don't like). ANYWAYS, back to funny GP stories! Who's up next?
  3. I feel like the reason KD hasn't gotten a B&M invert like almost if not EVERY Cedar Fair Park is because the count Volcano as their invert. I could, however, see a Winged Coaster in 2016. I still would like to see an Intamin Hyper. Cedar Fair seems to like to do the Giga and Hyper in one park gimmick, but they haven't done one with Intamin before. And hopefully they'll call it Fury (awesome name) and give it F325's colors (awesome color scheme). The way I see it, here are my three possibilities for 2016: B&M invert (Worlds tallest. Sorry, Alpengeist. Don't worry, you're still my favorite) B&M winged (goes over front entrance) Intamin Hyper (goes over front entrance)
  4. I was thinking along the lines of Bizzaro (SFNE) or Goliath at Walibi Holland. I was looking at Google maps, and I saw a potential spot to put it. Remove Avalanche and have it extend to the left toward the parking lot. If you look on maps you'll see what I mean (unless I wasn't clear enough).
  5. I was just thinking, what if KD got an Intamin Hyper Coaster just called "Fury". It would kind of be like the whole Intimidator/I305 thing we've got going on with Carowinds. Plus, since Carowinds's Giga is taller than ours, our Hyper would be taller than theirs. I would love to see someone make a concept design on NL2. I can't since I'm awful at it. EDIT: I know this won't happen, but why not use out imaginations?
  6. I would, but I think ignorant people who THINK they're smart are unbearable.
  7. I had 7 rides on Mystery Mine that day, 3 of which were at night, and it never got old for me. TT just got kind of boring after my 3rd ride. I also found it to be too short of a ride (Ironic considering that Griffon is my favorite coaster). I went back for a night(ish) ride, and I enjoyed it a lot, but Mystery Mine was just so damn fun!
  8. Random kid next to me on the lift for Alpengeist: Him: I love this ride. Did you know it's the tallest roller coaster in the park? Me: No It's the second tallest with the third tallest drop. Griffon is 205 feet and Apollo's Chariot is 170, but AP has a 220 foot drop. Him: No it's this one. I know that because I timed the drops for this and the "Blue One" (Griffon), and this one was longer. Me: That's because Griffon is vertical, while this one is curving downwards. There's more track length on this drop, so it takes longer. Him: You're stupid, you can see the top of griffon from this ride, so Alpengeist is taller. *Ride drops and he shuts up, until we hit the break run. Him: I know the most about roller coasters in my family, so I know I'm right. I swear did not make a word of this up.
  9. Wild Eagle. Still a great ride, it's even an honorable mention in my signature (Along with 17 others ). It was just forceless. Best ride was Back row at night for sure. Mystery Mine at night is still my #1 at Dollywood.
  10. Finally! No hints since this is so easy. Red is the station and black is the lift hill.
  11. NO IT's PYRENEES AT PARQUE ESPANA-SHIMA SPAIN VILLAGE IN JAPAN! EDIT: Sorry for the caps lock, I'm just excited I think I finally got one correct.
  12. Is it made by Vekoma? Or maybe Zamperla? If not, then I officially give up.
  13. Crap, just realized that you said it's in Asia and has no inversions. By the way, I just looked up arctic blast, and I'm gonna have to agree with MagnumFreak25.
  14. Crowds are not usually bad there (although I mostly visit for howl-o-scream). Even so, when I do visit in May or June, I've never had bad luck with crowds. Avoid Saturdays if you can. I would hit Verbolten first, then make my way over to Griffon. There's also a shortcut to Verbolten. Head down to Scotland, go past the Loch Ness Monster, walk down the stairs, cross the floating bridge, go up another set of stirs, and you should end up in Germany. You should see it on the map. Oktoberfest is to the left of Germany, by the way. And as for food, there is this awesome homemade pretzel place right next to mach Tower. You have to go there. I hope this helped!
  15. Is it manufactured by Maurer Söhne? (If so, I'm guessing Formule X at Drievliet in the Netherlands)
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